Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – The Preceding Hero Decides His Destination

「There is no way such a thing will be allowed.」

Saying that, the charmingly slanted eyed Zelga Ul Helcrozé Largruka Felcasio Clarturé-sensei made a swift decision and refused my and Ariadne-san’s, who thought that there was no time like the present and tried asking, request.


「Don’t “Eh~” me!」

When Ariadne-san and I did some booing, making her sharp eyes even sharper, Zelga-sensei’s angry voice resounded in the Headmaster’s room.

That’s right, this is the Headmaster’s room.

「Hoho. I had thought that was a pretty excellent idea though.」


「Hiii! I, I oppose this as well, Yashiro-kun!」

The Headmaster, who was stroking his white, splendid moustache, received Zelga-sensei’s cold gaze and opposed while trembling all over.
You can’t really tell which one is the superior authority.

「To begin with, why would I, a teacher, have to try on the uniforms of the students?」

Those are some very reasonable words. If I were to answer her in all honesty, she probably wouldn’t wear them without a doubt. Following my deep worrying, I answered.

「Something like a Sensei wearing a student’s uniform, isn’t that wonderful?」

「It’s rejected.」

Oh~ no~!! I had tried to revise it in various ways (all in the form of questions), but it’s a wonder how in the end it became a super straight ball!

With eyes that seemed as if they were looking at pigs of a pig farm, Zelga-sensei sent out a rejection.
Damn it, glaring at me with such fine eyes……That’ll just get me thrilled, won’t it!

Next to me, who was getting excited, Ariadne-san groaned with uniform in hand.

「Hey, Yuu. Ya know? I think I came up wit’ somethin’ good but, ya wanna hear it?」

「Haa haa……That’s good, more……despise me more, wait, what? What’s up, Ariadne-san?」

「Sorry ta say dis while yer aroused an’ all but ya know? It’s jus’ as dis Sensei says, these uniforms ‘re things tha’ da students’ll wear.」

For some reason, it was a meek faced Ariadne-san. Fumu, could it be some serious talk?

「Fumu. So what?」

「It’s about da model matter but, can’t we jus’ ask da student’s here?」


「So in other words, rather than an Onee-sama with a sexy body, you want to have kids model?」

「Tha’s righ’.」

“Tha’s right’”, Ariadne-san, you know the reason why I got excited, don’t you!

「If it is like that, I don’t have any problems. It’s not like it’s been decided that we’ll accept them, and it would be good to listen to the student’s requests as well.」

Huh, Zelga-sensei, aren’t kind of eager?

「How does that sound, Headmaster.」

「Hoho, that does sound pretty interesting. ……Very well! It has been decided! Dotorangé-sensei, let us have the students try them on immediately. For the models……let me see, how about having your class, the ones that Yashiro-kun knows of, do this?」

「Right. I support this as well. Let’s get started without delay.」

Whoa, that surprised me. Doto-sensei, even though your face is absurdly scary, since your presence is also absurdly thin. I thought that you weren’t here.
Wait, things are somehow gradually proceeding!? At, at the very least, I need to make a trajectory adjustment so that it becomes the upperclassmen glamour girls!!

「U, um……」

「Ariadne-san, was it? I shall guide you to the classroom.」

「Ohh! In tha’ case, let’s get a move on.」

The clothes-loving Ariadne-san folded her arms and took the path of defeat of the current situation. Actually, seeing as how I was the only one being selfish about the model, looking at it from Ariadne-san’s point of view, I have no doubt that she just wants to the clothes she had made worn as quickly as possible.

Doto-sensei and Ariadne-san went ahead and transferred with just the two of them.

Huh? I was left behind.
Eh, eh? Why?

When I was thinking that, the Headmaster’s unnatural cough resounded in the room.

「Now then, Clarturé-sensei, may I have you exit the room as well?」

From those words that were said with a light tone, Zelga-sensei reacted in an amusing way. She opened her eyes wide open and stopped moving.

「……Headmaster, I, your minister’s secretary, have the duty to protect you.」

However, in an instant, Zelga-sensei responded with the usual interaction. ……Zelga-sensei, so, not only were you a teacher, you also possessed the secretary attribute! No wonder the short mini-skirt (with a slit) fit you so well.

「Hoho, Clarturé-sensei. ……You have no right to veto. Exit the room.」

Completely changing from the gentle tone of voice to how he was at the time he named himself to Bernadette, with a low voice, the Headmaster made an “order” to Zelga-sensei.

「! ……Yes.」

When he did, Zelga-sensei moved her eyebrows with a twitch, and transferred away.

「My apologies, Yashiro-kun.」

「Ah, no, please don’t mind me.」

Well, even if he suddenly apologizes like that, it’s troubling. Actually, what did he do wrong? I tilted my head and worried about it, but my thoughts were interrupted right there.

「No, maybe I should call you……Darkness Executioner.」

When the Headmaster pulled a single sheet of stationary that mark that imitated a pocket watch stamped on it out from his breast pocket, I stopped from those words the Headmaster said.

「Hoho. You do not have to be on guard like that. I simply wished to express my gratitude.」

「……I, didn’t really do much.」

I understand that the reason he had Zelga-sensei leave the room was to keep my true identity a secret, but, all the same, I was surprised since it was so sudden. To not put up my guard is an impossibility.

