Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 3

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Chapter 03 – The Preceding Hero’s Medicinal Plant Collecting

Troubling. This is really troubling.

As the explanation of the world for the summoned newbies ended, the day had also ended and had become tomorrow. In other words, we’re supposed to start taking actions as heroes from today on, but………

Troubling. This is really troubling.

The Pretty Boy jerk, Amagi Kaito, and his Pretty Boy-led harem army were overflowing with an amazing motivation for some reason.

No, I think I know. It’s because they’re measurements for magic didn’t range from 100 to 1000.

Even Pretty Boy-kun, who was the lowest, was at 7,000.

I mean, even someone like that shota had struck out with being at 15,000.

What crazy readings. It’s already passed Tactical-level and gone up to Hazard-level.

Eh? Who was the shota you ask? ……Man~, even I was surprised.

The cross-dressing girl that no matter how you look at her, all you could see was a girl.

Actually that girl……no, he was a guy.

I was enjoying their prided bathing room that was as vast as a regular onsen together with Pretty Boy-kun. But, from the chest to the hips, covering all of the precious areas with a towel, he appeared.

I was in a panic, but, after being told that he was a guy by the person himself and crying uncontrollably at the cruelty of the world after learning it, it became a good memory.

You could pretty much say “A young lady this cute couldn’t possibly be a girl”………

W-well, that’s enough of that aside.

The princess fainted in joy thanks to the astonishing numbers.

She finally got up after receiving the report that the amount I had possessed was zero.

That princess who had received applause from the Imperial Court Magicians from the start had gotten carried away.

It, it’s not like I’m in a rotten mood because I was treated like I didn’t happen or anything, ‘kay!?

…………*Gusun* (Sniffle).

Now then. In my current condition, my reason to be a hero has disappeared.

Well, seeing as how I’m retired, I’ll just leave the rest to Successor Hero-kun.

However, though the princess didn’t explain it, I don’t know the way to get back to the original world.

Just as I was wondering about what I should do, I suddenly remembered.

If I remember correctly, there should’ve been a mercenary’s or adventurer’s guild in this world.

One option available might be to join a guild, complete quests as I like, and live here peacefully………

Now that it’s been decided, I need quick and snap decision! Guess I should hurry up and ask the princess about it!

I was chased out.

Eh, what was up with this situation?

As soon as I said that I wanted to live by myself, I was thrown outside of the castle without even exchanging parting words.

……Well, I know~ that I might be an annoyance since I don’t have any magical power, but still. It’s your fault that I got dragged into all of this, you know?

I wasn’t even given any consolation money.

Well, whatever. Guess I’ll go and enjoy the other world life that I didn’t get to enjoy the last time. Let’s go on positively~!

Even the Second Princess said so.

「Your good point is how idiotically positive you are.」

is what she said.

…………*Gusun* (Sniffle).

Pulling myself together, the goal is the Adventurer’s Guild!

Aiming for a fortune all at once, I’m pushing forward.

「Hello there. Welcome to the Guild.」

I was met with a smile by a busty beauty.

Ma~n, with the reception girl being cute, the tension sure does rise!

「What is your business with us today?」

「I want to join the Guild. What do I have to do to join? 」

「Once you have cleared a quest that we have assigned you, your registration will be complete. The fees for the registration are not needed so please don’t worry about that. ……Will you take the quest? 」

The reception girl took out a single sheet of paper from under the desk.

「If you don’t mind.」

「Alright. First, I’ll need you to write down your name, age, and species on this paper please.」

Being handed the paper and a feather pen, I start writing by scribbling down some characters and then hand the paper back.

「Yuu Yashiro-sama, is it? ……Well then, this will be your guild card. This guild card is green. …It is the very first one, the color of the time of a temporary registration. The guild card responds to the guild’s ranking of red, blue, purple, copper, silver, gold, platinum, and black. It will change color in that order. After finishing a certain number of quests, only after receiving a permission for a promotion, you will be able to take a promotion quest. And if you clear that, your rank will go up. ……Do you have any other questions? 」

Taking the card that was handed to me, I shook my head.

