DDFYM – Chapter 18-19

Chapter 18-19 Here are your extra doses of happiness brought to you by Wendy Mew & Fabian Sterzel! In gorgeous garden, many eggs are hidden around….. with a basket in hand.. we go… easter egg hunting! *gasp* sees a sparkly golden egg hidden under a bush… *reaches out for it and written … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 702-703

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!! *A fluffy cloud shape airship (in pastel blue) holding a huge egg flies overhead and ‘cracks it’ as pastel coloured confetti falls from the sky* Have an amazing Easter everyone! Drink lotsa water as you take relish in chocolate eggs/rabbits/ anything chocolatey… TGIF~ Here are your  Happy … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 690-701

Happy Easter Everyone~ Here’s your mass release of happiness! Chapter 690 Chapter 691 Chapter 692 Chapter 693 Chapter 694 Chapter 695 Chapter 696 Chapter 697 Chapter 698 Chapter 699 Chapter 700 Chapter 701 Have you checked out  Lord Meh Meh? Have you checked out our Character Index ? Read this chapter and … Continue reading

DDFYM – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Yaaaaaay!!! *Throws flower petals & Confetti all around* Yup yup, you’re not dreaming! Please put your hands together to thank our SUPER AWESOME Supporter Wendy Mew who brought you this extra dose of happiness!!!!!!!! *Showers Wendy Mew with spring blossom petals* Let’s clap like mad and cheer like … Continue reading