Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 – The Preceding Hero and the Morning That Came Again

*Yusa yusa* (Shake shake)……

This is a bit sudden but, you often hear the phrase 『Every night comes to an end』.

Even for those that are of the Hero type, this is a good phrase.

It’s a cool thing to say at the times when you need to say “I’m here”.

Enough to be ranking in the Best 5 “Phrases I’d Want to Use at the Eleventh Hour” (Though they were selected by Yashiro Yuu).

*Yussa yussa* (Shake shake).

However, right now, where I possess the ordinary person’s sense of thinking that I want to indulge myself in inactivity, I wouldn’t go as far as saying “I hate this phrase”, but I do dislike it.

This phrase says, welcome the fact that the unwanted things will, in due course, definitely come to an end, and since the good things will happen, do your best without giving up!

That kind of profound, good message can be felt from it.

But, for me, whose head isn’t working from waking up and having shallow thinking right now, 『the good things will also, in due course, come to an end. In short, wake up』 is what it changes into.

「Yashiro-san, Yashiro-sa~n. Please wake up. It’s morning~.」

See, it’s like she comes during the time I’m thinking about various things.

That clergywoman that disturbs my sleep (night)!

「U~n. ……Five more minutes.」

「Th, that trick won’t work on me anymore, you know? Saying that yesterday, in the end, you didn’t get up until noon, didn’t you!」

Damn, she’s learning.

……This damned huge breasted Sister, is she going to develop every day!?」

「A-are you trying to say that I’m an idiot that won’t learn anything!? Or rather, your thoughts are leaking out, you know, Yashiro-san!」

Huh? So it leaked out again.

「Then, if you let me rub your chest, I’ll get up.」

Having sent out a honeyed phrase that gives me only benefits whether I rub them or not, no matter which way it falls, it looks like my thinking processes have also completely wakened up. But, if I laze around on the bed, it will probably immediately fall back asleep.

「Wha!? Th, that’s just, unfair!!」

Good, good, with this, my sleeping hours have increased. Oh? My eyelids are getting heavy in a good way……

「H, however, if it’s for the sake of getting Yashiro-san to wake up, there’s nothing I can do, right. ……Hii, it’s only one rub, got it!?」

……Sweet dreams…………

「Wait, he isn’t awake~!! Eh, what is with that? Isn’t that a bit too rude! Isn’t this the scene where you do a dive into my chest!?」

「*Supi~* (Zzz)……」

*Buchi* (Snap). It felt like there was something like the sound of a rope being torn off.

「……Hu~n. I understand. I understand, Yashiro-san. I wasn’t planning on using this but there’s no other way around it.」

「*Supipi~* (ZzzZz)……」

「Well then. ……*Suu* (Inhale)………Ah~! Mareeda-san, you shouldn’t be changing your clothes in a place like this~.」

「It has comeーーーッ!!」

「Jeez, you really are rude, aren’t you, Yashiro-san.」

I kicked off the futon and got up but, Mareeda-san’s figure wasn’t there, and there was only figure of the big breasted Sister Bernadette that had her head covered by some weird cloth and became completely clothed from head to toe.

「In short, is it that? The one that serves God, Bernadette-san, is a super fiend that destroys men’s dreams?」

「No no no! Isn’t Yashiro-san who won’t get up the one that’s in the wrong! It’s already time for breakfast you know!?」

Che. As expected, there’s no going back to sleep after this. Not only was it my head, my entire body had woken up. Mainly the lower half.

「It can’t be helped, I guess I’ll get up.」

Like that, my first day had started.

Already three days have passed since the Seventh Duke Class, Umbra had attacked.

During those three days, so that I wouldn’t happen to meet Pretty Boy-kun’s group, I pretended to work part time at the Kitten’s Purr and wasted some time.

I’m a bit worn out from keeping the old men that have taken the responsibility of doing the reconstruction work company but, well, I’m surprisingly having some fun with it.

