Wife is Outrageous Chapter 115 and Bewitching Prince Chapter 260 pt 2

Chapter 115 Hiya! its Kiki here~ I got permission from Alys to translate WOF. It’ll be on MBC once everything’s organized, but since im impatient, it’ll be here on isohungry! Enjoy! Also.. OMG I AM SO SO SO SO SORRYYYYY I DIDNT KNOW HOW I MISSED THE LAST PART!!! Sorry… … Continue reading

Bewitching Prince Chapter 259-260

Chapter 259-260 Hi all! Its Kiki. So first off, I’d like to apoligise about the current release speed. Homework is killing me omg. Anyways, I’m still adjusting to the workload, but I promise that regular releases should be able to resume by the end of the month. Otherwise… welll… sorry. … Continue reading