Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 – The Preceding Hero’s Uniform Plan

It was around the afternoon of the next day when I vaguely thought “now that the headache that was attacking me caused by the hangover is finally starting to draw back, I guess it’s about time that I start to some full-fledged operations going”.

「Hearin’ tha’ Yuu was ‘ere, I went an’ came by~! Come on Yuu, would ya hurry up an’ come out al~ready!」

For me who was having a hangover, that forceful, awfully loud, high-pitched voice had reached my ears from the lower floor.

Oi oi, there technically is a door in my room, and, I think that the source of the voice is probably coming from the first floor diner which is two floors below my room, but this loud voice that reached me despite all of that, just who is it?

「Nn? ……Wait, doaaahh!!?」

As soon as I had thought that, a spider’s thread (large) that extended out from the window I left open had twined around my right arm, pulled it with an amazing amount of force, and brought me outside.

Okay, now then, here’s a question. With a spider’s thread that had twined around my right arm before I became aware of it extended from the window that was left open and then that thread being pulled, in the end, just what will happen to me?

「This is kind of like the third floor you know~!!?」

Answer. I am thrown out into the air while still in my sleep-wear.

“Wouldn’t you be alright if it’s just something like the third floor?” is probably what many of you are thinking.

Yes, well, if were able to land properly, whether it be from a three story building or the Tokyo Tower, I would be fine.

But you know, suddenly being thrown out into the air is still scary, relatively seriously.

But, again, faster than I could think about that, just like the time I jumped into a cushioned bed I had heard about, I felt a peculiar shaking.

「Pervert-san, welco~me……Just kidding!」

「I knew it, so it was Ariadne-san.」

It would seem that I had fallen into a spider web that was spread out in the air. When I look at the vicinity, there was an awfully high tensioned, fake Kansai dialect using Arachne.

「Umm, sorry, what do you want?」

With my head terribly hurting from the headache, I asked while being a bit irritated, but it looked like it completely didn’t work on this Ariadne-san that had shaken off the limit value of her tension gauge.

「What’re ya sayin’, Yuu! I made as many of da blazers and gym uniforms as well as da suku mizus fer academy use as I could out o’ da materials ya gave me, ya know?」

What……was that?

「Say that sooner Ariadne-san! Uhihi! With this, I’ll change the academy into a uniform paradise!」

「Tha’ part o’ Yuu tha’ is so honest to yer desires, I don’t hate it!」

I got down from the web while being princess carried by Ariadne-san.

「So? Where are the goods?」

「There are ten o’ each on board this luggage carrier.」

When I asked, Ariadne-san peeked over at the luggage carrier of the carriage that had stopped in front of the Kitten’s Purr.

「Well then, without delay.」

「Then ‘ere we go. First off is tha blazer.」

Saying that, what Ariadne-san brought out was a blazer that had a refreshing brown as the basis, and a plaid red skirt.

It kind of looked like something that an idol group that had around 48 people would wear.

……Umu, it’s pretty cute, isn’t it!

「Da two skills ‘re Auto-Repair and Auto-Barrier.」

「Looking at it as equipment, it isn’t as good as the suku mizu but, it’s well into the category of excellent.」

When I try stroking the blazer, I let out a sigh of admiration from that touch.

「I tried designing the boys’ one with the girls’ one as the base but, you want to see?」

「It would be useless for me to look at the guys’ uniform. Now, the next one! Next are the bloomers, right!」

When I said that, Ariadne-san brought out physical education clothes and deep blue bloomers.

「The skills are Auto-Repair with Impact Relief, and Physical Ability Strengthening (Weak).」

「This is once again ordinarily excellent. If there were any weaknesses to speak of, it would be that bloomers get wedged a lot, but, from the boys’ perspective, that’s actually something they’d say “Bring it on” to.」

「I made da boys’ use one inta short pants, okay?」

「Something like guys’ uniforms, I’ve already said it! Now! Next is the suku mizu!」

Finally, it’s the entrance of the favorite!

