Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – The Preceding Hero is Turned Away at the Gate?

Port City, Be Io.

It’s a port city that is belongs to the Claria region, similar to Luxeria and Lizwadia, and is a town that flourishes with its fishing and shipping industries.

Maybe due to the shipping around the world and the commerce, the modelling of the buildings of the town were really diverse, and the appearance of the lined up hodgepodge of western-style brick buildings and eastern-style wooden houses somehow gave me the impression of Earth’s Japan.
Though, within this other world, I think this is heresy.

「Still……I’m not finding any cat-eared or fox-eared Onee-sans.」

Ever since we arrived at Be Io, we haven’t met any cat-eared or fox-eared women. No, we haven’t met any of the guys either.
But, in place of that, the dog ears stood out.
Things like droopy eared dog-girls, or women that had wolf-like dog ears that stood straight up.

「They’re obviously dog-eared type people, aren’t they.」

No, I also like dog ear, you know? I like them but……for me who was expecting cat ears and fox ears, it feels like my shoulders are drooping a bit.

「Though you say that, your eyes won’t get away from the women walking down the road. As expected of you, Yashiro-san.」

「I guess.」

I won’t ask what was expected of me and I don’t want to hear it.

Now then, heading to Vodan-shi’s house while resisting the perilous mood, the three of us continued while getting information from the people walking about the town.
Not only did we ask about the Vodan Clan house, we also indirectly asked about the kidnapped Centaurs.
The result of that was that we learned the location of the Vodan Clan house.

「With there not being any eyewitnesses, I guess it’s certain that they were transported in a wagon or something in a large quantity…….」

We walked a pretty vast range and gathered information, but there was so little eyewitness reports on the Centaurs that we might as well say there wasn’t any.

「In the worst case, we might have to consider the possibility that 『auctioning has already finished』.」


When Bernadette muttered that, Kuushe tightly gripped her fists sounding mortified.

「……Well, it’s too soon to give up. Let’s go to Vodan-san’s house and try asking. They should understand the things about the town better than the ordinary people.」

Bernadette nodded at my words and Kuushe also reluctantly nodded while glaring at me.

She’s completely become a human-hater, hasn’t she. ……It, it’s not like she hate me, right!?

You’re definitely an Oyabun, aren’t you, Vodan-shi.

That was the first thing I said in my mind at the time we arrived at the Vodan Clan House.

If I had to call it something, it would be a 「palatial residence」, but what was strange about it was that right on the other side of the iron fence was an imposing building erected, and, within that, there was a western-style building erected.
The building on this side was probably something like an 「office」. Men in black suits and men with terrifying looks that were sloppily wearing kimonos were hanging about in its vicinity.
And then,

「……We’re really getting stared at, aren’t we.」


Seeming to be vigilant with all their strength, the 『members』’ gazes were pointed towards us for some time now.
And they weren’t eyes that were searching us.
They were hostility-filled eyes that seemed to say
「Want me ta take yer life!?」
In terms of sharpness, Kuushe surpassed them. But in terms of persistence, the people that were members were much, much higher.

「We won’t be bumped off for just making an inquiry to Vodan-shi, will we?」

「I, I don’t think even they would do that.」

I’m sure it won’t turn into a dangerous story where they’ll tell me to leave my head just for coming to ask a question. ……Probably.

「……M, men need to be brave! I’ll take the chances!」

「Oohh! Yashiro-san just said something manly! ……What is this? These palms that are projected out towards me. They seem to be wriggly moving but just what kind of gesture is this?」

「It’s to give me courage to take a step forward. More specifically, I’ll do my best if you let me rub you.」

「A palm to the cheek or a bullet to the head, please pick one.」

Man, even though there are two choices, the risk is too high for one of them. I’ll go for the palm without hesitation.
Well, since I don’t want any pain, I reluctantly put down my extended hands.
Still, 「It’s to give me courage to take a step forward」. Those were my words but weren’t they pretty good? Especially how it’s like a wise saying but also feels like a pick up line.

「Well then, I’ll be going.」

「These were the last words that Yashiro-san and I exchanged……」

「Don’t put in a narration that make it sound like I’ll die!」

Hitting Bernadette’s breasts, I walked towards the Vodan Clan house while Kuushe turned eyes that looked like she was watching pigs at a pig farm at me and while Bernadette became teary eyed from being hit and was shouting at me.

Starting with the conclusion, I wasn’t able to meet with Vodan-shi. It’s because I was turned away at the towering office that was acting like it was a checking station.

According to the receptionist Oji-san (He was a stern faced Wolfman with an eyepatch on his right eye), Vodan-shi was busy, and furthermore, it seems that they would let some guy of unknown background meet with him.
Even when I said that I came to deliver a bell while showing them the bell that I had received from Lizwadia’s headmaster, they didn’t believe me and, in the end, I was forcibly expelled by some Oji-sans that appeared from another room.

……Although I’m used to bloodlust and stuff, scary things are still scary. Honestly, I thought I was going to wet myself.

「But still, with this, we’re back at the starting point. And situation-wise, things have become more troubling than it was at the starting point…….」

We were attempting to reconfirm our current situation and take a break at the town’s Guild and bar. At that bar, with tankard filled with ordinary milk in one hand, Bernadette said that with a sigh mixed in.
It was because we couldn’t find a clue in the end. The reason being that our request for cooperation from Vodan-shi and so forth had come to nothing.

「As I thought, I was mistaken for having relied on humans.」

Lining two chairs up and placing the stomach of the horse lower half, Kuushe looked at me while displaying the subtly rare appearance that was a scene of how Centaurs sit down.

「To cut off a person’s good will like that, I can’t really call that sane. Well, Yashiro-san’s good will is mixed with lust though.」

Bernadette snapped at Kuushe’s words. ……Again, I’m happy that you followed up for me, but, as I thought, you still doubt me, don’t you? Damn it, why am I being treated like a pervert like this!


Maybe because she did feel a bit bad about it, Kuushe turned away and,


unclearly muttered that.

……Oh crap, I unintentionally started grinning. Man, to feel like this when given this kind of response, I just might be inclined to being a S.

「What’s wrong? You look disgusting, you know?」

「Can’t you say that in a bit kinder way!?」

To say such a rash remark while looking at me with eyes that look like she were looking at something strange, that is sure is new! I’ll keep it a secret that I was a bit thrilled.

「Still, we’re at a stalemate. I still think that we could manage if we were able to meet Vodan-san at least once.」

If I could directly hand over the Headmaster’s bell, I think we’d be able to manage things after but……I’m surprised that I was turned away at the gate.

「I guess we have no choice but to breakthrough from the front.」

Bernadette worried about it while twisting her neck. Hey hey, Onii-san is against such dangerous plans, you know.
……No, is it already to the point where we have no other hands to play other than that?

Just as we were worrying like that, suddenly,

*Boron*. *Bororon*.

we heard a peculiar sound.

「I have taken the chance to overhear your story. If I may, could I have a part in that plan of yours?」


Since the voice came from behind me, when I turned around to look, a tall man with a broad-brimmed black hat that had a richly colored feather decoration attached and wearing a high class looking mantle that was the same color as the hat was standing there.
The sound from earlier was probably a sound that came from the acoustic guitar that was held in that man’s arms.

And then, when I saw the appearance of that man, I reflexively stood up.


「It has been a while, my friend, Yashiro. I am happy that we could meet once again in this land.」

That tall figured man, Jean Jack Eustace pushed up his broad-brimmed hat with his finger and his splendid mask and blue eyes were displayed.

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