An oath of dogs and cows Update (chapter 41, 268, 269)

Chapter 41 link, and Chapter 268 link Thank you everyone who have been waiting VERY, VERY PATIENTLY for these updates despite my reduced speed. Words cannot express how commitment I feel when I know that there are always people who are willing to read the updates the moment they come … Continue reading

February backwards update… (chapters 241, 240, 239, …. 40)

Chapter 239 link, and Chapter 40 link Huge apologies, but work in real life has seriously piled up due to the bad local economy causing workload to skyrocket. I can neither TL nor do my work properly in recent days. I hope this situation can be improved, but I’m not … Continue reading

Who riced this update? (Chapters 38, 39, 266, 267)

Chapter 38 link, and Chapter 266 link Thanks to great editor GNE, and poster / representative joeglens, as usual. I hate to break this to you, but expect the translation efforts to be as slow as the former slowest record. It takes willpower for me to avoid quitting this project, … Continue reading

Mega Year Of The Rooster UPDATE (chapters 33 to 35, 257 to 263 !!!)

Chapter 33 link, and Chapter 257 link! Let the fireworks fly to the skies and let the rooster do the morning calls. It’s time for the largest update yet to cap off the start of the lunar new year. Take your time, enjoy the chapters, and happy reading! … With … Continue reading