「Jya jya~n (Ta da~)! It was made as ya ordered~! Da original skills o’ Auto-repair with Auto-Barrier, Magic Power Increase, an’ MP Recovery ‘re still da same, an’ ya can choose fer da new Evade Ability +1 to be invoked on default or not!」

What Ariadne-san pulled out was a supreme article of beauty that was woven with pure white cloth.

The white suku was illuminated by the sunshine, and even looked like it was sparkling.


「No, well, it’s a bit odd to say this now but, even if you show me “just the clothes”.」

That’s right, the blazer was cute and the bloomers were erotic, and even a halo could be seen on the suku mizu, but, unfortunately, I am not a man that possesses the unique inclination of getting aroused by clothes. I love suku mizus. But, I’m not an 『Enthusiast of Suku Mizus』, I am an 『Enthusiast of Beautiful Women Wearing Suku Mizus』.

Therefore, even if you show me the uniform with a *Do~n!* sound effect, it didn’t get me aroused enough to raise my tension. Furthermore, because I just woke up, my condition for raising my tension was way too low. I certainly do think that it is cute though.

「What’er ya sayin’! These curves o’ da base o’ da thighs o’ da bloomers! Da blazers’ top bein’ an impenetrable fortress an’ da bottom bein’ a flutterin’ mini-skirt, dis Golden Rule! In da middle of weavin’ ‘em, I was aroused over an’ over again! It’s ‘cause I really was tired o’ only doin’ suku mizus. Tha’ was da greatest week ever.」

Ariadne-san talked with a whole faced smile but, ……Yu~p, I really can’t understand her feelings.

「As I thought, we need a model. Naturally, the big breasted, beautiful Onee-sama type!」

「As usual, a dark laugh suits ya, don’t it~. Well, I do support tha’ idea! Naturally, da thin’ called clothin’ is somethin’ meant ta be worn. So, do ya have anyone in mind ta model?」

「There is one but, it seems that the next time I do it, I won’t get off so easily.」

「Wha’s da matter?」

「Ahh, it’s nothing. Just talking to myself.」

Still, this is troubling. If Bernadette were here, I could talk her into cosplaying again but, it seems that she hasn’t come back since yesterday so……

「What should I do wit’ this?」

Ariadne-san pointed at the uniforms that were piled up on the luggage carrier and sighed.

However, as long as I can’t use Mareeda-san or Bernadette, there aren’t any model-like beauties among my acquaintances.

「What’ll we do.」

There’s nothing more that can be done. At this point, there’s no choice but to deliver this mountain of uniforms to Lizwadia’s Headmaster just like that……

And then, for me as the one who planned this, isn’t that something that is way too irresponsible?

I have to deliver a finished product. However, the current uniforms are existences that are far from being finished products. The reason why is that despite being assumed that it would be something worn by women, its appearance of being worn by a woman is something I, I! It’s because it’s something I haven’t seen!

And so, in order to complete that, I need to have them tried on by sexy Onee-samas and enjoy it with eyes that seem to be licking them all over!

This is, already a responsibility of mine.

Even though I say this, there isn’t a model. Now then, what should we do.



As Ariadne-san and I were being troubled, someone called out to us. Moreover, with my name.

I thought “come to think of it, it’s a voice I’ve heard before,” then, turning my head, I stopped moving as if I had been frozen.

「It’s been a long time, Yashiro-sa―――」

「Gyaaaaaaaahhh!!! ……Wait, well if it isn’t Doto-sensei. What’s the matter?」

Because there was a close-up of Dotorangé-sensei’s face ahead of me when I turned my head, I jumped back while I screamed.

「The Headmaster is searching for you, Yashiro-san. Would you have some spare time right now?」

With a pointlessly dandy voice that was contrary to his terrifying face, Doto-san continued on.

「Well, right now, I don’t really have the……No, wait a sec.」

Seeing Doto-san’s face, I remembered. That’s right, there’s the academy’s teacher, isn’t there!

The good looking, sexy bodied, whose slanted eyes were charming, female teacher!!

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