Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Alternative Name: The Preceding Hero Wants to Retire (先代勇者は隠居したい)
Author: –
Artist: –
Category: Japanese web novel, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen
Status: Ongoing
Translator(s)/Translation Group: manga0205
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The slightly lewd middle school student, Yashiro Yuu, was summoned to a different world in the summer break of his second year of middle school!

It was a fantasy world of swords and magic!

Fighting for the sake of the cute princess that summoned him, he, who occasionally got setback but nevertheless continued to fight as long as he still had life in him, finally brought peace to the world! ――――
Three years after that, the Demon Lord that the Preceding Hero should have defeated is revived, and the world has once again been wrapped in chaos.

At that time, four new Heroes have been summoned!

For the sake of bringing peace to the world, the Second Generation Hero, Amagi Kaito draws his sword!

………………But, they didn’t know. That the male high school student that had no Maryoku (magical power) whatsoever that was summoned together with Amagi Kaito and the others was actually the Preceding Hero that defeated the Demon Lord three years ago―――!!

But however, the Preceding Hero didn’t get involved with them. After all, he totally wanted to fully enjoy this other world~.

This is the ‘being true to his own desires but still looking like he’ll save the world again in the end’ Hero’s, Yashiro Yuu’s heartwarming fantasy life!

Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Volume 1

Volume 2
Volume 2 Images
Chapter 26 – The Preceding Hero and the Rare Bird Silber
Chapter 27 – The Preceding Hero Awakens
Chapter 28 – The Preceding Hero’s Love at First Sight ~The Inn’s Married Woman Arc~
> Side Story 1 – The Young Empress Sylvia’s Feelings
> Side Story 2 – Un-reaching Reason
Chapter 29 – The Preceding Hero’s Getting Out of Bed and Nightmare
Chapter 30 – The Preceding Hero and the Big Eater of an Assassin
Chapter 31 – The Preceding Hero Gets Scouted?
Chapter 32 – The Preceding Hero and the Transparent Trap
Chapter 33 – The Preceding Hero and the Precocious Princess
Chapter 34 – The Preceding Hero is the Enemy of Women?
Chapter 35 – The Enemy of Women and the Persuasion Method
Chapter 36 – The Preceding Hero and the Talk from the Day before Yesterday 1
Chapter 37 – The Preceding Hero and the Talk from the Day before Yesterday 2
Chapter 38 – The Preceding Hero is Low-Life Scum?
Chapter 39 – The Preceding Hero has Obtained the 『School Swimsuit』 shibibibibi!
Chapter 40 – The Agent and the Hero Express
Chapter 41 – The Pervert Hero and the Agent that Will Wear It
Chapter 42 – The Preceding Hero’s Hot Blooded Guidance? 1
Chapter 43 – The Preceding Hero’s Hot Blooded Guidance? 2
Chapter 44 – The Preceding Hero’s Hot Blooded Guidance? 3
Chapter 45 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses【1】
Chapter 46 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses【2】
Chapter 47 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses【3】
Chapter 48 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses【4】
Chapter 49 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses【5】
Chapter 50 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses【6】
Chapter 51 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses【7】
Chapter 52 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses【8】
Chapter 53 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses【9】
Chapter 54 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses【10】
Chapter 55 – Hero Combination Attack
Chapter 56 – The Preceding Hero and the Morning That Came Again
Chapter 57 – The Preceding Hero’s Uniform Plan
Chapter 58 – The Preceding Hero Decides His Destination
Chapter 59 – The Preceding Hero is Easily Moved to Tears
Chapter 60 – The Heroes, Reunite
Chapter 61 – Heart of Atonement
Chapter 62 – The Preceding Hero and the New Journey

Volume 3

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  1. Green Apple says:

    Hi there. Is it intended to have no links?

  2. ric3cak3s says:

    I hope that super muscled guy in the backround is the main character >:3

  3. Wiro Sableng says:

    thanks so much !!
    so.. there’s 2 MC (yashiro & amagi) or only one?

  4. Aceon Lightuser says:

    let me bow to your awesomeness!!

  5. Aceon Lightuser says:

    nice… like secret gem found.

  6. HapUgMata says:

    will this be translated regularly???

    i want to read this one cuz this seems interesting but i also don’t to read it with high expectations only to find out the translator is abandoning it…

  7. Prometheus says:

    If you have read this before, tell me if it becomes a Harem. I would prefer to no read something, then immediate drop it later, because it became a harem. I hate harems.

  8. PWC says:

    Thanks for translating this, I’m really getting a kick out of it so far!

  9. aza says:

    can anyone tell me when exactly the chapter update,i now it once a week but which day?

  10. arel says:

    can anyone tell me which day this novel update?

  11. MangafreakKensson says:

    I think this novel updates every sunday.

  12. Strauss Akabara says:

    This had so much potential, sadly the japanese rarely know how to continue a good thing.

  13. MangafreakKensson says:

    Omg love to manga0205! Double release!!

  14. Arel says:

    So this novel is been update randomly,depend on manga0205 life
    I think?btw tq manga0205,2 chapter release,awesome

  15. Arel says:

    Wow 3 chapter!!
    Thanks manga0205

  16. eVILBAAM says:

    I have read a few chapters in the beginning. I want to know whether pretty boy kun is going to get similar amount of screen time as the preceding hero?
    Can anyone one help me out. I do not want to read ahead of there are two mcs

  17. Anonymous says:

    I thought this novel is similar to ‘kaette kita mottoyuusha’ but this isn’t Harem hahah

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