DDFYM – Chapter 176-194

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Chapter 176
Chapter 177
Chapter 178
Chapter 179
Chapter 180
Chapter 181
Chapter 182
Chapter 183
Chapter 184
Chapter 185
Chapter 186
Chapter 187
Chapter 188
Chapter 189
Chapter 190
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Chapter 192
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Chapter 194

DDFYM – Chapter 171-174

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Chapter 171

Chapter 172

Chapter 173

Chapter 174

DDFYM – Chapter 161-165

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Chapter 160: Swaying success
Chapter 161: Bloodline of the Nine tailed fox
Chapter 162: So stupid, are you a pig or what!
Chapter 163: Hatred runs deep
Chapter 164: Meeting men from the Domineering Army
Chapter 165: Tables have turned

DDFYM – Chapter 147-156

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Chapter 147
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Chapter 156

DDFYM – Chapter 140-146

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Chapter 140: Guild President
Chapter 141: The Words Grandfather left behind
Chapter 142: Seven Layered Pagoda
Chapter 143: Being looked down on again
Chapter 144: Black levelled Spirit Skill
Chapter 145: Giving out pills
Chapter 146: The results of the Hundred Revolutions Pill