DDFYM – Chapter 64-75

Phew. Finally. yes, sorry for the late release, here you go. A bucketful of happiness translated by Socksrocker!

Chapter 64: “Furnace explodes again…”
Chapter 65: “A Seal on the Body”
Chapter 66: Light-Devil Body
Chapter 67: Secret of  Pill Refinement    Extra dose of happiness
(brought to you by Eleanor Woodall & Heidi Wilde! ) Hip hip hurray!
Chapter 68: Alchemy Success
Chapter 69: Exterminating Nalan Qi
Chapter 70: Returning to Pu Luo Mountain Range
Chapter 71: Qing Wu Ya
Chapter 72: Secret Imperial Beast Art
Chapter 73: Crisis approaches
Chapter 74: Battling the Fire Wolves Pack
Chapter 75: Increasing Suspicions


Have an awesome weekend ahead!!!!!

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