Cat K | Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

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Right now, I was following behind Sugar Prince. The view of Sugar Prince from behind as he walked was somehow distant. Thinking about it, it didn’t seem unreasonable, since I had always walked beside Sugar Prince.

Sugar Prince walked without looking back or waiting for me.

Nyaong, I called to Sugar Prince, but he didn’t turn to look back. I didn’t know if he was angry or if there was some urgent matter. I couldn’t tell what expression he was wearing because I couldn’t see his face. I cried at the top of my voice again, Yaong. But Sugar Prince just kept walking. What a jerk.

Anyways, where were we going?

As the thought suddenly manifested, I looked around at our surroundings.

Ah, we were in a forest. I thought maybe we were in a forest within the gardens. Looking back in front of me, Sugar Prince had gotten farther away. I desperately ran to catch up to Sugar Prince.

The Sugar Prince, who had been walking for a long time suddenly stopped. I resolved to pester Sugar Prince as much as possible and went up to the guy. But there was someone standing in front of Sugar Prince. Looking from closer, it was some woman. Seeing her flowing dress, it seemed that she was of high status. Sugar Prince had probably come to meet that woman.


Sugar Prince. Who is that woman?

I asked Sugar Prince, but there was no response. Far from an answer, he didn’t even look at me. I didn’t know why this guy was like this today. It seemed like he didn’t hear my voice.

Sugar Prince suddenly grabbed the woman’s hand. He held it so carefully, treating it like delicate glass. Holding her hand like that, he then pulled the woman into a tight embrace. A feeling of irritation suddenly flared up in me, and I hissed at Sugar Prince. But without even acknowledging me, the two embraced.

After embracing for a long time, Sugar Prince lowered his head as the two drew apart. Sugar Prince’s lips pressed onto the woman’s lips. Forgetting even to hiss, I stared at the two’s lips stuck together like sticky rice cakes. Even as I looked and looked again, there was no change in the fact that their lips were stuck together. With no need to look any longer, I unsheathed my claws and charged at Sugar Prince.


This jerk!!




I vacantly blinked my eyes and slowly looked at my surroundings. And then I realized.

What the heck. It was a dream.

After realizing it was a dream, the tension in my body relaxed. It was really a super realistic dream. Seeing that my right paw was still outstretched, ready to scratch Sugar Prince, I was thankful that it was deep night with nobody watching and retracted my unsheathed claws.

It was really a relief. If I had moved about so during my nap time, I would never live down becoming the subject of the maids’ gossip. Then, my status would drop from an elegant and haughty cat to a cat that sleep talked. Just thinking about it was terrible.

Sugar Prince didn’t see me, did he?

I opened my eyes narrowly and glanced over at Sugar Prince’s face. But there was no sign that he had woken from his sleep. Of course, this late in the night, Sugar Prince was probably wandering around in dream-land. Feeling relieved, I closed my eyes again.

…But I couldn’t fall asleep.

The harder I tried to fall asleep, the clearer my mind became, and I opened my eyes again.

Why had I had that dream? It couldn’t be a precognitive dream or something, right?

No way… I had never dreamt such a dream before. It was probably just nonsense.

On that topic, who in the world was that woman? Usually in these kinds of dreams, it was a rule that the characters were people you had met before. But no matter how hard I thought, I couldn’t think of the woman’s face. I could only think of her fancy dress.

I lifted my head and looked at Sugar Prince.

Whose fault was it that I couldn’t sleep, and yet they were snoring away by themselves.

You jerk. You dare to pretend not to hear me in my dream?!

The emotions I had felt in the dream suddenly arose. I stealthily stood and went to Sugar Prince’s face. Then I pressed down on Sugar Prince’s lips with my front paws and squashed them. I occasionally poked them with my claws, and there was nothing so satisfying.

Jerk. Jerk. I’ll bother you to death. Jerk.

After getting my revenge for a long time, my mind was refreshed. Looking at the lips that had turned red from my revenge, I snorted.


I returned to my spot and closed my eyes, trying to sleep, but I still couldn’t fall asleep. What the heck was the problem? Had I napped too much in the afternoon? But I always napped. I was confident I could sleep well even after sleeping all day.

I rolled around several times from Sugar Prince’s stomach to his chest and jumped to my feet again.

As I thought, this guy’s lips were the problem.

I stared at Sugar Prince’s face and thought.

