GDBBM – Chapter 530

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Chapter 530: “Planting the Dove in a Magpie’s Nest (1)”

“What? Ning Xin came to visit?” In the afternoon the next day, Fan Jin had appeared once again to sponge off a meal and he heard from Fan Zhuo that Ning Xin had dropped in to visit him. The sudden news had given Fan Jin quite a rude shock.

If it had been before the Spirit Hunt, that Ning Xin had come to see Fan Zhuo, Fan Jin would have fully welcomed the kind gesture without a moment’s hesitation. But after all that had happened, Fan Jin’s heart was now filled with deep distrust for Ning Xin.

When Nangong Xu got back to the Zephyr Academy, he had reported everything he knew to Fan Qi. But Fan Jin had hidden the details of the assassination attempt on his life completely from him.

For no other reason than the fact that telling his father about the incident would be equivalent to cutting off all ties with Ning Xin. They had grown up together after all and Fan Jin took it as the last time that he would tolerate Ning Xin.

“Yup. Little Xin even brought me my favourite glutinous rice cakes.” Fan Zhuo said with a laugh.

Fan Jin’s expression grew grave. “Little Xie, how is Little Zhuo’s condition recently?” When he recalled the attempt made on his life, Fan Jin asked, his face frowning in worry.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at Fan Jin and carrying both Lord Meh Meh and the little black cat, she said softly: “Good.”

Fan Jin gave a big heavy sigh of relief.

“Big brother. Did you guys happen to meet with any odd or novel encounters in the Battle Spirits Forest?” Fan Zhuo asked with a smile, his eyes fixed on the two tiny furballs in Jun Wu Xie’s arms.

Unlike the little black cat, Lord Meh Meh totally ignored Fan Zhuo. Even when Fan Zhuo coaxed endlessly and tried everything he could to win its favour, he always still ended up facing into the furry buttocks, failing miserably.

Fan Jin was caught by surprise at the question and he averted his eyes, before bringing up something inconsequential.

Fan Jin never shared those tiresome matters with Fan Zhuo as he always wanted Fan Zhuo to be able recuperate in peace.

“If I manage to recover properly, I will love to go to the Battle Spirits Academy to take a look.” Fan Zhuo was feeling a little wistful. Due to his ill health, he had almost never stepped out of the Zephyr Academy before, and he longed achingly to see the world beyond the academy.

Now, under Jun Xie’s meticulous nursing, his health had gradually improved day by day. The sights that he had never dared dreamed to see, started to tug and pull at his heartstrings.

The majestic mountains, the meandering rivers, the wonders of nature. He yearned to be free, to see those sights.

When he saw the longing in those eyes, Fan Jin could feel his heart wince in pain. He forced himself to put up a smile and joked a little, trying to cheer Fan Zhuo up, and the whole meal was filled with laughter.

Seeing Fan Zhuo significantly cheered, Fan Jin finally got back his appetite. And he had just picked up his chopsticks when Jun Xie hit them out of his hand, and they clattered loudly on the floor.

“It’s drugged.” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes.

Fan Jin’s expression froze.

The smile faded from Fan Zhuo’s face.

“They used the same things as before. Are they not capable of anything else?” Jun Wu Xie stood up and dropped the whole table of food outside.

Ever since Ah Jing had been driven out, all the three meals at the bamboo grove were prepared and delivered by Fan Qi’s trusted aide. The meals for Fan Zhuo were all medicinal cuisine prepared by Jun Wu Xie and the food sent here usually ended up in Fan Jin’s tummy.

“How did that happen? After I came back, I paid attention to the food that was sent here and saw that there were all prepared in my father’s personal kitchen before they were delivered here.” Fan Jin said, his face dark.

All the people working in Fan Qi’s living quarters, had all been with them for a long time and were absolutely loyal. So how did the fortification medicine get into the food! ?

Who was the person behind it?

“Father would never harm me, so it has to be someone from Father’s personal staff.” Fan Zhuo said, his eyes narrowed.

“Little Zhuo’s meals are all prepared by Uncle Gong personally and no one else would touch it.” Fan Jin said as he pondered the facts repeatedly in his mind. Due to Fan Zhuo’s ill health, they were all very careful with whatever Fan Zhuo ate.

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