「Alright. Then here is the guild registration quest. ……The quest is the [Medicinal Plant Collection] quest.」

The paper handed to me was something like a quest business paper where it mentioned, in detail, things like success conditions.

「In the Forest of the Fairies near the Capital, there are a lot of medicinal plant growing. The Forest of the Fairies is a safe place where monsters don’t appear so please go and collect some without any fear.」

I, who smiled at the end of the explanation, left the Guild in high spirits.

The Forest of the Fairies. It is currently known as one of the few areas that have the low-ranked wind spirit [Pixie], which has become a rare species.

Since Pixies favor humans, it is said that they have a characteristic of causing mischief on humans they particularly like.

「Ow, ow ow! Hey, don’t pull my ear――nhhi!? Just where are you trying to go into, dammit! 」

Yashiro Yuu, in the middle of great mischief.

At a height of about 20 cm and having transparent wings, these girls, the moment I entered the forest, started to play around with me by lightly pulling my hair and crawling into my clothes.

If one didn’t know that fairies only liked to play pranks on people that they liked, this is where they’d start hitting them down.

If you’re wondering why I’m so liked……It’s probably because they remember that I helped them once three years ago.

I had once saved this forest that was being invaded by monsters.

It’s nice being liked and all, but I’m not making any progress in medicinal plant collecting.

「Ah~, you guys. I’ll play with you later so get away from me a bit. It’ll be bad if I don’t collect these medicinal plants.」

Once I said that, the clustered together fairies completely stopped moving, and then separated all at once.

「Eh? ……What, what’s going on? 」

The Pixies scatter, looking like a spider’s web as they scattered.

It was then that I remembered one of the Pixies’ ecology.

Since Pixies are sensitive to the existence of monsters as a trait, once they sense a monster, they run away.

Which could only mean………a monster, huh.

Though busty reception girl-chan said that there weren’t any monsters, it’s a fact that, three years ago, this forest was swarming with monsters.

I put my right hand out in front of me.

I was ready to pull “it” out whenever. The moment that I see the monster’s appearance, I’ll cut it into three.

As I got infuriated, a shadow comes into my vision.

(Is it coming?)

Just as I was beginning to draw, I lowered my hand.


What I saw was the fairies carrying medicinal plants with both arms full………

「These guys are just way too cute.」

For these guys who went and collected the medicinal plants for my sake, I played with them until the sun set.

「It, it sure is an amazing amount, isn’t it.」

「Ahaha……Sorry about that.」

As I returned to the guild, carrying two arms full of medicinal plants that the fairies gave me, Busty-chan, aka busty reception girl nee-chan, answered with a cramped smile. Of course she would. It’s because it was an amount that, when placed on top of the reception table, Busty-chan’s field of vision would be obstructed.

With this huge amount, I wonder how many potions you could make with it.

「It’ll be 1 Forun copper coin for each medicinal plant bundle. With this amount, I believe that there will be too many copper coins for you to carry so would it be alright to pay you in silver coins and mineral coins?」

「That’s fine. Ah, also, do you guys have something like a coin bag that I can carry this money in? If I have to buy it then I don’t mind if you deduct it from the pay.」

「Yes. Our guild will prepare you a tool bag for 1700 Forun. Will that be alright? 」

If I remember correctly, a tool bag was a mysterious item that turns into a half fourth dimensional pocket using spatial magic, right?

1700, huh……Converting it into the real world, it’d be about 200,000 yen. ……I’ll buy it.

「Deduct it please.」

「Right. Then please have a seat in the chair to your right while you wait.」

From what I saw, the guild’s staff began to hastily carry the mountain of medicinal plants to the back in several piles.

Sorry for bringing back too much.

I did as Busty-chan said and sat in the open chair at the round table.

「You, what’s your name?」

I was called out to by a voice right at the same time that I took a seat. I took a look at where the voice came from.

As I did, there was a brown skinned healthy-type beauty (big-breasted) standing there.

「Me, I’m Yuu. Yuu Yashiro.」

「Fufu, I’m Tre. Looking forward to working with you, big-time newcomer.」

Saying that, Tre-san hit my shoulder and laughed. …….Th, this other world really is awesome.

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