He had been the one to make my mind complicated after pressing his lips to my head twice. Through my experiment, I had rammed my head against Simon’s lips, but there was no similar feeling.

Lips. Lips. Lips. Lips. This guy’s lips.

This bastard’s lips that occupied my mind day in and day out, were now even boldly appearing in my dreams. This was all Sugar Prince’s fault. No doubt. No doubt.

I opened my eyes narrowly and unsheathed the claws on my front paws.

My claws soundlessly gleaming in the moonlight were unfathomably sharp. If I scratched this guy’s lips that were bothering me, I felt like my head would be refreshed. I poked Sugar Prince’s lips once with the tip of my claw. But I really couldn’t scratch him. I sheathed my claws and instead challenged his face.

Should I just give him a big ol’ bite? Then he’ll just think I bit him while dreaming of eating. No, that’s not it either. Rather, I’ll ram into him like I did with Simon. Yes. That was it.

I glared at the lips right in front of my nose and closed my eyes. And I charged blindly. Whatever, I don’t care. Charge!


Nyaaang, Calix awoke at the thin cry.

The creature atop his chest was squirming and moving. It seemed that it was having some sort of dream. Calix smiled furtively and stroked the round curled up back.

The animal that was uncharacteristically spirited for its small size was like this when sleeping, too.

It was not unusual for it to roll here and there many times the entire time it was asleep. It occasionally sleep talked, and it even flailed its four paws in the air to match.

The creature, always clear with what it liked, what it disliked, and what it wanted, was like this in its sleep as well. Because of this, Calix could roughly guess what it was dreaming.

Licking its chops was dreaming of eating. Faintly hissing and whirling its front paws around was dreaming of fighting. All four paws flailing about was dreaming of running. Crying a long Nyaaang— was dreaming of calling to someone.

It seemed it was dreaming of several things today.

Crying a long, Nyaaang, it was calling to someone and its four paws twitched. Seeing as how there was a slight pause between its cries, it seemed like it was calling someone anxiously. Then it suddenly hissed sharply and flailed its front paws, its body twitching. At that sight, Calix held in his laughter. By the look of it, the dreaming cat had woken up. With its front paws stretched out, the creature started to look about with its lifted head.

As he was about to close his eyes and pretend to be asleep, the cat let out a sigh and squirmed around, curling back up and lying down, as if it was relieved it hadn’t been caught moving about in its sleep. It wasn’t possible for a cat to have those kinds of thoughts, but it felt like that to Calix.

The animal that lay down momentarily started moving busily again.

Calix pretended not to notice the prickly gaze on him and feigned sleep. This time, it poked his lips with its paws. However, he stayed still, and it even poked him with its claws. As these were actions done after waking up, it seemed that he had somehow been bothering it in its dream. Seeing it doing such a devious act, Sugar Prince thought that, after bringing this little one with him, every moment was indeed immeasurably happy and delightful.

Now it seemed that the cat had just barely calmed down when it started picking at him again. Calix thought he should slowly soothe the cat and put it to sleep again. He would have to feed it more and have it sleep so that it would become bigger than it was now.

It happened when he raised his hand stealthily and was about to stroke its back.

Suddenly, something bumped against his lips. Since it hadn’t succeeded with poking him with its claws, it seemed like it had head-butted him. It seemed what had happened in its dream had angered it quite a bit. If it hadn’t been able to calm its anger to this degree, it would be fine to allow it to vent some more. Calix thought this and lowered his hand.


“Darn. Now my lips hurt.”

Suddenly, his chest felt heavy, and he heard a grumbling voice.

Opening his eyes, a youth was sitting on top of his chest.

“Ah. How annoying. Annoying.”

The youth with short black hair rubbed his lips hard and complained. His nude body with nothing covering it was enveloped by a delicate floury glow. His eyebrows and body hair were black, like his hair, and his scowling eyes were also black. His physique looked as if he had just neared the end of his growth spurt, but he was unexpectedly small.

Inside the room, there were no other sounds beside this child. It was only himself and the youth.

Black. And his unique look he wore whenever he didn’t like something. Slight frame. Familiar fragrance.



AAHHHHHH!!!! The big moment EVERYONE has been dying to get to! Finally! Human K! Happy April fools day~ I killed myself to finish this chapter up in one day, but it was worth it and 100% my own decision lmao….albeit a bad decision to TL all this at once. A huge thanks to Joyce and YunQueXue for the donations! (Sorry I forgot to mention last chapter)


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