GDBBM – Chapter 532

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Chapter 532: “Planting the Dove in a Magpie’s Nest (3)”

Fan Zhuo’s hand that was holding his spoon froze, and his frail body straightened. He did not lift up his head, but remained silent for a while before he said, his voice sounding a little choked up: “What can I do even if I said it to them? Without proof, my father and brother would never believe it. And if word reached that person’s ears, it would only result in that person becoming more anxious to get rid of me. Wouldn’t it be better if I keep myself alive a little longer and await a miracle to happen?”

Fan Zhuo’s tone of voice was not as carefree as he usually sounded. The repressed and choked up voice made one sad just to hear it.

“Fan Qi trusts that person so much?” Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow raised.  

“That person saved his life once, and my father had always put that person’s interest before his own ever since. I knew from long ago that someone was trying to get rid of me, but I did not know where it was coming from. There were no signs, and no proof. Father would not believe it just based on my words alone.” Fan Zhuo finally raised his head. His handsome features did not show his usual gentle smile. In its place, was a chilly countenance, his eyes cold and sharp, with a glint like light on cold hard blades.

If he was not confident of defeating his enemy in one stroke, he would not make his move, to not alert his enemy whereby he might be quickly silenced.

“Why then, are you making your move now?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

Fan Zhuo stared at Jun Xie, as his dark countenance suddenly brightened to burst into a gentle and brilliant smile.

“Because I have Little Xie here.”

Jun Wu Xie blinked.

“From the moment Little Xie came into contact with my brother, you have been used as a pawn to smear and damage my brother’s reputation. With your character, you would never allow the culprits to get away with it. I knew you would retaliate one day, and the day you make your move, will also be the day that I would be freed.” Fan Zhuo’s smile was shining brilliantly. The appearance of Jun Wu Xie had allowed him to see a glimmer of hope, hope that one day, he would no longer need to live by hiding.

“You are more intelligent than your brother.” Jun Wu Xie stared at Fan Zhuo. She did not believe that Fan Zhuo would just await his death all this while. He must have something up his sleeve. But his plan must have needed a long time to prepare for and her appearance had just brought everything forward.

“My brother is too kind and a little naive. He always tried to see the good in people. If he does not witness it for himself, he would never believe it, and just brush it off as a misunderstanding.” Fan Zhuo shrugged his shoulders. His brother’s character, he only knew it too well.

“If Ning Xin knows that you stand a chance to fully recover, perhaps she might no longer seek your death.” Jun Wu Xie said calmly.

What the Ning father and daughter seeked, they would be able to receive from Fan Zhuo.

Fan Zhuo’s smile did not change a single bit.

“And if, I am not the real heir?”

Jun Wu Xie was shocked.

Fan Zhuo stood up, pushing the medicinal cuisine that had turned cold away from him.

“If my real identity was a case of planting the dove in the magpie’s nest, and Fan Jin is actually from the Fan Family’s bloodline, would they still think the same?”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow raised up high. She was hearing some interesting news.

Fan Zhuo’s eyes were still on Jun Wu Xie, and the smile in his eyes were deepening.

“Father and Big Brother are both very good people. Without them, I would no longer exist in this world. Planting the dove in the magpie’s nest was solely in return for a favour they received. After the matter with the Ning Family is fully resolved, this privileged identity of being the legitimate son of the Headmaster’s must naturally be returned.”

Hence, that fact that he would put up with everything in silence, was in consideration for the feelings of the Fan father and son, in repayment for their selfless act of benevolence.

Jun Wu Xie tilted her head and stared at Fan Zhuo. It would seem that before Fan Zhuo met her, he had already given up all hope of surviving through it. He must have known his body would not be able to drag on much longer and was trying his best to come up with ways to let the Fan father and son detect the malicious intentions of the Ning father and daughter.

Using his own limited lifespan in repayment for bringing him up.

This youth, was rather interesting.

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