Godly Hunter Chapter 46

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Getting More Prestige

“As I’d told you, I am descended from a special bloodline so I’m able to summon the Witch of Divine Punishment. I’m not from around here and I don’t want anyone to pry into my background. I am from a small territory called Katelin, which is under the jurisdiction of Shadow City. I am the inheritor of this territory and because of certain reasons I had to leave Katelin and settle down in Ayer Town. If you agree to my condition, I can give you the rights of the Katelin territory inheritance.”

Enoch pondered, organized her words and spoke.

Inheritance rights for a piece of territory? Does this mean that if I agree to her condition I’ll be a landowner in the game?

Problem is, a piece of territory doesn’t seem so useful… But wait! If I become the landowner of Katelin I can do lots of experiments I won’t be able to do otherwise!

Furthermore, it seemed like Enoch had nothing else to offer if he rejected the inheritance rights.

Since that’s the case, he’d reluctantly accept ownership of this territory!

“Okay. What’s your condition?” Chen Mo asked right away.

“There are some items hidden by the previous Lord, my father, in the Katelin territory. If you are successful in becoming the Lord of Katelin, I want those items back.” Enoch gazed steadily at Chen Mo.

“No problem.” Chen Mo nodded his agreement.

He didn’t know what items she wanted but who cares. He only wanted to become the Lord of the land to conduct some experiments as a landowner.

“This is the Katelin Territory Inheritance Contract. When the day comes that you decide to inherit the territory, please inform me.” Enoch let out a breath. She was worried that this Adventurer would not agree to it.

System prompt: You obtained the item “Katelin Territory Inheritance Contract”!

Katelin Territory Inheritance Contract: A special item. Not tradable. A contract for inheriting the territory of Katelin.

“I’ve given you the contract. Now, keep your promise and release me!” Enoch glared at Chen Mo.

“Of course, Miss Enoch. I am renowned among the human Adventurers for my trustworthiness.” Chen Mo casually spewed nonsense. He would need to trade with Enoch in the future so it was a good idea to give her a better impression of himself though her impression of him now was definitely 100% negative.

Chen Mo undid the ropes on Enoch’s arms and helped her dress herself, then said, “Miss Enoch, I have something I need to do so I’ll take my leave now. Please untie yourself.”

After saying thus, Chen Mo was out of the room in a few steps. He used camouflage immediately.

He had the Degenerate title equipped so if he were to be discovered in town by NPCs, they might just lock him up. Of course, the most important event was him getting 10 slave points from Enoch. He didn’t understand what these slave points were for but he knew that it was surely not a good thing for the NPC. Chen Mo wanted to know what sort of treatment he would get as an owner of slave points but he still had things to do so he could not afford to get caught just yet.

Chen Mo left Ayer Town stealthily under the cover of camouflage.

His greatest task in the beginner village completed, he still had two more things he wanted to accomplish.

The first was to do with Glacier Game Club and the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf, of course.

This was an important matter but it was not yet time. There were still nineteen hours to go till Glacier Game Club and the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf clash. No rush.

The second was what he was on his way to do. He’d decided on this early on but was not sure if he could do it till now.

This task’s difficulty may just be a little bit lower than the Rendezvous quest!

“Ho ho! Brave Adventurer, will you be willing to guard my precious Jade Pheasants from attacks from the Eagle? If you complete this quest, I, Boude, will reward you handsomely!”

Chen Mo came to the outskirts of Ayer Town to look for Boude, where he first got his Degenerate title

“I’d be happy to.” Chen Mo accepted the quest and Boude waved his hand, sending Chen Mo to the quest map.

As the quest begun, a proud Jade Pheasant spawned on the field in the quest map. The eagle in the azure sky above dove straight at it… and Chen Mo shot the Jade Pheasant.

System prompt: You have intentionally killed your protectee. Your World Prestige has decreased by 10 points!

System prompt: You have intentionally killed your protectee. Your World Prestige has decreased by 10 points!

System prompts pinged one after another. Chen Mo’s World Prestige quickly went down by 100 points!

System prompt: Your World Prestige has reached -100. All trading NPC will refuse to trade. You will revive in the Land of Exiles after death!

“Bastard! What have you done!”

Just like last time, after the System prompts pinged, Boude came sprinting over in anger.

Chen Mo had no power to defend himself from Boude the last time but he had a set of excellent equipment now.

He was sure that Boude’s attack power was not as great as Enoch!

Slime King’s Roar!

However, Chen Mo was not going to let his guard down. He retreated swiftly and summoned a Mutant Slime.

A Mutated Black Slime appeared.

Boude was a fatty and his speed was slower than Enoch – he could not keep up with Chen Mo either. Chen Mo used the Mutated Black Slime to stop Boude from getting close and fired bolts at him, making his HP drop continuously.

“You horrible fellow! I ask you to protect my precious babies but you slaughter them instead… and now you attack me! You’re finished! Don’t even think of walking around safely in the human world!” Boude shouted.

Chen Mo ignored him and just kept firing.

You kidding me? I came prepared to commit suicide! I’m going to get as much negative World Prestige as possible and become the person with the most negative World Prestige points in the game!

When he had gotten the Degenerate title at -100 World Prestige, Chen Mo had thought of restraining Boude and collecting negative Prestige in the quest map but he had not enough strength to do so at that time. Now that he was stronger, he was definitely going to do it!

Chen Mo was not afraid of negative World Prestige as long as he got some result. He was going to commit suicide anyway.

-100 World Prestige got him a Degenerate title – now what would -1000 or -10,000 get him?

“Bastard! Scoundrel! I’ll kill you!” Boude shouted in fury but his HP kept going down.

He was quite rotund and had a fair bit of HP. Chen Mo estimated that he had at least 150,000HP. His defence was high too; each bolt did only about 60 or 70 DMG. However, poison damage was not dependant on physical defence. All the poison damage added up and Boude’s HP fell all the same.

“Scram, you dark creature!”

After losing about 30,000HP, Boude was finally agitated enough to use skills.

His body swelled up like a giant meatball and smashed into the Mutated Black Slime!

This move of his did not do damage but enemies hit by it will be thrown ten metres away.

However, Boude goggled.

His Meatball Smash had done nothing to the black monster. In fact, it had no reaction at all to his move!

The Mutated Black Slime stared at Boude dumbly. It was heavy and its defence was so high because of how shockingly dense its body was.

The first move did not work but Boude had a second one. He suddenly bent and raised his right foot. It started expanding rapidly.

Chen Mo raised an eyebrow and called out, “Slime King’s Roar!”

Just as he used Slime King’s Roar, Boude’s huge foot came crashing to the ground and Chen Mo leapt into the air


A great rumble filled the sky and the jade-coloured ground rippled like the surface of a lake from Boude stomp!

“Phew! This guy’s not so easy to kill either!”

Chen Mo quietly wiped some sweat off his brow. Good thing he acted fast! The Mutated Black Slime was not so quick – Boude’s move damaged it seven times instantly. If Chen Mo were slower and not used Slime King’s Roar, he would have been hit at least four times.

The Mutated Black Slime did 5 damage every time and this damage was quite a large amount overall. If it were Chen Mo receiving the damage he would be dead for sure.

It seemed Boude had only two moves. Chen Mo could easily avoid Meatball Smash and the earthquake-like move could be countered by jumping with Slime King’s Roar. Boude could do nothing to Chen Mo.

Five minutes later, Boude had just 1HP left. He collapsed and entered a heavily injured state. Chen Mo walked over and tied him up with practised moves.

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