GDBBM – Chapter 529

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Chapter 529: “Sudden Affability (4)”

Ning Xin had always possessed the gift of the gab but when faced with Jun Xie’s unconventional way of speaking, she found herself at a loss and her mind suddenly went blank, not knowing what to say in reply.

Ning Xin suddenly felt that if she was to continue carrying on the conversation with Jun Xie, it would only make things worse. Jun Xie’s undisguised hostility must be due to him still holding grudges against Yin Yan. It seems that she would have to make Yin Yan come apologise to Jun Xie first.

After having decided on her next course of action, Ning Xin no longer persisted on making Jun Xie talk and decided to turn her attention back to Fan Zhuo, putting forth a bashful manner, showing deep concern for his well being, with a series of gentle words.

And Fan Zhuo’s well mannered personality, finally invited Ning Xin to stay longer for some tea.

Ning Xin quickly but unhurriedly took out the snacks that she had prepared, and had seemingly unconsciously prepared some for Jun Xie as well, discreetly trying to close the distance between them.

Jun Wu Xie sat on one side stoically, carrying the little black cat in her arms. Ning Xin’s sudden cordial and affable actions were seen to be a tad bit too obvious. She had stayed here at the little bamboo grove for quite a period but had never seen Ning Xin come anywhere close. And finally just after the Spirit Hunt had ended, she had so eagerly come to their doors, and her words and actions had taken on a stance of familiarity and proximity between them.

If Jun Wu Xie still could not see Ning Xin’s underlying intentions, she would have lived her two lives in vain.

And since someone had been so eager to come and asked to be made to feel uncomfortable, she saw no need to reject such an open invitation, right?

Jun Wu Xie picked up the snack and bit at it indifferently. When Ning Xin saw Jun Xie eat the snack, she allowed herself to relax a little.

Fan Zhuo was the most natural one among the three people there, seemingly oblivious to what was going on, and was just chatting with his housemate and his betrothed over tea.

Ning Xin patiently played along, while she secretly observed Jun Xie.

If it wasn’t for the several purple spirit exponents behind Jun Xie, just the attitude that Jun Xie was taking towards her would be enough to make her flip the table before her and fall out with him.

But in that situation, Ning Xin could only clench her jaw tight and swallow the insult. Forced to maintain an amicable smile on her face, Ning Xin sat through the farce, having no other choice but to tolerate the intolerable tea session.

Ning Xin managed to endure it for almost half a day and could not make herself stay a moment longer. She forced herself to keep up the waning smile on her lips as she bade Fan Zhuo and Jun Xie goodbye. She hurried to escape from the overly stifling bamboo grove, not even bothering to retrieve the intricate lunchbox. Although the rage was threatening to spill out within her as she left, she forced a smile on her face and promised to come visit again soon.

After Ning Xin had left, Fan Zhuo suddenly put down the snack he held in his hand and raised his head, to look at Jun Xie smilingly.

“Little Xie, do you like these snacks?”

Jun Wu Xie replied: “Don’t mind them.”

“If you don’t really like them, then don’t eat it.” Fan Zhuo stretched out his hand as he spoke and took the half eaten piece of snack that Jun Xie held in his hand, to throw it into the lunchbox. He closed the lid tightly and brought it to the kitchen and threw it into a corner. He then brought out some chestnut cake and offered them to Jun Xie for them to share.

Jun Wu Xie observed Fan Zhuo’s actions silently and an odd idea came into her head. She looked at Fan Zhuo’s gentle featured face as the chestnut cake melted in her mouth to flow down her throat.

“You do not like her?” Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

Fan Zhuo was rather taken aback, but he said with a laugh: “She’s no good, Little Xie, you should avoid having any contact with her.”

Jun Wu Xie stared at the unlucky youth who had been born inherently weak and with a gentle disposition. She stared for a long while and when saw that the gentle smile on Fan Zhuo’s face still did not fade, she finally turned back, but still did not give Fan Zhuo a reply.

That same evening, as the dark night fell, Fan Zhuo got up. Dressed in his inner robe, he came to the kitchen and lit up the fire in the stove, before he threw the lunchbox into the roaring fire.

Within the flames, a crisp crackling sounded and the red glow from the fire reflected off Fan Zhuo’s handsome countenance. The face bathed in the fire’s light did not show a single trace of its usual gentleness or amicable smile. In that pair of clear eyes, a malicious cold chill shone brilliantly against the warm glow from the fire.

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