Godly Hunter Chapter 44

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The Witch of Divine Punishment gave Chen Mo an expressionless glance as its pitch-black body sank into the mud of the swamp below.

Chen Mo’s heart sank as he watched Enoch’s body start to sink into the ground as well.

Shit, shit, motherfucking freaking shit! This quest had no chance of being completed!

Chen Mo knew better than anyone how powerful the Witch of Divine Punishment was. His HP was at 1300+ now but it still was not enough to withstand an attack from the Witch.

There’s no other choice but to go for it!

“Slime King’s Roar!”

Slime King’s Roar added two metres to his jumping height within ten seconds. Moving about on the swampy surface made him a target of the Witch’s attack so increasing his jumping height and leaping about increased his chances of avoiding attack.

The problem was Enoch’s position. He had to find her immediately and attack her or he would not have any further chances after his ten seconds were up!

“Venomous Roar!”

With Enoch hidden in the depths of the swamp, Chen Mo had no other way – he used the Mutated Green Slime’s only active skill.

After using Venomous Roar, the Mutated Green Slime would let out a roar and all surrounding enemies enter a poisoned state. Enemies will get -100HP per second and the effect lasts for seven seconds. Cooldown was five minutes.

Chen Mo regarded this skill as the Mutated Green Slime’s most useless skill since -700HP in seven seconds was like peanut crumbs to a monster with high HP.

However, in this instance, this skill was a lifesaver!

“Got you!”

Two green -100 poison damage numbers floated out of the pitch-black swampy surface in two different locations!

Enoch and the Witch were hidden in the swamp but they were still within the Mutated Green Slime’s attack range. Venomous Roar was effective!

Chen Mo could only see two damage numbers but he knew instinctively which was Enoch’s number.

He fired at her location without a second thought.







A muffled impact was heard. The bolt had caused a string of damage.

Chen Mo’s set of known skills now were pathetic but his set of excellent equipment and its effects helped to increase his damage output. Enoch’s HP dropped to about 2500 in the blink of an eye.

There’s hope!

If he kept at this speed, he would defeat Enoch in five seconds!

He fired a bolt, then quickly stepped back as he threw a trap in front of himself and jumped to the left.


At the height of one metre of his jump, the trap exploded as a pitch-black figure emerged from the swamp’s surface.

It was the Witch of Divine Punishment. Chen Mo could roughly calculate its speed from the point it has disappeared into the swamp and the point the poison damage number had appeared.

This summoned Witch was not as powerful as the Witches in the Land of Divine Punishment and it was much slower. Chen Mo would not stand a chance in the slightest otherwise.

If it were not for Slime King’s Roar, he would not be able to avoid the Witch’s attack.

A second ticked past. Two poison damage numbers floated up again. Chen Mo aimed at Enoch and let another bolt fly.

Enoch had changed position but the green poison damage number marked her location.

She had summoned the Witch but she herself did not have much HP left. By not engaging in direct battle, it meant that she wanted to avoid and escape somehow but unfortunately for her, the poisoning made it impossible.

This attack whittled 500HP from Enoch. She had less than 2000HP left!

Enoch emerged from the swamp. She knew that if she kept to her old plan, she would be defeated by this Adventurer.

Enoch charged at Chen Mo. She intended to join forces with the Witch to attack him!

Chen Mo felt a jolt of alarm. Dodging one Witch was taxing enough, add Enoch to the equation and he’s a dead duck!

What should he do?

Defeat Enoch before she gets close!

This was the only way!



Enoch still had… roughly 1500HP!


Another bolt!

Enoch’s HP was under 1000. Two more attacks and she’s finished!

However, Chen Mo had no time to attack now. Enoch and the Witch were right in front of him!

He could not attack now – if he did, Enoch’s attack would definitely land!

Quake Trap!

At this important juncture, the humble Quake Trap proved its might yet again.

Chen Mo backed away and threw a Quake Trap.


Enoch, the Witch and Chen Mo were all pushed backwards by the trap!

But this was just a stop-gap measure. Enoch and the Witch were upon him in the next second!


Chen Mo stayed calm in that crucial moment and used his camouflage skill in the midst of retreat.

Enoch stopped her rush at Chen Mo once she lost sight of him.

Chen Mo’s camouflage hid him from Enoch but it could not hide him from the Witch. The swamp was its territory after all.

That was why he fired a bolt at Enoch, revealing his location before the camouflage wore off.

At the same time as he revealed himself, he leapt with all his might towards the Mutated Slime, avoiding the lunging Witch!

But the instant he revealed himself, Enoch reacted and was almost upon him before his feet touched the ground.


Chen Mo shouted mid-leap.

It was as though the Mutated Slime below had been waiting for his command all along; it jumped over without hesitation and blocked Enoch!


Enoch’s vicious dagger stabbed the Mutated Slime. Its HP decreased in an instant but her attack did not reach Chen Mo.

Chen Mo landed lightly on his feet and his bolt hit Enoch.

Several damage numbers floated up. Enoch’s movements ceased abruptly and she collapsed.

The moment Enoch hit the floor, the Witch and the swamp disappeared and the room returned to normal.

System prompt: You completed the quest “Rendezvous”!

System prompt: You gain 100 Silver coins!

System prompt: You have captured “Enoch”!

Chen Mo let out a sign of relief. Three system prompts flashed and his steps faltered when he read them.

“So there’s a reward after all.”

He’d gambled on the game designers forgetting to set a reward for the quest, resulting in a dead loop but his gamble had not borne fruit.

Chen Mo was not surprised at the outcome.

If the game designers truly did not expect anyone to complete the quest, there would be no reward and Chen Mo’s gamble would have paid off.

This was a game after all. There must be a set reward for the quest to be created in the game in the first place.

Chen Mo figured out something from this quest.

There is no uncomplete-able quest in GENESIS!

This was the premise of all quests, otherwise “Rendezvous” could never be completed and no matter how powerful Chen Mo’s became, his efforts would be in vain.

The quest rewards were pitiably little. If you didn’t count Enoch’s capture, the reward was just a measly 100 silver coins. If it were another player who’d expended so much effort for so little, he or she would’ve been frothing at the mouth.

But Chen Mo was calm. He looked at the heavily-injured, motionless Enoch and grinned.

Though his gamble failed and the reward wasn’t much, it wasn’t important. What was important was that he had captured an NPC. Right now, no one else in the game has captured an NPC!

Chen Mo had wanted to do all sorts of experiments on NPCs since quite some time ago. How could he miss this rare chance!

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