GDBBM – Chapter 527

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Chapter 527: “Sudden Affability (2)”

When Fan Zhuo opened the main doors in front of the yard, he was surprised a moment as he looked at the beautiful girl standing outside. His eyes flashed briefly with an unidentifiable emotion but it quickly disappeared.

“Little Xin?” Fan Zhuo looked puzzled, as his eyes fell on Ning Xin, a person he had not seen for a long time.

Although the two of them were betrothed to each other in marriage, Fan Zhuo’s declining health by the day had soon stopped anyone from bringing the topic up. In order for him to have a proper place to recuperate, Fan Zhuo had moved into the little bamboo grove and Ning Xin was seldom seen to appear at this place.

He remembered the last time Ning Xin came here was more than a year ago.

“Big brother Zhuo.” Ning Xin’s face lit up in an innocent sweet smile, looking like the pure and naive little girl next door, that made people warm up to her easily.

“Big Brother Zhuo, Little Xin has not come to see you in a rather long while, are you angry with Little Xin?”

Fan Zhuo smiled gently and said: “Not at all.”   

Ning Xin looked apologetically at Fan Zhuo, her eyes lowered, her face filled with anguish.

“I was actually missing Big Brother Zhuo quite a lot but Father reminded me repeatedly that Big Brother Zhuo needed to rest and did not allow me to come disturb your rest. Hence, Little Xin had been holding herself back for so long and not come visit Big Brother Zhuo. Big Brother Zhuo, would you please forgive Little Xin?”

Fan Zhuo gave out a light laugh and shook his head good naturedly.

The joyous smile quickly returned to Ning Xin’s face and as she looked at Fan Zhuo, she made herself say meekly: “Little Xin prepared some glutinous rice cake for Big Brother Zhuo to eat. I remember that Big Brother Zhuo loved to eat it when we were younger.” As she said those words, Ning Xin raised up her hand and shook the small intricate lunchbox she held in her hand.

Fan Zhuo’s eyes lowered slightly just a brief moment and he raised his head back up quickly to look at Ning Xin and say gently: “Little Xin is so thoughtful. The sun out here is too strong, come in and have a cup of tea and rest a little.”

Ning Xin nodded her head with a smile and followed Fan Zhuo into the little dwelling within the bamboo grove. The look of pure innocence and shy manners of a little girl had all disappeared completely the moment Fan Zhuo had turned his back as she stared at Fan Zhuo thin and skinny back, her eyes dangerously narrowed.

Fan Zhuo actually possessed outstanding looks and his character was just as exceptional, his failing was his ill health that did not allow him to achieve anything significant.

If Fan Zhuo was in good health, Ning Xin would be only too happy to be joined in conjugal union with such an outstanding young man. But Fan Zhuo’s weak constitution had dragged him down and he had seemed to be always on his last breaths and who knew how soon his last breath would come. And if Fan Zhuo was dead, the Zephyr Academy’s ownership would most probably fall into the hands of Fan Jin, and by that time, she had her father would not stand a chance anymore.


Ning Xin curled up the corners of her mouth. Fan Zhuo had his own usefulness as well, his pure heart that was free from worldly desires made him easy to manipulate.

In his heart, he must be still looking at her as the naive and innocent little girl from young.

Ning Xin recollected herself and composed her emotions, as she contemplated the situation at hand within the little bamboo grove. After Ah Jing was driven out, the little bamboo grove was left with only Fan Zhuo and Jun Xie in here, with Fan Jin making frequent appearances during meal times.

Fan Zhuo was here before her eyes, where was Jun Xie?

Ning Xin squinted her eyes to peer around, trying to locate her real target.

Just as she was deeply absorbed in her own thoughts, Fan Zhuo suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Ning Xin did not realise it and nearly walked into Fan Zhuo. She muttered something apologetically and raised her head. Suddenly, she saw a tiny figure standing on the steps right before the bamboo huts, looking directly at her with those piercingly cold eyes!

Ning Xin’s heart jumped. Ever since the day she had witnessed the glorious battle where Jun Xie had fought the Guardian grade Spirit Beast, she had developed a sudden wariness and fear for the tiny youth that was younger than she was.

Those eyes on the youth, made her tremble involuntarily whenever she saw them now!


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