Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – The Preceding Hero is Easily Moved to Tears

Shocking fact! The Free City Galarie, was actually a town constructed on top of the sea!!

Come to think of it, it’s probably because I only kept on going on about how Lizwadia was my place of destination during my travels. There was no one to correct me by saying that Galarie was a town on the water.
Having my prior thoughts completely on my yearning for uniforms, I had forgotten about such an important fact.
And then, I was astonished that there weren’t any of those uniforms. I then only desired to amend that fact by producing them.

Now then, this is bring the story back but, having left the Headmaster’s room, I headed towards Doto-sensei’s class.
I had no choice but to give up on the models, but, even so, I still do want to see the uniforms that I had made be worn.
When I arrive in front of the class, I understood that it was a bit noisy.


When I came in while opening the door, the class was teeming with students wearing blazers and gym uniforms.

「It’s Shirou-sensei!」

When the males of the class notice me and shout, the students of the class simultaneously face my direction.
Hey, you got it wrong.

「Sensei! Is it true that Sensei was the one that made these uniforms?」

「I only did the clothes’ structure and the possible carved seal magic. The one that made them was that Spider Nee-chan that made the trip here.」

In response to the blazer wearing female student’s words, I pointed at the Ariadne-san who was getting excited in the middle of the classroom so much from the dressed up models in front of her that she could only continue with incoherent muttering.
Since her voice was so small that I couldn’t hear, when I tried reading her lips, it would seem that she was repetitively saying “Dis is da greatest, dis is da greatest”.

「What we wish to ask is about that carved seal magic, Yashiro-sensei.」

There’s only one person among my acquaintances that has a speaking style that reads “watashi” as “watakushi”.
Henrietta, who had her splendid golden vertical rolls today as well, appeared while walking up in front of me looking like she was pushing her way through the students.
Henrietta was also wearing a blazer.

「It’s a magnificent technique, Sensei. It isn’t to the extent of the abilities bestowed by the Magic Sword Blacksmiths but, the greatest advantage of being able to be continuously invoked without Maryoku consumption, is something that should receive the maximum praise in a different vector from the Magic Sword Blacksmiths!」

Henrietta said that looking like she was fully expressing her feelings.

「By all means, please become one of the official teaching staff of this academy, Yashiro-sensei! I, would like to accumulate my studies beside a Sensei with talent such as yourself!」

Just what is this child saying.


「Be at ease, Sensei. If by any chance you fall into a situation where you aren’t accepted, my country will pressure them and……」

「Really, just what in the world are you saying!?」

Things like pressuring them, seriously, just stop! Stop it~! Don’t fight over things for my sake~! It’ll totally turn into that kind of situation!

「Rather, since I won’t become a teacher, you don’t have to worry about it.」


When I said that, Henrietta displayed a surprised face.

「I am a wanderer that goes from journey to journey. Going where the wind blows, going where I feel like going, I am a vagabond that travels this world. ……Because I’m in the middle of a round-the-world trip with that kind of feel, I can’t.」

「……Is that, so. That is very, disappointing.」

Even while I make a wry smile, I feel sorry for Henrietta, who pulled herself back a bit, but I really can’t do it. I want to tour the world no matter what. Rather, since I don’t have any Maryoku, it’s probably unreasonable.

「Huh, come to think of it, where’s Alicia? I don’t see Eri and Mana either.」

Suddenly, when I notice that Alicia wasn’t around, as if connecting them together, I notice that the figures of the other two weren’t around either.

「Alicia-san has taken command of the maintenance of this Lizwadia’s protective barrier. We will eventually assist as well but because those two have unique abilities and equipment, they went to help in the repair work ahead of us.」

「That so. ……Then, I’ll be going.」

When I said that while lightly waving my hand, Henrietta once again made an astonished face.


「Are you leaving already?」

Looking closely, it wasn’t just Henrietta, even the other guys in the class were surprised. There were also people whose mouths were hanging open or had their eyes wide open.

「It’s because I had plans of being around for only about two weeks. If I don’t go soon, the time that I stay seems like it will drag out.」

When I say that, Henrietta brings her right hand out at me and,

「Thank you very much. Although it was for a very short time, I consider it a pleasure to have studied under Sensei.」

went and said something like that.


「Dam it, zaying zomeding like dat izn’t bair.」

「Se, Sensei!?」

Damn it all, even though I mostly came to Lizwadia for the purpose of uniform wearing schoolgirls, when told something like this……It’ll just make me thankful for having come here, won’t it!

「No, it’s not like this a final farewell. I’m in the same world as you guys. In that case, I’ll be able to see you almost immediately. After all, it’s not like I’m going back to “another world”!」
While persuading myself with words that I had once said to Lililuri, I sniffled.

「”See you later” guys!」

I was most likely covered with tears and mucus. But even so, I raised the corners of my mouth as high as I could, and I should have done a whole faced smile and a thumbs up.

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