Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 6

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Chapter 06 – The Preceding Hero Saves the Village

「Fuu, this makes the 70th orc.」

His one-handed torch making a crackling sound, the green-skinned pig fiend, an Orc, kicked as if he were kicking a ball.

Making a “Dogakyu” sound, the goblin’s skull was smashed.

From the darkness, the Orcs appear with club in hand. Even though they’ve already kicked more than half of the nest to death, these slow-learning Orcs are still boldly attacking. They numbered around seven.

*Dogakyu! Dogakyukyu!*

By making his leg move like a whip, the accelerated kick made an instant kill.

「Even though you’re weak, only your numbers are huge.」

Rather than defeating them, the Preceding Hero aimed for the deepest part of the nest while he kicked apart the amassed Orcs’ meat wall.

If you’re wondering why the newbie who had just finished collecting medicinal plants is now breaking into the lair of these monsters called Orcs, there’s a ve~ry profound reason for it.

From Tre-san’s oracle, I decided to journey to the neighboring country and in order to quickly gather travel expenses I worked vigorously but, several weeks later, the guild’s mood was like “It’s war~!” and the feeling of being so out of place for doing something like collecting medicinal plants was awful, so I took a low rank subjugation quest.

The monster’s name was, one that everyone knows, a Goblin!

This weakling monster and the Slime make up the matchless pair of being the weakest enemies of the fantasy world.

Goblins don’t attack people, they eat people’s fields to ruin so they’re pretty much something like pests. If you attack them from your side, they’ll get scared and won’t come.

There seemed to be a large amount of them gathered in the nearby farming village called Callot Village so the Guild put together a subjugation quest.

And so, once I quickly go to see Callot Village, I immediately saw the figures of the villagers being attacked by a large amount of Orcs.

As I was about to beat down the Orc forces that were at my fingertips, apparently the Orcs had taken over the Goblin nest and this seemed to be the moment that they came to this village to kidnap some seedbeds.

………While there might be people here who have been taken care of by ero-games, the Orcs’ seedbed is human (or sometimes even subhuman species) females.

At this rate, the women of this village will become the Orcs seedbeds.

So I made the decision to subjugate the Orcs in order to save the village’s women.

It, it’s definitely not because the village chief’s granddaughter is pretty, ‘kay!

If I save the village, she’ll be my bride………is something I’m not thinking of, ‘kay!

Having been turned into an apostle of love and worldly desire and being unable to be stopped by these lowly Orcs, I pleasantly charge onward to the deepest part where the Orc King would probably be.

「There are way too many of them! It’s gross how they keep on crawling out like cockroaches!!」

Though I pleasantly charged a bit too much and got surrounded.

As I explosively continued on through the former Goblin nest, I arrived at a huge open area. Like a place that was connected to various other places, the pigs flooded in from entrances from all directions.

There really are too many of them……Should I draw “it”?

Just as I was thrusting out my right hand and thinking that, “that”, which had possessed a large build that was several times bigger than the Orcs, appeared in my view.

「Buhihihihi! You pitiful human! You should just die here and become our nourishment!! Buhihihihihi!!」

Even more hideous than the hideous Orc, a monster that had grown fat, the Orc King.

Though possessing a high intelligence among Orcs, it remains unchanged in being faithful to its lust. It’s scum that is said to use women as a sexual outlet rather than as a seedbed.

「Buhihihihi! Buhi,……―――」


The Orc King’s head, tumbled down.

With fresh blood already pouring out, the Orc King’s subordinates were disorderly, making an unsightly uproar.

「Though I don’t have any resentment against you guys……For the sake of Sherry-san’s love, die.」

Sherry-san = the beauty that is the village chief’s granddaughter

Uhahahaha! This is the ultimate high~!

With no chance of winning against me, who had become a slave of love, the Orcs were slashed apart while they made their “Buhi~” cries and shouts.


「Hey! Don’t run away! 」

As I was running to kick an escaping Orc to death, I found a fairly large entrance.

It looked like several adults riding piggyback on each other could easily enter it……It was as if it were a hole that was opened under the premise that the Orc King would go through it……

「NoOOO! Someone, anyonnne!!」

As I thought about it for several seconds, a woman’s shriek resounded from the room.

(So that’s it, if it was meant for the Orc King to enter, it’s a room for “that purpose”!!)

Having arrived at that answer, I went and entered that hole without hesitation.


What was there was, her worn clothes torn, the figure of a young girl that was about to be raped by several Orcs―――

*Buchi* (Snap)

The sound of something being torn off underground resounded in the room of this nest.

「Soul Desire!」

As the light that could dim a torch was being emitted my left hand and gathering as an aurora in my right hand, ”that” had manifested.

「In accordance with the ancient covenant, come forth, ―――」

It was a one swing sword. It was more than a long-standing friend,

「Alto Vreede!」

My oldest other half.

For the hero that was me, the one that lived together with me since before I was born in this world, my lifetime friend!

「You scummy shitty bastaaarrrddds!!」

The aurora, blew away the Orcs.

The storm of light that was caused just by swinging the sword had blown away the Orcs that were there, along with the nest.

「…………Ah, huh!?」

By the time I realized it, it was too late.  The former Goblin nest collapsed as if it were the final dungeon of a game.


Together with the rumbling sound raised by the collapsing nest, my shout was crushed.

The villagers of Callot Village were baffled.

It had been half a day since the black-haired young man that was said to have come to subjugate the Goblins had gone to hunt the Orcs that had stolen said Goblins’ nest and made it their headquarters.

The day was about to end and it was about time for the village to light their torches.

The village chief and the villagers worried about the safety of the young man with an unusual hair color that had probably been born in a different country. At a time when they were looking in the direction of the Orc nest out of worry, that happened.

From the direction of the Orc nest, a pillar of light had risen.

The pillar of light that looked just like it had the light of the sun confined in it illuminated the sky that had been dyed black and wrapped the area in midday-like light.

Just as that light had come to an end, this time, a violent rumbling of the ground happened.

The villagers that made a clamor of “Was this the omen of a natural disaster!?” were bewildered by fact that the rumbling of the ground had immediately stopped.

From then on, with no one saying anything, they all remained standing there.

And then, not knowing how much time had passed……At the village’s entrance, a person’s shadow could be seen.

The villagers that had been lit by the torches, maybe due to their eyes getting used to the brightness, knew the identity of the shadow before it could be lit.


It was the young man.

It was that black haired young man.

Looking closer, in his arms, covered in black clothing that was just like his hair and eyes that made you think it was just the night, was the figure of a girl.

「Someone, lend me a hand!」

From the voice that was reminiscent of youth and strong will, the villagers rushed over as if they were bursting out.

「She was on the verge of being raped in the Orc nest. She might be frightened by the presence of men. If possible, I’d like her to be treated only by women.」

A young girl that was covered only by a single piece of black clothing on top of her naked body……She was an elf. Having light green hair that was like fresh leaves, that pointed eared girl was smeared in mud.

No, it wasn’t just the young elf girl.

The young man that seems to have saved her was also covered in mud.

「Village Chief.」

Being called by the young man, the village’s chief took a step forward to the front of the crowd.

「Sorry. I exterminated the Orcs but there wasn’t a single Goblin. I went and failed the quest.」

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