「O~i, Kiddo! Is the alcohol ready yet~?」

「Didn’t I tell you not to drink alcohol during the day!」

「Gahaha! And I’m saying there’s no way I can do my work without alcohol!」

「Because of that, yesterday, you clung onto Mareeda-san from the momentum of being drunk and got killed, didn’t you. Rather, if Ossan were a few seconds later, I would have killed you, you know?」

「Now that’s scary!」


While taking the empty plates from the middle aged old men that heartily laughed like that, I headed towards the kitchen.

「Ossan, an order! Eight portions of the recommended special!」

「Tsk, and I’m saying they should go someplace else.」

While stir-frying vegetables with a frying pan that looked like a wok, Ossan sighed with a relatively serious detested look.

It looked like he wasn’t joyfully screaming with gratitude for the full house.

Rather, it felt like he was getting sick of customers coming in every day.

If Bernadette were to be put in with this, he’d be out.

After waking me up, seeming like she needed to make a report about the details of the latest event, Bernadette headed towards the nearby church in uniform and wasn’t here right now.

「By the way, where’s Mareeda? I don’t see her around.」

「If it’s Mareeda-san you’re looking for, she’s out because I asked a favor of her. I think she should be coming back very soon.」

「No wonder I was thinking that the rotation ratio was a bit low. You rascal, don’t go doing things like that as you like!」

「Don’t worry, Ossan! Because after this, my tension is going to soar through the roof!」

「Though I can’t help but worry if your tension goes up, you know?」

While putting some secret sauce on the vegetables he was stir-frying, Ossan looked at me with reproachful eyes.

Come to think of it, does Ossan know about the one time that broke in a high-tension? That’s probably why he can’t trust me.

「Now now, I’m telling that it’s fine this time! Wait, it looks like she’s finished just as I was saying that.」

「What? Oi, Mareeda. You don’t have to listen to every little thing this guy sa……Ah?」

Leaning his body out from the kitchen, Ossan’s movements stopped. No, he stopped with more of a *Pitan* kind of feeling. And then, ahead of Ossan’s eyes was,

「It looks like it’s a bit small but……is this alright?」

the figure of Mareeda-san with the appearance a sailor outfit on top of a school swimsuit, and then with glasses.

「Uhyoh~! You’re the best –ssu, Mareeda-sa――」



When I thought that things went completely black in front of my eyes for an instant, while rotating two or three times in midair, I ran into the table of the middle-aged old man that requested some alcohol.

「That sure is dangerous, kiddo! The alcohol bottle is gonna break!」

「Gununu, tsuo! Shut up! I thought that my face was going to break!」

Plunging head first into the table like one of the Inugami’s, I don’t know if it was because I pulled my head out from the table like I was doing a handstand then started complaining or because I went in like I was hitting some kind of target but the old men burst into laughter.

That’s right. I thought my head was going to be smashed. Ossan’s hard fist made a direct hit to my Pretty Boy face (in comparison to the right person).

「Now then. ……What’s the meaning of that, Ossan. It can’t be that your habits from your scouting days came up and you feel like fighting with me, right?」

When I threw him a glare while cracking my knuckles, he came out from the kitchen and tossed his apron to the school swimsuit sailor Mareeda-san. Damn it, that was so cool.

「I’ve always thought that you were a pervert since long ago but that was more than I expected!」

Ossan was approaching while cracking his knuckles but, it kind of looked like he was enjoying this quite an awful bit, you know?

「Ossan, you idiot! The women of this world should be dressed beautifully and adorably, that is my pet theory as well as the mentality of this world! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the men’s consensus of opinion!」

「That kind of stuff that you produce is just you pressing your preferences on others, isn’t it!」

「Shut up! It suits her and it’s sexy, isn’t it!!」


「Pupu~! Getting red like an apple even though you’re at that age is――」

When I was going to stir up Ossan again, whose face was red and was at a loss for words, his hard fist interrupted my words and made a direct hit with my face.

I don’t have much memory of what was after that. By the time I was aware of it, Ossan who became tattered was drinking alcohol as if bathing in it with the surrounding middle aged men while laughing like an idiot.

The next day, I had a hangover.

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