Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 2

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Chapter 02 – The Preceding Hero Got Dragged In

Eh~, nice to meet you. This is Yashiro Yuu speaking.

I’ll say this beforehand but I’m just an ordinary high school student without any particular similarity to those protagonists of the recent harem anime.

I don’t have anything like a childhood friend, I don’t have anything like a cute little sister, and I haven’t met anyone like a tsundere girl that I crashed into while she was eating a piece of bread.

…………*Buwah* (Sob)

Whoops, after not being able to face up to reality, tears came out.

Let’s get back on topic.

Yes, ordinary. I am ordinary.

I have confidence that if I had a huge amount of money, I’d become a shut-in due to my doubt of other people. I also have confidence that if I were to fall into something like a harem, I’d run away in fear of it.

Even the ecchi books I hide from my family members are hidden under my bed. And if a girl were to treat me kindly, I’d fall in love with them.

I am that, that normal, ordinary, regular three times over male high school student.

So why is such an ordinary me in a place like this?

Looking closer at my surroundings, rather than a room, it’s more of an altar. Around the thing that looks like a ceiling was a stairwell. The ceiling was being supported by six large pillars.

There was even a mark of a six pointed star magic formation that was made from the ancient Ishrel language on the ceiling.

It was even on the smooth rock floor, the six pointed star magic formation and the Ishrel language.

It would seem that it was something like a time and space teleportation magic formation, aka summoning formation, meant to connect the real world and this magic world, [Reynbrook].

But still, wasn’t there supposed to be some stupidly difficult related activation condition of something like having the stars aligned or something?

But as I thought, that light was the magical light of summoning………is the conclusion that Yashiro Yuu came to by himself.

Ehh, that just now was obviously an abnormal explanation of magic you say……I, myself, am an ordinary male school student but, in the past, I have crossed over into a different world.

That was when I was in eighth grade in the real world. A time when I played around in cool clothes and wearing a mantle.

And when a sudden light wrapped up my surroundings, I was summoned to a similar altar.

And then, after doing a couple of things, I vanquished the Demon Lord of Chaos that was trying to conquer the world at the time and returned peace to the world.

………In other words, I’m a hero. Ah, that’s not it. To be precise, I was a hero.

Now then, let’s return to the main story.

Just why was I called back to this different world……?

Hm? Is this really the same different world you ask?

Ahh, about that, I can definitely guarantee it.

The reason is the existence of the magic characters of the Ishrel language.

Each and every character is endowed with a magic-like power and when they are put together, it activates “magic”. It’s that kind of thing.

This is from the time when I was first came to this different world three years ago. When I was a hero, the Three Princesses had thoroughly beat this into me so it isn’t wrong.

……Hm? ……Wait~. So this really is the different world, Reynbrook, that I came to three years ago?

I can make some sense of the summoning formation, but this really is the world that I was summoned to be a hero.

…………Huh? Isn’t something a bit off here?

「Just why do you need a hero?」

I have a habit of talking to myself out loud.

That goes the same for complaints and insults. Well, it’s not like I always say everything that I am thinking, but my habit came out again today.

「Haa? Were you properly listening to what the princess was saying? 」

I was pierced with some very strong and provocative words.

「So, sorry. I was confused about various things……」

「Don’t go interrupting the conversation with something so stupid.」

With the princess who had pleaded to the Pretty Boy Jerk at the beginning at the head of this meaninglessly gorgeous table, four men and women are looking at me.

One of them was our Amagi Kaito. A violent red-haired twin tails. A cool beauty with a princess cut, and a loli girl that was wearing a male uniform.

They all seem to have been summoned together.

……What an amazing arrangement. Are the three of them the Pretty Boy jerk’s harem?

「Calm down, Akane. He……Yuu was it? Yuu-kun wasn’t called together with his close friends like we were, you know.」

The Pretty Boy jerk called Amagi Kaito chides the man dog of a woman that barked at me from the seat closest to the princess.

「Wh, what! What are you trying to say!?」

「At the very least, it’s because you guys are here that I can calm down a bit. ……If you guys weren’t here, I’m sure that I would be confused and be in no condition to properly listen to what anyone was saying.」


「So calm down.」

「……I get it. ……Jeez, you’re so unfair…If you say it like that, I……」

The cheeks of the red-haired twin tails called Akane turned red at the Pretty Boy jerk’s words. What is hell is up with this stereotypical tsundere…………

It was so tsundere-like that I was speechless. To become this tsundere, it’s of the confession class. As usual, the important part of the words of that uptight girl didn’t reach the Pretty Boy jerk.

And so, my evaluation of this Pretty Boy jerk called Amagi Kaito changed greatly.

This guy, he isn’t just some Pretty Boy……He’s a Pretty Boy that is both the charisma-having type and the troublesome type.

I mean, the Pretty Boy-hating me thought “Ah, this guy is a nice guy” you know. That was close. …Well, maybe it’s because of his harem but his level of charisma isn’t that high.

I do have an acquaintance that is a charisma-type Pretty Boy, but that guy’s dangerous. There have been times where I thought it’d be fine to embrace him.

Though I immediately feel like killing myself out of self-hatred afterwards.

「Ah~, um. ……Sorry. Please continue.」

As the princess lowered her head, she made a small laugh and nodded.

「Then I will continue. ……The hero from three years ago did not defeat the Demon Lord and had finished with only repelling him. And so, having healed the wound inflicted upon him by the hero, once again, this world of Reynbrook is being conquered by the darkness.」

I didn’t listen to too much of it. I had only listened to the beginning of it, however, I had a deeper understanding than the four people here from the real world.

