GDBBM – Chapter 527-532

Sorry, releases will be a lil off these few days as I’m still trying to get over the horrible sniffles and I still have to pack my place…ughhh… so… *trails off*

sudden inspiration struck when I was wistfully staring into nothingness….this sprung into my head:

*Silver raindrops fall, a mesmerizing dazzling sight

Reflecting the light from the sun’s quickly fading light

I sit in my chair a warm cup of honey and lemon in hand

As I watch the shroud of darkness slowly cover the land

Embrace every little bit of magic we sometimes fail to grasp

Before all of it inexorably falls escaping from our clasp…..

Here are your doses of happiness!

Chapter 527  brought to you by Angelica Mazza!

Chapter 528  regular happy dose~

Chapter 529  brought to you by Angelica Mazza!

Chapter 530  brought to you by Angelica Mazza!

Chapter 531  regular happy dose~

Chapter 532  brought to you by Dennis Brown!

Woo Hoo! Let’s prance around and enjoy the spring breeze ! *throws plum blossom petals everywhere*

Let’s sit by a beautiful river bank and watch the birds fly in the formation in the beautiful blue sky… “Thank You Angelica Mazza & Dennis Brown” … *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*


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  1. Zeth says:

    Thank you!!
    Thats inspiration!

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