Cat K | Chapter 31

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Chapter 31






The heck. You’re no fun.

Simon was just squatting there with a dumb expression on his face, as I nudged his knee once again. 



As expected, there was no response. He seemed completely dispirited.

It was the first time in quite a while that I was going out of my way to play with him, but his state was totally blegh. I didn’t know what in the world had reduced this guy to this state.

Imon-ah. Let’s plaaaay.

As I tapped his knee again, his gaze finally swept down to look at me. I tilted my head at Simon, who looked like he could burst into tears at any moment. He looked at me blankly for a moment, then suddenly scrunched up his face and heaved out a sigh.

“Elena, she…”

Hm? Elena? That handkerchief girl?

“Elena is getting married.”

Simon ducked his head towards the ground again. I looked about the room. Julia and the other maids were not here. What a relief. That they didn’t have to see the disgraceful condition of this mountain of a guy. If Julia had seen it, her eyes might have rotted.

I looked at Simon briefly with pitying eyes.

I had gone through so much trouble and even stolen her handkerchief for him, but I didn’t realize that he hadn’t done his part of the job. This mountain-like guy couldn’t even bring himself to confess once, and so now he was acting pitifully like this. What a headache.


At Simon’s mumbling,  I finally lost it and threw a punch at that guy’s head. But perhaps because he was so sturdy, even this blow to his head garnered no response. I considered hitting him again but decided to hold it in. There was no need to exert myself just to hit this walking boulder.

But as I continued to quietly watch him, he suddenly came to the brink of tears. Heol.

If I only had hands, I would have grabbed his collar and given him a good shake. Such a shame.

…hey. Imon-ah.

Even when I tapped his head with my paw, no response.

Hey. Look at me.

Even when I poked at his cheek, no response.

I quietly withdrew my paw.

With the way he was squatting, he looked like an idiot, but even so he was a bit pitiful.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely his own fault that he was just a simpleton with only a large body. He couldn’t help this nature he was born with. Everyone just went on living with whatever they were born with. Thinking about this guy’s future, I let out a pitying sigh. He was the kind who would live under the tight grasp of his wife even after getting married. Tch.

I turned away from the guy.

Let’s see…which drawer was it again?

I went over to the cabinet on one side of the room and, rifling through my memories, bit the handle of the second drawer. Then I pulled the drawer open with all my strength.

I pushed my head into the barely open drawer and could see the basket Julia had put there before. I picked up one of the gold coins that was inside the basket in my mouth and pulled my head out.

I went back to the still-squatting Simon and put down the gold coin in front of him. Then I tapped his knee with my paw.


Here. I’ll give you this, so buy yourself a snack.

Simon looked at the gold coin at his feet with a vacant stare. I sighed and nudged the gold coin with my paw, pushing it towards him.

Even the deepest wounds fade over time, so eat some snacks and lift your mood for now.

He alternated glances between the gold coin and me, and his eyes blinked slowly. And with a trembling voice, he asked,

“…are you giving this to me?”

I nodded my head and meowed, Nyaang.

But then, what’s this? The guy took the gold coin, clutching it tightly in his hand, and his eyes reddened. He looked almost about to cry. He really must not get any pocket money normally at home. Seeing him on the verge of tears from getting just one gold coin, I began to pity this guy a lot. Of course, there were said to be grampas who didn’t give out pocket money to their children and grandchildren no matter how rich their family was, but still…

…it shouldn’t be that he wasn’t able to take her out on a date because he didn’t get pocket money, right?

As I kept observing him, I was surprised to notice that he was looking at the gold coin with strangely affectionate eyes as he stroked it. Heol. Was he really unable to buy the girl presents and take her out on dates because he was short on pocket money? I looked at Simon with a newfound pity that suddenly swelled up inside me. This poor guy.

Hah, fine. This hyung-nim is feeling generous today.

I went back to the cabinet, picked up another gold coin, and placed it in front of Simon. At that, he picked it up and held a gold coin in each hand as he tearfully said, “Butterfly.”

Somehow, I felt my own eyes prick with tears, and I patted the guy’s shoulder.


Heh. That’s how the world is. So now let’s go have fun.  (ed: Big bro K’s all set to take a heartbroken Imon-ah out for a night in town to drown his worries in a saucer of milk. ^.^ )





Simon is back! rip the poor guy tho…getting married…damn…

Anyways, I’m sorry to leave you guys without anymore SP+K, but, as you might know, school is starting soon. Unfortunately, I have a special/intense orientation week for a program I am participating in at my university, and I will be MIA for AT LEAST 2 weeks. The week after that, classes start, and since I will be adjusting to college life and courses, I am unsure if I will have time to translate. That being said, I know what it’s like to be on series-withdrawal, so I will work hard to get back on track ASAP. I am very excited that we are around the halfway point for the first volume of Cat K (counting the extra chapters), and I hope you guys will wait for me!



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  10. Anonymous says:

    This story is so cute! I am really looking forward to seeing what happens when K gets his ‘secret’ found out 😂 I have a nearly all black cat, and I wanted to post a picture, but I don’t know if it is even possible. He has only one little tuft of white on his chest.

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