GDBBM – Chapter 531

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Chapter 531: “Planting the Dove in a Magpie’s Nest (2)”

They had been fearful that the food for his meals would clash with the properties of the medicines and had specially arranged for Fan Qi’s trusted aide Gong Cheng Lei to take personal charge of it. From preparation to delivery, Gong Cheng Lei completed the whole process alone, and no one else would have a hand in it.

Gong Cheng Lei was a man whom Fan Qi saved when he was out on one of his trips. They were both just youths then and Fan Qi was still a disciple under his Master’s tutelage. Since then, Gong Cheng Lei had followed Fan Qi. Over the decades, Gong Cheng Lei had shown himself to be unwavering loyal and had never exhibited a single sign of betrayal.

Fan Jin was most willing to begin to doubt the Uncle who had watched him grow up.

“It might not be him, if someone really wanted to, even the seasonings used can be suspect.” Jun Wu Xie said.

Fan Jin considered all the possibilities but could not come up with anyone else.

Jun Wu Xie continued to stare at Fan Jin, her eyes sparkling clear.

She had a person in mind that she suspected to be the culprit and Fan Jin should be able to identify this person as well, but he seemed still to be lost.

Emotions always has a way of clouding a person’s judgement.

Jun Wu Xie sipped at her tea, thinking whether she should reveal her suspicion to the blockhead in front of her.

“Big Brother.” Fan Zhuo suddenly opened his mouth to say.

“What is it?”

“Over this period, has Father been dining together with Uncle Ning?” Fan Zhuo asked Fan Jin curiously.

Fan Jin nodded and replied easily: “Uncle Ning has not changed his habit of dining with Father all these years. Father has always said that they had been doing that since they had been fellow disciples under their Master. It must be said that the relationship between them is rather close, and Father is always thinking of drawing the two families closer by…..”

As he went on further exhorting on their close relations, Fan Jin suddenly stopped and clamped his mouth shut. His eyes widened and he turned to stare at Fan Zhuo, flabbergasted.

Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes then, and the corners of her mouth curled up.

It seemed that Fan Zhuo was a little bit more intelligent than his brother.

“I….. I forgot I have something I needed to do. You guys carry on!” Fan Jin suddenly stood up. Fan Zhuo’s words had struck him like a lightning bolt, and cleared up the fog that had so badly clouded his mind.

He had always thought of the culprit as someone who held grudges against the Fan Family. But he suddenly realised that that might not be the case.

In the Battle Spirits Forest, when Ning Xin had tried to kill him, it had planted a seed of uneasiness in him. And Fan Zhuo’s words had suddenly caused that seed to sprout.

There were not many people who were allowed access into Fan Qi’s living quarters. And even less people were able to go into the his personal kitchen. Besides Gong Cheng Lei and Fan Jin, the only other possibility was the person who ate with Fan Qi. Only Ning Rui could possibly have done it!

Since Ning Xin had attempted to get him killed, would Ning Rui be doing it to Fan Zhuo?

Fan Jin did not dare carry on further with that line of thought. He needed to go find Gong Cheng Lei and clarify a few things in detail, to gather a few more clues before he could be sure!

Fan Jin left the bamboo grove in a big hurry, his face ominously darkened. There wasn’t a moment more to lose!

For Ning Xin’s attempt on his life, he had been willing to forget it and scrub the slate clean. But if the father and daughter pair had their sights on doing the same thing to Fan Zhuo, he would never let them off!

As he stared after Fan Jin’s sudden and hurried departure, a slight tinge of a bitter smile appeared on Fan Zhuo’s face as he lowered his head to continue to eat the medicinal cuisine in his bowl.

“Since you have known it all this time, why did you wait until now to say it?” Jun Wu Xie put Lord Meh Meh and the little black cat on the table, her chin rested in her palm, staring at the completely unaffected Fan Zhuo.

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