There’s no mistake that this is Reynbrook and there’s no mistake that the hero from three years ago is me.

…………But, it greatly disturbed me that there was such a huge difference from the conclusion that I know of.

Repelled? Impossible……I certainly defeated the guy, but rather than defeating him, I sealed him after paying a huge price.

Yet the public is treating it like I repelled him, and that he has revived?

…………There’s no way. If the seal was lifted, they would have immediately called me back.

…………Something is really suspicious here.

「You aren’t going to call on that hero from three years or whatever?」

Just as I was getting submerged in a sea of thought, the cool beauty with a princess cut asked the princess.

Ohh, nice on how her voice is also cool. ……It would really fit her if were to wear a miko uniform while carrying a Japanese sword.

「We would call upon him if we could, but……The Kingdom of Leezelion has concealed the summoning ceremony so we are unable to call him.」

The princess disappointedly swung her head to the floor and answered.  No, I got dragged in, is what could be said, but you kind of did call me~.


「Wait a minute, concealed the summoning ceremony? This place is different from the summoning ceremony of Leezelion? 」

Forget about hiding it, the Hero Summoning is something that summons humans that hold the qualifications of a hero in the real world, right? Then I can understand why I was called, but.

「Yes. Leezelion’s and our Luxeria’s summoning ceremony are different. The Leezelion summoning ceremony uses Leezelion way of the ancient summoning formation, which is through the arrangement of things. They utilize the Maryoku that is converged when the stars are aligned, create a local mass of Maryoku, and then use that enormous Maryoku to open a world door. Conversely, our Luxeria’s summoning ceremony summons by pouring Maryoku that was drawn from a dragon’s pulse into a circle, creating a stable world door.」

Hou hou, so in other words, Leezelion……the country that called me three years ago forcibly opened a door using something like a bomb while Luxeria took their time to do something like picking. I guess you couldn’t exactly call that safe.

「I can understand that the summoning formation is different. ……But knowing about Leezelion’s summoning formation, shouldn’t you have called on the preceding hero (me)? That alignment of the stars or whatever, they’ve obviously match the cycle from three years ago, right? 」

「Yes. We are unable to use Leezelion’s summoning formation. However, there is a magic rite called a [Code] that is able to specifically summon the preceding Hero-sama that is within Leezelion’s summoning ceremony. Since it is possible to also insert it into our Luxeria system of summoning formations, if we had this “Code”, it would be possible to aim to summon the preceding Hero-sama. ……However.」

So you’re saying that Leezelion won’t divulge the summoning ceremony.

No, well~, that might actually be my fault~.

Just as I was thinking this, the tsundere twin tails barked.

「Just what the heck is up with that Kingdom of Leezelion!? They should just hurry up and call the previous hero. If they did that, then we wouldn’t have to come to this world. And more importantly, why do we have to defeat the thing that the previous hero failed to defeat!? Argh~, geez! I don’t care who the previous hero was but this is just a huge nuisance!!」

Hitting the table and making a bang, red tails barked out what she wanted to say, making Pretty Boy chide her again to get her to take her seat.

My ears hurt. …………No, but still, him reviving, huh…………

「So, by the way. In the end, what is it that we should be doing? 」

Fidgeting, the cross-dressed girl spoke.

「That’s true. We are amateurs after all. ……Even after being told all of this about the Demon Lord, we don’t have any countermeasures.」

And following up was the cool beauty.

Yup. My thoughts exactly. I could understand if they were a bearer of a sacred sword like me, but there is only one sacred sword in the world.

Seeing as how I’m the one holding on to it, there shouldn’t currently be one in this world.

Eh? Another new vocabulary appeared you say? ……Well, seeing as how I’ll explain it in the near future, just stuff it to the back of your mind.

「Please do not worry about that.」

The princess smiled with a grin.

「The summoning formation only summons heroes that possess high levels of Maryoku to our world. ……You all are possessors of an amount of Maryoku that we could never reach.」

「Possessors of high levels of Maryoku? ……Is it alright to take that meaning literally? 」

Pretty Boy-kun asked.

「Yes. I’m sure that we could get a specific number as soon as we measure it but for now, I can tell you that we limited it to possessors that had 100 to 1000 Imperial Court Magicians’ worth of Maryoku.」


Eh, ehh~?

Isn’t that, like, cheating? I’m sure that you heard that they’re kind of weak, but really, an Imperial Court Magician is something like a den of monsters, you know. At the very least, the Imperial Magicians in Leezelion are.

So if you have 100 to 1000 peoples’ worth, you’re pretty much invincible.

This is bad……Is there seriously a chance that I got dragged in?

The reason is because Maryoku doesn’t exist in me.

Not a single ounce. Therefore, I can’t use magic.

Then, most important of all, my account of my condition at the time of the summoning.

Right before I was summoned, I was carrying a photogravure collection home while letting out weird breathing and panting.

It was of the recent rising star, Chiharu-chan. Her charm starts off with her amazing busty breasts that boast a 95 along with her plump yet slender legs that get constricted right at her hips. And then, her sweet mask that captivates anyone, regardless of gender.

Yup, she’s a woman that fits the word “ero-cool”.

That girl’s photo collection was in my bag and under a secure lock (tightened with string) and hugged by both my arms. At that time, I had noticed some lively voices coming from in front of me and when I took a look, I saw the figures of a Pretty Boy being tended to by three of the cutest girls in the area.

Just as I had directed my hatred towards the Pretty Boy, they had been caught by the stoplight and stopped. I, who had caught up to them, also stopped, just a bit separated from them. Then, the surroundings were suddenly enveloped by light.

…………Man, I seriously did get dragged into the summoning, didn’t I?

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