Sponsored DKC chapter 112 by Ralph F

Chapter 112 is sponsored by Lord Ralph F. He poked a hole into my sponsor dam and the leak keep coming…it finally stopped. Still the sponsor queue is commanding once this weekend is over, we will speed up again to clear it. Brought to you by June and amazing editing work by AyabeWakasa. … Continue reading

Sponsored DKC chapter 111 by Reichel A

Chapter 111 is sponsored by My lady/My lord Reichel A. I’m leaning on the milady Reichel, please give thanks to her generosity. This chapter was translated by Neverim and edited by Brian, but I still get the final words 😉 I usually don’t want to use DKC posts to talk about … Continue reading

DKC regular 109, sponsored chapter 110

Chapter 109 was brought to you by mostly TheMuffinMan, June and proofed by Ninja. Chapter 110 is sponsored by her highness Adenike A who made sure you all will not wait for another day on a cliffhanger. Brought to you by trauma_kmart and edited by AyabeWakasa. Never really thought that people read … Continue reading