Cat K

Alternative Name: 고양이K
Author: 뜅굴이/Ddwingguri (Rolly)
Artist: –
Category: Korean Web Novel, Boys Love, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Status: Ongoing
Translator(s)/Translation Group: itikky
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I am cat K.

Born and raised in a country called South Korea, a person of noble lineage of the “Park” family. Finding myself in an unfamiliar world and under the spell of a witch, I am a victim of misfortune.

But pay no heed to my circumstances. Because now, I am not a son of the noble “Park” family, nor the “Blackie” of the old witch; I am merely lone-spirited cat K. Nothing more and nothing less.

「And with a kiss, I may transform into a man by night…」



Chapter 1.1 (Coming Soon)

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