ENL Chapter 20

1/7 chapters

Unfortunately my head is killing me faster than I translate so it’ll take a while before I have all of the chapters I missed ready, but here’s the first one.

Chapter 20 – Magical Mud Ball

If I made any noticeable errors, please make a comment about it. I can’t catch as much errors as I normally do.

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5 Responses to ENL Chapter 20

  1. AnAn says:

    Take care

  2. Aisara says:

    Take care of yourself. First, no chapter is not fine especially if it take forever but having a chapter despite of your killer migraine is not fine because i think you should be resting and taking care of yourself. When you are well we can get plenty of chapters to make it up. So take care

  3. Tasha says:

    Having suffered migraines myself, I hope you take the time to rest, but if this is what helps you get through the pain, then go for it! I know when I get them sometimes, I prefer to telenovelas or to read Grimm’s.

    • Element says:

      I usually bury myself in books when I have a migraine. Read like 200 chapters of Martial World in the last few days, but I really should get working.

  4. Karen says:

    Hope you feel better soon, and that if you don’t, you can see a doctor just to confirm that nothing else is wrong.
    For me, either laying down in a dark, quiet room or eating chocolate helps.

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