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Bewitching Prince Chapter 392-396 ; DROPPING BP

Chapter 392-396 IMPORTANT MESSAGE ON CHAPTER 396 PLEASE READ; UNDER AS WELL Hi >..<"" no offence author! My respects for writing this novel. Third, the length. As some of you may know, BP is at 5000 chapters and still ongoing with 3 chapters being released daily. So….. at my current … Continue reading

Bewitching Prince Chapter 381 Reupload

Chapter 381 errr hi. So Chapter 379-382 were translated by my friend (if you couldn’t tell from our different ways of translating) because sick at that time and he owed me a favor. So anyways, lots of you guys pointed out the mistakes, and I just realised that he’d skipped through … Continue reading

Bewitching Prince Chapter 381-383

Chapter 381-383 Enjoy!! I’m joining with volare for their Chinese New Year Trivia Quiz thingy again~ does anyone want to offer a trivia question? Its for free chapters but I can’t think of any good questions 😛 Support me on Patreon for early chapter access! Join my discord server! Translators; … Continue reading

Bewitching Prince Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Enjoy!! Also this is pretty important, so you might want to read this. Qidian is rapidly expanding into lady novels now, and I was told by a fellow translator that they don’t msg you before starting to translate the novel. Anyways, I’m pretty attached to my translations so … Continue reading