Godly Hunter Chapter 45

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Extortion and Blackmail

Enoch was in a heavily injured state and lay motionless on the ground. Chen Mo walked to her prone body, all smiles, and took a rope out of his backpack.

Enoch should not be able to move for a while but it was safer to tie her up, just in case.

He trussed her up and found that he was quite skilled at tying people up. The rope binding Enoch resembled the Japanese Kikkou* bondage. Enoch’s body was already sexy but the rope made her body even more alluring. Even seasoned men could not hold back if they saw her.


Dang, this won’t work – the rope’s too tight! Won’t be able to take her clothes off like this.

If he couldn’t remove clothing, he won’t be able to conduct his experiment.

It couldn’t be helped. Chen Mo loosened the rope and re-tied her in a simpler pattern. He only had to secure her hands and feet to stop her from wriggling out of the rope.

Enoch awoke and found herself all tied up while the Adventurer removed pieces of her clothing. She cried,” Shameless man! Wha, what are you doing?!”

“Taking your clothes off”, replied Chen Mo honestly.

This holographic virtual game’s so realistic! He’d had many ideas for quite some time now… How could he be satisfied if he did not try everything he can with a captive NPC? Taking her clothes off was just the beginning.

“Release me immediately! If the townsfolk find out, you’ll be banished from the human cities forever!” threatened Enoch.

From what she knew of Adventurers, they were very afraid of banishment from human cities.

“So that will happen if they find out? Hmm, that’s harsh.” Chen Mo nodded.

Too bad! I’m a super Adventurer who commits suicide every day! So what if I’m banished? I’ll just commit suicide and restart!

While they were talking, Chen Mo had already undone all the buttons on Enoch’s leather equipment.

“Stop, or I’ll scream!” Enoch said in alarm.

“You live in a pretty remote area so there’s nobody close by. If you scream, I’ll just shove something in your mouth to shut you up, then take my sweet time with you.” Chen Mo spoke quietly and showed not an ounce of fear.

“Furthermore, if someone really comes I’ll claim that you seduced me. I was invited here by you after all. Now, even if the townsfolk believe you, your reputation will be ruined.” Chen Mo presented Enoch with a threat of his own.

When Enoch heard what Chen Mo said, her chest tightened and she was silent.

NPCs could be lied to and threatened!

Chen Mo had successfully lied to Gleason in Wild Wolf Valley and now his threat worked on Enoch too. This game’s reality factor’s off the charts! It’s way more advanced than traditional games.

WTF? NPCs wear bras too?!

While Enoch kept her mouth shut, Chen Mo removed her leather ‘coating’. He was speechless when he saw her black silk bra.

He reached out to take it off but discovered that he was unable to touch it.

System prompt: You have insufficient favour points / slave points to continue!

Fuck yeah! So it can be removed!

Chen Mo was stunned. He’d just wanted to try his luck but he could actually do it if he satisfied requirements.

Then again, favour points aside… What are slave points? Does this mean he can capture and enslave NPCs?

Oh my… If word gets out, think of the perverts that’ll come running.

Chen Mo stopped probing since he didn’t meet the requirements. He turned his attention to Enoch’s weapon and the wooden plaque she had used to summon the Witch of Divine Punishment.

However, he came up empty even after frisking Enoch.

Looks like NPCs have backpacks too and it’s impossible to rob them of their equipment.

Chen Mo stopped his search and looked over at Enoch. “Do you want me to let you go, Miss Enoch?”

“You think you can get away with this? When the townsfolk investigate my disappearance you’ll be in big trouble!” Enoch smiled coldly.

Shit. Damn you, woman. I’m talking nicely here and you repay my politeness with spite!

But… Keep calm. This is just an NPC.

“You tricked me into coming here with the intention of hurting me and you expect me to just let you go? I’m not afraid of others finding out since I am an Adventurer. I can just restart and try again. However, you, as one of the indigenous people of this world, will have no way to recover your reputation once this gets out,” said Chen Mo patiently.

Enoch quieted down after hearing his words. She knew this Adventurer was not talking nonsense. It was true that she had invited him into her home, otherwise he would not have been able to enter. If this matter got out, there were sure to be some people who would not believe her side of the story.

“I’ll give you 100 silver coins.” Enoch said.

“That’s way too little. Give me the summoning plaque for the Witch of Divine Punishment.” Chen Mo immediately demanded.

You kidding me? I’m not going to waste all my time and effort for a measly 200 silver coins!

“That item is useless to you. You must be of the bloodline of my race to summon the Witch of Divine Punishment.” Enoch refused to hand it over.

“Never you mind – even if I can’t use it I can still sell it!” insisted Chen Mo.

“Fine. Here you go.” Enoch struggled with the idea, gave it thought and caved.

System prompt: You have obtained 100 silver coins!

System prompt: You have obtained the item “Sealed Summoning Plaque”!

Sealed Summoning Plaque: A special item. Requirements not met. Unusable.

The prompts pinged and a black wooden plaque appeared in Chen Mo’s backpack. He looked at the item and found that Enoch had not lied to him; the summoning plaque was unusable.

“I’ve given you the item. Release me now!” shouted Enoch.

Extortion and blackmail successful! Seems like NPCs lack intelligence; she handed her items over quite readily.

“This isn’t enough. You need to give me more before I let you go”

An unusable wooden summon plaque was definitely not enough to satisfy Chen Mo.

“Scoundrel! Liar!” Enoch was surprised, then furious.

“Give me more! Give me more and I will let you go!” Chen Mo said sincerely.

“No more! I gave you all my items!” Enoch shut her eyes and stopped talking to Chen Mo.

All your items? Yeah, right!

Chen Mo would have believed her if he had not seen the summoning plaque. But now he knew that she was of the bloodline that can summon the Witch, he did not believe her.

Enoch was undaunted. He wouldn’t get any results even if he used his previous threats on her again. However, Chen Mo still had a card up his sleeve.

Enoch, with her eyes tightly shut, suddenly felt a hand massaging her breasts.

She opened her eyes and glared at Chen Mo. “What are you doing you shameless scoundrel! Get your hands off me!”

Holy fuck – I can fondle NPCs!

Chen Mo felt a burst of emotion. He’d wanted to do this from the start but was afraid of offending the NPC and making his extortion fail. Negotiations with Enoch had pretty much fallen through so… heck it.

However, though Chen Mo was taking advantage of Enoch’s sexy body, he did not actually feel any sensations.

The virtual helmet was still in its testing phase so several features were limited. Sense of touch was currently limited to the feel of weapons and combat – anything other than those was almost imperceptible.

“Is there really nothing else you can compensate me with, Miss Enoch?” Chen Mo asked with a big smile.


This way of speaking – there must be more!

Let’s see who has more patience. I have plenty of time.

Soon, Enoch’s face was flushed and her breath came in pants and gasps.

System prompt: You gained slave points! Enoch slave points +10!

The system prompt pinged and Chen Mo was surprised when he read it.

I got slave points just like that? If I keep going, will I gain enough slave points to remove Enoch’s bra?

By his estimate, he wouldn’t; according to Enoch’s claims, other NPCs will come along soon.

“Have you given it thought, Miss Enoch? I’m out of patience. I’m prepared to strip your pants off as well and throw them in the middle of town. Look at the state you’re in now – if the townsfolk see you, what will they think of you?”

Chen Mo felt like time was running out, so he worsened his threat.

“I have one more very important item that I can give you… But you must agree to a condition.”

Enoch gave in to her fear. If she got thrown into town in this state she’d never be able to live in this town again.

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