adorable consort chapter 19: Adopt this story please

Chapter brought to you by June and Ninja. As I near the end of my stockpiled chapters… I’m going to intensify my search for translators or group who are willing to pick up this story on a more set time schedule. As I said before with my commitment to DKC … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 1077-1091

*sigh*.. Sorry really will try my best to update this more regularly… Chapter 1077: “Spirit Taming Bone Flute (2)” Chapter 1078: “Spirit Taming Bone Flute (3)” Chapter 1079: “Wails of Despair (1)”  Chapter 1080: “Wails of Despair (2)” Chapter 1081: “Wails of Despair (3)” Chapter 1082: “Wails of Despair (4)” … Continue reading