Very late policy update (Chapter 274)

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Long story short, another chapter is done. Thanks to editor GNE as usual, and joeglens for finally having the time to post this chapter. The worst thing about having a job is having need to delay the translation.

I think another chapter is in order in a relative soon manner. Emphasis on think.

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3 Responses to Very late policy update (Chapter 274)

  1. Tinchen says:

    ae you still working on the earlier chapters? or only continue to work on the newer ones
    and yes having a job is the worst 😉
    but think about all the good things you could buy and not use because of work ^^

  2. Seronis says:

    Rather than rant and whine that someone doesnt update fast enough to meet my expectations I just read more stories at once. Life comes before hobbies. While updating faster is appreciated more, all updates are still appreciated. Take care of what you need to take care of and we’ll read when you have time to post.

  3. ardiya says:

    Thanks for the new chapter

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