Cat K | Chapter 22.1

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Chapter 22.1



I yawned slightly and blinked my eyes. Each time I closed my eyes, I felt like I would pass out right there and fall asleep. I miscalculated. No matter how much I had to do, I should have napped sufficiently. As I estimated the time, I rubbed my eyes with my paws.

Seeing Sugar Prince’s regular breathing, he was most likely already asleep. But I patiently waited for the night to become deeper. Because if Sugar Prince woke up in the middle of it, it would be a huge predicament.

Even if my Sugar Prince was kind and gentle, wasn’t he first and foremost the Crown Prince? No matter how I thought about it, I didn’t think that suddenly turning human would leave me unharmed. Nine out of ten, I would be dragged off by the guards and thrown into the dungeon. If I were to be trapped in such an unsanitary place, I wouldn’t be able to bear it.

I thought now was as good a time as any and slowly stood.

Seeing the sleeping Sugar Prince’s lips, my heart thumped. If I just went and pressed my lips to those, would I become human? Seeing the situation yesterday, there was a decent chance. But it wasn’t something I could be certain about. I would have to check again to make everything clear.

I didn’t know if I had become human due to headbutting Sugar Prince’s lips, or if I had become human in that moment because the witch-hag’s curse had gradually worn off. Perhaps I could just become human at night. I would have to verify the specific reason in small, steady steps, but there was one thing I had to verify immediately.

I checked once more that Sugar Prince was deep asleep and slowly pushed my face towards him. I gulped at the tension. As I saw his lips come closer and closer, I somehow felt guilty. It wasn’t even my intention, and I wasn’t acting with some weird, perverted thoughts, but wasn’t I stealing someone’s lips without them knowing?

I hardened my resolve and, closing my eyes tightly, pushed my muzzle forward.



>///< Sorry for the short chapter! Lol I don’t like uploading partial chapters, but I know I will stay busy with APs and finals and prom and stuff, so I wanted you guys to have at least something… I am going to graduate in less than a month! But at the same time I am 100% done with senior year and really don’t want to think about organic chemistry any more…


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