Now then, this is bringing the conversation back on track but, that’s right. I don’t remember doing anything that was worth being told that kind of thanks.
The most that I stood out in was pretty much the cleaning up of the Dragon Zombies. After that, most of it was done by Pretty Boy-kun.

「Hoho. You certainly are admirable, just as how it said in this letter she had sent.」

The Headmaster laughed while stroking his pure white handlebar mustache. A letter, is it……In Baba-chan’s case, since it seems like she’d actually be able to foresee even that, it’s kind of scary.

「According to the letter, I have heard that you are aiming for Galarie but, there is no mistaking this, correct?」

「Yeah, pretty much……Wait, what did you say? It was written?」

「Umu. It was written.」

When I had him let me skim through the letter, there really was a sentence that said 『Since he’s headed to Galarie, I want you to accommodate him』!
Damn it! She perfectly read that I was going to Galarie!
Even though I thought that I outwitted her this time!

「At this time, there are probably almost no available boats that are going to Galarie. It will be a bit of a detour but, in the port city called 『Be Io』, there is a man called 『Vodan』 who is acting as town mayor. I will send him a letter. He will at least probably lend you a single boat.」

The Headmaster laughed with a Hoho while stroking his moustache.

With this, I have a mean to travel to Galarie! ……Wait, what was that?

「Eh, you need a boat to get to Galarie?」

「Hoho, ……Huah!?」

「Eh, ……You can’t get there by land?」

「U, under what pretext did you believe that you could reach that 『Metropolis of Water』 by land!?」

The Headmaster conversely questioned my question.

E, even if you tell me that, there is a map in my tool bag (a fourth dimensional one), and on that map, it’s pretty much a straight path to Galarie so……HA!

「It couldn’t be! ……Daaaahh!! That really was the case!」

Taking out the map from the bag, I tried warming it up with the flame of a nearby candle.
When I did, as if blue ink had spilt onto it, a sea had spread out from the town of Galarie on top of the map.

There was a mechanism similar to the ones used on maps that pirates often used to denote the location of their hidden treasure.

There’s no mistake that the one who prepared this map was probably one of the people that Baba-chan’s son handled. No, thinking back on it, it was probably the receptionist, Busty-chan. She probably did it in a “『Witch of Time』’s devotee” sense or something. Though I’m not really sure how all of that works.
This is likely to be Baba-chan’s practical joke. Damn it, it’s great that things turned out to be headed in a good direction in the end but, in the worst case, I might have moved about in confusion from the sea that would have been in front of me and in the end would have ended crossing the sea with my own body.

The appearance of Baba-chan laughing a bold *Kushi kushi* laugh suddenly crossed my mind. Just the fact that I can easily imagine that appearance is scary.
Rather, wasn’t how she was no longer able to see the future a complete lie? She kind of vigorously hit the mark right there. Didn’t she just read my actions in detail?

「No matter how many times I taste it, I really don’t like this feeling of being manipulated.」

Even three years ago, I had gone around more than half of the world in order to undo the Sacred Sword’s seal but during that time, just how many times did I take Baba-chan’s pranks.

「Hoho. It would seem that the misunderstanding has been cleared. 『Free City Galarie』, also known as the 『Metropolis of Water』, just as that name implies, it is a town said to be a scenic beauty for being a town located on top of the water. In other words, if you are planning on going to Galarie, a boat is required, correct?」

「Yeah, pretty much.」

For a regular human that is.
Ah, no, I’ll be going on it, you know? Since I’m technically hiding the fact that I’m the Hero and pretending to be an ordinary person, I’ll be using the means of transportation that normal people use, you know? I won’t be doing something like running on top of the water, you know? Besides, since that is surprisingly hard to do, I can’t do it.

「Well then, might I ask you to deliver this to 『Vodan』, the town mayor of 『Be Io』? If you do, that man probably might also place you on a boat.」

What the Headmaster pulled out from his breast pocket was a small box that opened and closed like a box that an engagement ring would go in.

Inside, there was a golden……


「Umu. Since that guy’s child is close to their coming of age, it is a congratulatory gift for that.」

The Headmaster laughed merrily with a Hoho.
To be giving a bell as a coming of age present, that sure is maniac, oi.
Well, if I think about it a little, they’re probably of the therianthropic Cat Tribe or Fox Tribe. I’ve heard that the therianthropics of this world will definitely have a certain item that bonds them to their tribe, though it varies according to the various tribes.
It’s a choker if it’s the Dog Tribe, it’s a headband if it’s the Tiger Tribe. Maybe for a part of the Oni Tribe, it would be a loincloth (comparatively, it would seem that the tribe of the gentle Oni is included as a therianthropic).

That would mean, that Vodan person who would be the father is probably either one of the Cat Tribe or the Fox Tribe.
Furthermore, in a town governed by a therianthropic person, it’d be easy for those of the same tribe as the one governing to gather.

In other words, there should be many of the cat-eared Onee-sama or fox-eared Onee-sama types! Mainly because I’m tired of the life of a faithful dog and because knew of it from prior experience, I was honestly happy about this information.

「That task, by all means, please leave it to me!」

Saying that, I undertook an errand mission that is peculiar to other worlds.

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