Cat K | Chapter 12.2

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Chapter 12.2


In any case, it felt nice to come outside after such a long time. Once the bandages were removed, my body felt like it could fly. My body itched to immediately run and jump here and there. With how I was feeling right now, I felt like I could jump about 2.5 meters into the air from my spot on the ground. As promised, Sugar Prince didn’t even use the feather to play with me because I had been injured. He stroked me a lot instead, but I needed exciting play as well. Today, the bandages had finally been taken off, so I was hoping he would play with me this evening. If, by any chance, he didn’t play with me today either, I was prepared to put teeth marks on Sugar Prince’s fingers.

As we arrived at the meeting room, I leaped to the floor.

As I followed Sugar Prince into the room, I turned and saw Simon’s shoulders sagging. It wasn’t nice to see such a huge guy so lifeless. Well, as a knight, Simon’s master was Sugar Prince, but he would definitely feel down when Sugar Prince was ignoring him and blowing chilly winds towards him.

…Hey. I did you a favor.

I stopped in my tracks and turned to walk back to Simon. Sugar Prince, who had noticed I wasn’t following him, looked behind him. I sat next to Simon and meowed towards Sugar Prince, Nyaang

Sugar Prince. Ill be playing with Simon, okay? Hes so pitiful.

His pretty golden eyes hardened ever so slightly. It seemed he didn’t like it. But I met his gaze bluntly and expressed my determination. Sugar Prince ultimately turned and disappeared inside the meeting room alone. The slight concern that he was sulking snuck into my mind, but it couldn’t be helped. Since even Sugar Prince needed to experience loneliness in order to appreciate my importance.

As soon as Sugar Prince completely disappeared into the room, Simon’s expression turned melancholic. Such a huge guy wearing a gloomy expression was extremely unpleasant. With just his expression, he looked as if the girl he had been doggedly chasing had kicked him hard with all her strength. I hoped he would glare at me or snort at me when Sugar Prince was gone, but he didn’t do that either. What a dilemma. If this Simon guy kept being like this, what entertainment would I live for? If I didn’t hear his huffing and puffing, my tongue might be stuck with thorns. Seeing Simon looking like an abandoned puppy, I tapped his calf with my front paw(s).

Cheer up, man. This is the way the world works.


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Whether he understood my words of encouragement or not, Simon let out a small sigh. This guy, for some reason, I think it’ll be hard to comfort him by normal means. After pondering it for a while, I made up my mind. I would fulfill the kind act I started properly.

Nyang nyang

Hey. Follow me.

I called Simon with just two short, forceful cries. Then, I gestured at him with my head and turned around. After a couple of steps, I looked back and, seeing how he was still standing there, had to call him again. In any case, Simon started to follow me.


“Ehem, hem.”

Simon, who was following behind me as I walked silently, fake-coughed awkwardly. I guessed his thoughts without much trouble. The Crown Prince’s most trusted knight following a cat around like a lost duckling wasn’t saving face. To add to that, he must have been following me, wondering what I was up to. But I just kept walking without answering. Because I couldn’t just be a nice guy.

I traced the path I hadn’t been able to walk on for an entire week and arrived at my destination. With my front paw, I scratched at the wall in front of me and looked at Simon. Catching on quickly, Simon quickly pushed the secret door and flung it open, looking at me with a gaze that asked what the heck I was planning.

Keke. This hyung-nim  is about to show you a whole new world.

I sent a small grin at Simon and stepped into the narrow passageway. In just a few moments, Simon’s depression will disappear without a trace.



Gasping sharply, Simon covered his mouth with his hand. I tap-tapped on Simon’s calf with my tail.

Hey. Why are you being like this? Like an amateur. If were caught, Im the one wholl live while you dieee

He probably hadn’t understood what I said, but he frantically quieted his breathing as if he was thinking the same thing. Listening to the quickening pace of Simon’s breathing, I stole a glance into the room.

‘I’m so frustrated I could die! I starved myself so that I could lose weight, but the only fat that went away were my breasts!’

A beautiful 95 point maid grasped her breasts and grumbled. My eyes went to the chest she was clutching, about to explode. If that had gotten smaller, I didn’t know how big they had been before.

‘I’m also in trouble trying to lose weight. Look at how bloated my thighs are!’

A 97 point maid hiked up her skirt and stroked her thigh. At the sight of her completely bared, white legs with only the most important region covered, Simon’s breathing became a degree rougher. I myself wasn’t panting like him, but I could completely understand Simon’s feelings. The guy had completely cast off any depression or gloominess, and now an energy was burning up from every corner of his body. Of course, there was nothing better to revive a wilting man than this. Looking at Simon with satisfied eyes, I told myself I would have to bring him here every once in a while.

Simon, who had been enjoying the scene inside the room, suddenly looked at me. I met Simon’s eyes blankly. We exchanged glances wordlessly for a while. We didn’t need words between us anymore. Any misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and awkwardness disappeared like melting snow. From this moment, Simon and I became friends who shared the brotherhood of true men. I couldn’t bear the sticky, gooey feeling of his friendship with me and turned my gaze back to the room. As Simon’s breathing grew heavier, our comradeship only grew deeper.


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