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  1. Silver Seikyoku says:

    AHhh!! I finally found a comment box! So! Hello!

    In the most recent chapter of Cat K (21) , I see this? “My grandpa laughed heartily, saying his poop puppy was cute, and gave me a thumbs up”

    Poop puppy…?

    • itikky says:

      wow I don’t check my own translator page much, so I only just saw this. I believe I included a note on the term in one of the later chapters, and I hope this is clearer for you now? Just in case, the term is affectionately insulting(?) if that makes sense. A poop puppy is a dirty, good-for-nothing dog, but the gramps here is calling K this in an affectionate way. It’s kinda also calling him spoiled and good-for-nothing as well.

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