DDFYM – Chapter 92-93

Woooo Hooooo! First of all, double dose of happiness! One’s your last regular happy dose while the other is an extra dose of happiness brought to you by Jon Doan , Kristina Hudgins, Isabelle Bedichek & Terri Ichinose! Woooooots! A thunderous round of applause please for our awesome supporters!!!!!!! Chapter 92 regular happy … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 1028-1034

Ta Daaa…it’s a happy friday~   Chapter 1028: “Birthday Banquet (3)” Chapter 1029: “Birthday Banquet (4)” Chapter 1030: “Birthday Banquet (5)” Chapter 1031: “Birthday Banquet (6)” Chapter 1032: “Birthday Banquet (7)” Chapter 1033: “Birthday Banquet (8)” Chapter 1034: “Birthday Banquet (9)”

GDBBM – Chapter 1020-1027

Yay~ We’ve caught up again =) Chapter 1020: “A Young Girl’s Heart (2)” Chapter 1021: “A Young Girl’s Heart (3)” Chapter 1022: “Dangerous Feast (1)” Chapter 1023: “Dangerous Feast (2)” Chapter 1024: “Dangerous Feast (3)” Chapter 1025: “Dangerous Feast (4)” Chapter 1026: “Birthday Banquet (1)” Chapter 1027: “Birthday Banquet (2)”

DDFYM – Chapter 88

Yes. It’s time to celebrate~ A huge round applause for our awesome supporter Corine Teo who has brought you this extra dose of happiness. Woooooots! Happiness Translated by Socksrocker *clap clap clap clap clap* (Sorry for the late release. It’s my IT jinx day today. Whatever I touched kinda just didn’t work. Yes, … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 1018-1019

Chapter 1018 A faint almost indiscernible breeze brushes my face I look up and my heart started to race Another Happy Dose floats in lazily through the air As beautiful a sight, mesmerizing and fair Chapter 1019 Get rid of the negativity that holds you back Give the it’s impossible mindset the … Continue reading