Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 8

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Chapter 08 – The Preceding Hero Brings Her Along

I wanna die.

Someone, please kill me.

Kill me~! If it’s this world that only filled with despair, just hurry up and kill me~!!

Yeah, hey, hello. It’s everyone’s preceding hero, Yashiro Yuu.

If you’re wondering why I’m entering depression right from the very start, there’s actually a very deep reason for that.

It’s absolutely deep, you know~!! Sherry-san was married~ that’s all, you dumbass!!

……Gusun (sob). So this world was just Hell after all.

For me who is plunging down the path of carnage, women aren’t needed.

I want the mental strength to be able to reject them and say that right now.

Ah~, I’m refreshed after yelling. I was almost seriously about to enter depression, wasn’t I~.

I mean, it’s all because Sherry-san did give off that “next door neighbor college student-like Onee-chan that attracts men” scent, and, because of that, she pampered me, and she had big tits, and her butt looked like it would have a safe delivery, and she was a STRIKE in my preferences.

Well, I agree with that seductiveness of that which is called a married woman.

But still, that NTR feeling is nothing to laugh at. From now on, I won’t be reading those NTR-type pornos anymore……

Haa, not good, not good. I was about to enter depression again out of distraction.

It’s been five days since I saved the little Elf girl, Lililuri. Having kicked back and enjoying the slow life, I――…,

Hn? Why did you stand up? ……Yeah, you, the one in front of the screen.

Ah? ……”She was a little girl?” you say? Yeah, that’s right. She’s a flat as a board little girl. I didn’t say it before?

Well, that flat as a board part doesn’t matter. I’m not interested after all.

……Hn? What are you getting mad for? ……I mean, she’s a kid, you know? There’s no way I’d lust after a kid. If I did that, I’d be a pervert. Besides, I have an Onee-chan preference.

OK, OK. First of all, why don’t you put down that raised fist you’re swinging?

Then, let’s stop this conversation and get back to the main story. At this rate, it looks like it’d start an inclination disclosure meeting and become R-18.

Having leisurely spent those five days, I remembered the fact that I had failed the quest, and hurriedly left Callot Village.

That’s what I did, but,


*Hishi* (soft impact). Her clinging onto my leg, I wondered what I should do with this little Elf girl that had buried her face into my leg. It’d help of someone could tell me.

『Lililuri, ……It’d really help if you let go of my leg, you know……?』

『No~! I definitely won’t let go! 』

Even as I persuaded her in the Alexelia language, but Lililuri wouldn’t listen.

Someone, seriously, please help me.


Sh, Sherry-san!? …W, why are you in front of a heart broken brat………C, could it be…that Sherry-san really does like younger boys, kyaho~i!

「If Yuuya-kun is fine with it, I’d really like you to bring Lili-chan along.」

…………So it was nothing but a pipe dream. Sherry-san’s husband is a brawny muscular macho after all. He was the “I won’t let you wait long” type of husband. *Gusun* (sob).

「Wait, you mean, me?」

Remembering Sherry-san’s words, I get confused.

「Yes. ……It looks like Lili-chan has taken a liking to Yuuya-kun after all. ……And most of all, it’s because I’d feel relieved if she’s with Yuuya-kun.」

「Relieved, is it…?」

Sherry-san’s voice slightly shook with sorrow.

「……Lili-chan is still a child. ……And yet, it seems that she was travelling all alone.」


「I think she probably had an objective for going on a journey. ……But, if she were to journey like this, it’ll turn out the same way it did this time. ……But, if she were together with Yuuya-kun, that chance wouldn’t happen. ……Right? 」

It, it’s pointless for you to make such sweet gestures like that!

The erotic Onee-chan that I’d risk my life for if it were her request is married. In other words, even if you ask a plea that you could only ask your boyfriend, there’s no merit in it for m―――.

「Please leave it to me. I’ll protect her with my life.」

I’m so stupid! It’s because I’m such an honest person!

As I cringe at my own degree of naivety, when I look down at Lililuri who is clinging onto me,


*Ukyuu~n*, making an incomprehensible sound effect as if it were for a one-frame shot, Lililuri looked up at me.

