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DDFYM – Chapter 197-198

Yay~ Chapter 197-198 Stop rubbing your eyes~ YES! It’s an extra dose of happiness! *cartwheels* WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Please put your hands together for Corine Teo!!! Thank you! *Fireworks and confetti* Here’s your extra dose of happiness brought to you by our super amazing Corine Teo~   Ta Daaaaa~ Here’s your 1st happy dose … Continue reading

DDFYM – Chapter 179-183

*Smacks forehead and digs hole* I’m so sorry that I’ve missed out posting these chapters… Thanks for letting me know what a klutzy move I did and sorry for the disappointment when you clicked on the next button! Here are the chapters that I owe you… I’m gonna start from … Continue reading

DDFYM – Chapter 171-174

So sorry for the late posts, I’m currently in the midst of moving house, so have been very busy. Also Socksrocker our darling translator has started work and work has been overwhelming so she won’t be able to churn out 4 regular chapters a week. The schedule has been revised … Continue reading