Cat K | Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


No matter how I look at it…

Simon looked at the black cat, a puzzled expression on his face. The Crown Prince’s cat was walking with the same haughtily lifted chin. Lofty and dignified, it looked as if it were a general returning triumphant from the battlefield. However, after following the cat for some time, Simon could now deduce the once proudly upright tail, waving like a flag, was gradually wilting.

From the moment Simon began to shadow it, the cat exuded an air of confidence. Padding delicately down the middle of the walkway, rather than getting out of the way when it encountered a noble or noblewoman; it stood in place, nonchalant, and looked at them pointedly, as if to say 「Me, move? You should be moving out of my way.」

Though problematic behavior from a human, as a cat, the people just laughed and gladly stepped aside. While the people made way, the cat turned up its nose and continued walking gracefully, smack dab in the middle of the walkway.

The cat, who had been walking oh-so confidently, suddenly stopped. Simon found himself mildly impressed with the cat’s keen senses, as it nearly found its way to the conference room the Crown Prince was in. But after it came to a halt and took in its current surrounding, the cat began to act strangely. It turned as if to start walking back the way it came, but froze. Then, it began walking in a straight line. If it came to a dead end, it turned right and began walking straight in that direction. If its path was blocked again, it once more turned to the right and walked straight. The cat had already been walking in this pattern for an hour. Without a doubt, the cat was lost. There was no other explanation for why it had been going in circles in the same garden for all this time.

Who would’ve thought? A lost cat. And in this palace which has no high walls or hedges, either.

It defied common sense. An impossible situation.

Although it seemed small and fragile, the cat was a wild animal. There was no way it could have such a terrible sense of direction. To add to that, it hadn’t even noticed him following it for the longest time.

The cat suddenly stopped. Simon guessed it had finally gotten tired. The cat stood still and looked toward the sky. Strangely, seeing the cat stare vacantly at the sky, the thought that it was pitiful entered his mind. The cat’s chest expanded and deflated quickly. A sigh. The sighing cat opened its mouth suddenly and started crying in a loud voice.




How long had I been calling at the top of my lungs? I started worrying that my neck would be sore afterwards, but I then saw Sugar Prince in the distance. There were many humans buzzing about, but my eyes immediately picked out Sugar Prince’s face. Staying right where I was, I cried once to Sugar Prince, Nyaaong—

Sugar Prince came to me. As he walked, the people made way for him. Arriving directly in front of me, he stretched out his arms and lifted me up easily. As I was dangling in the empty air, I looked into Sugar Prince’s golden eyes and was overwhelmed by a feeling of sulkiness.


Why did you only come now?! I could have died of a sore throat! Are you going to take responsibility if I die? Huh?!


The humans around us cried out as I clawed at his forearm and threw a tantrum. I glared at Sugar Prince with a look of betrayal. I was convinced by my own words. It was definitely Sugar Prince’s fault. If I call him he should come immediately.

“… …”

Still held in Sugar Prince’s hands, I was huffing and puffing, but Sugar Prince’s golden eyes slowly moved their gaze downward. Tracing his line of sight, he was looking at the spot I had scratched him. Blood was beading and flowing down his arm from the open cut. Having registered his wound, Sugar Prince turned his gaze back to look at me.


Hissss—! Hiss—!

…what, what?! What are you staring at me for! You gonna th-throw me or something?!

Even as I made a fuss, swinging my sharp claws in empty air, there was no reaction. Seeing the golden eyes expressionlessly gazing at me, I sheathed my claws. I hadn’t stopped throwing a fit because I was scared or anything. It was just that I was concerned my gentle and kind Sugar Prince would get hurt if I got too wild.


“Your Highness. Are you alright?”

I didn’t know when he had come, but Simon approached Sugar Prince and asked him this. The way Simon looked at me, somehow I got the idea that he wanted to skin me then and there. I suddenly became slightly concerned. Sneaking a look at Sugar Prince, he was still silent. He was just looking at me dangling in the air. I glanced at his arm, and blood was still leaking from the wound.

…the heck. Are you mad? A guy being angry over something so petty?

In any case, it seemed Sugar Prince had been greatly shocked. I really couldn’t figure out how he was mad. It was ridiculous that he could get so mad just because he was scratched on the arm, and he didn’t consider it his own fault either! I wanted to talk reason into him, but, unfortunately, I was a cat. I couldn’t speak.


I swallowed my pride and decided to apologize. Certainly not because I had done anything wrong, and it wasn’t because I was scared Sugar Prince would throw me in his rage, either. Only because I was worried the naive and kind Sugar Prince would suffer from shock.


I cried out tenderly and, turning my head, started licking the wound on Sugar Prince’s forearm. I was quite anxious to be licking a wound that hadn’t even been disinfected, but it was the Crown Prince, was it not? There was no way he would have dirty germs or diseases.

After a couple licks, when I snuck a glance at him, his golden eyes were gazing at me intently. I pretended to lick with more enthusiasm. But that only lasted for a second, because my stomach churned at the thought of doing this for much longer.

Blegh. Blood tastes gross. Like I’m sucking on a rusty coin. Blegh. Blegh.

Sucking on my uncomfortable tongue, I looked at him innocently. I channeled the scene I had seen on the internet of Puss in Boots begging, and I tried my best to imitate it.

Are you still mad? Really mad? Surely you’re not going to throw me? Are you gonna beat me up? Are you going to be mad at this adorable and nice cat? Really?

I looked at him with innocent and sparkling eyes, and Sugar Prince finally pulled me into his embrace. I stuck tight to his chest and let out a sigh of relief. Yes. Of course this nice guy wouldn’t throw me. I worried about nothing.

Seeing the wounds on Sugar Prince’s forearm, I suddenly felt apologetic.

Getting lost had been my fault, not his. It seemed I would have to compensate Sugar Prince a bit today. I’ll even perform the adorable and affectionate acts I had held back on for the sake of my pride.

I rubbed my head against the chest of Sugar Prince, who was now walking with me in his arms, and acted cute. I felt my face burn from acting shamelessly cute, but I bore with it.


Nyaang— Nya—

Sugar Prince. Sugar Prince. My legs hurt and I’m thirsty and I’m hungry.


While acting all cute, I meowed and whined about my hardships, and Sugar Prince stroked my head. He ordered the manservants following us to fetch me food and drink. I really wondered if this guy could understand what I was saying.

Anywho, I learned something important today. There’s an old proverb that says “you suffer once you leave home.”* In my situation, it was more like “you suffer once you leave Sugar Prince.” A cat like me – who had been raised, pampered, and taken care of – really couldn’t be allowed to suffer or experience hardships. Resting my weary body in Sugar Prince’s reassuring embrace, I decided that I would bring this guy along wherever I went from now on.


Sugar Prince. Don’t leave me on my own from now on, alright?

As I bumped my paws on his chest, he stroked my head. I didn’t know if he understood me or not, but it didn’t matter. Since Sugar Prince would listen to what I had to say, as he had always done.


*  T/N – this is supposed to mean something like “there’s no place like home,” but lmao this cat like to use proverbs wrong



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