Why are your eyes sparkling? Why is your face all red? Why are you hugging me even tighter~!?

Thus, the journey of the preceding hero and the little Elf girl began.

「So, without further ado, today’s the day that we go to the Guild.」

Running through the distance from Callot Village to Luxeria’s Capital that would take two days walking or one day with a horse in one hour, I head to the central district that has the Guild.

『Yuu, you’re really fast!』

Sitting on my shoulders was the overjoyed Lililuri.

I came to think about whether this girl was a big shot or not.

It was supposed to be a pretty serious running that wasn’t at “full power”, and yet I was surprised at how she unfazed by it.

Though I had once screwed around by being a Hero Express, the guys who carried me were ruined.

For me who had been banned from riding after spewing out vomit, at this girl who is laughing with no discomfort whatsoever,

「Lililuri…What a frightening girl!」

I trembled just remembering it.

「Well, we’re about to reach there anyway.」

「? ……Why, Ishrel language? 」

At me, who didn’t use Alexelia language, the spoken language of the Elves, and talked in the Ishrel language, Lililuri tilted her head and responded in the Ishrel language.

「The Alexelia language is rare around these parts. Since I don’t want us to be looked at as weird, Alexelia language will only be used when it’s basically just the two of us.」

「Got it. I’ll do that.」

Hearing the reason, Lililuri nodded in agreement.

Though there are better reasons than that, one of the reasons is that I want Lililuri to get used to using the Ishrel language.

The Ishrel language is the most widely used spoken language in this world. It will definitely be useful to her.

「And we’re he~re.」

「We’ve, arrived!」

Just as I was talking to Lililuri, we arrive at the guild. This really is the first time in five days that I’ve reported in.

When we entered in, from the established bar (it’s the opposite going by appearance) both men and women were making a ruckus while drinking sake.

Though they were fully equipped like they were before, with most of the sharpened-like atmosphere, it was in a different state than it was in before.


Thinking that, I put Lililuri down and hand my guild card to the short-haired receptionist girl. It doesn’t seem to be Busty-chan today. That’s a bit disappointing.

「Yuuya…No, Yuu Yashiro-sama, correct?

Congratulations. Since it has been determined that Yuu Yashiro-sama possesses considerable ability, it would seem that you are now able to accept the promotion quest for C rank.」

Even in the noisy clamor of the bar, her words had clearly reached my ears.

「………Eh, …Ehh~? …I, I, was an E rank, right? So why would I suddenly be able to get to C rank? 」

If I’m not mistaken, what comes after E should be D, right?

Huh? Am I mistaken? ……I’m not good with English so I’m not so sure, you know!?

「Yuu Yashiro-sama had single handedly conquered and destroyed the Orc nest which had been after Phase 3. The guild has not recognized this as an achievement by a semi-guild member, but as a promotion for a regular guild member. Therefore, Yuu Yashiro-sama is currently rank D. Thus, it became a situation in which you possess the right to accept C rank promotion quest.」

…………Oh, so that’s it.

In short……They want to pull me into the war.

Well, since there’s nothing that says that I have to take it right now, so I guess I’ll take it easy and go.

「Hmm~. ……So, by the way, what D rank quests are there right now? 」

That reminds me, even though my objective is to go on a journey, where exactly should I go?

A southern country resort might be nice. If I remember correctly, there’s a free city that has a really huge arena in the middle of the continent. If I get the prize money from there, I’d be able to live in comfort~, yes I would~.

And my ideas that I imagined after that had been blown away by the next few words that the Receptionist Onee-san gave me.

「………Th, the case this time is a special case for the guild. The only quest that Yuu Yashiro-sama can accept is the [Subjugation of a pair of Basilisks] promotion quest……」

I’m sure that even the Onee-san understood that it was obviously ridiculous. Trembling, she said the name of the quest in a cracked voice.

Oi oi, a Basilisk……That’s a dragon species that possesses the Wicked Eyes of Petrification, you know!!?

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