Cat K | Chapter 16

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Chapter 16



I glanced briefly at Simon, who was squatting next to me, and let out a sigh. Looking out the window, the sky was very blue. White clouds were floating lazily, and the wind blew gently. It was perfect weather.


Simon called me again. I looked at the guy with an annoyed glance. As soon as our eyes met, he scratched his head. The sight of such a big guy squatting next to the window was quite cute. It seemed that Simon was not at all embarrassed of sitting squatting next to a cat and talking to it. Scratching his head a few times, he whipped his head around to look at our surroundings. Only after checking once more that nobody was nearby did he whisper in a low voice.

“Did something happen?”

At Simon’s question, I tapped the windowsill twice with my tail.

As we had rapidly gotten closer, Simon began to understand my thoughts rather well. The Simon who had understood my answer put on a grave expression.

“Were you scolded by His Highness because you made a mess with the ink yesterday?”

No way. Sugar Prince wouldn’t scold me for that kind of thing.

“Then were the maids who were worn out from cleaning secretly mean to you?”

No. Didn’t you know that because I felt sorry, I was acting as cute as I could all morning, and they forgave me and were all mushy? Although all the inkwells on the desks were taken away.

“Then what in the world happened?”

I stared blankly at the querying Simon with an expression that said I didn’t know at all. As I was staring at him rigidly, ahem ahem, he fake coughed and wore an embarrassed expression. Compared to his large frame, Simon was quite awkward.

I thoroughly inspected Simon’s rough face. It was a masculine looking face. His eyebrows were strong and eyes bright. His nose was also remarkably large and tall. And below his nose, his lips…

That’s right! Lips. That guy’s lips.

Lips. Lips. Lips!

I furiously scratched my head with my front paw. At the sight of me scratching like I had gone insane, Simon said, ‘Oi. What are you doing?’ but I didn’t listen. It was because without scratching, I utterly wouldn’t be able to endure it.

After scratching for a long time, I calmed down a little. I absentmindedly sat again and let out a big sigh. At my unusual behavior, Simon sent over a concerned gaze. I asked to Simon,


Imon-ah. Have you ever been kissed on your forehead?

Simon couldn’t understand me this time. It couldn’t be helped. It was no use since this guy’s level was still low. I tapped the guy who was trying so hard to understand my meaning on the shoulder, comforting him, and buried my itching head between my paws.

Yesterday evening, when I had taken a bath with Sugar Prince to wash off the ink, I had received a sudden kiss. Yes. that was definitely a kiss. There was no doubt.

How startled I was when Sugar Prince’s lips suddenly stuck to my head. Even after his lips had come off,  I wasn’t able to comprehend the situation for a long time, and I spaced out, tilting my head. I, who was still in a state of shock, was put off guard at Sugar Prince’s words saying that he would play with me using the feather, and he took advantage of this to press his lips to me again. And 4 seconds at a time!

There are quite a few kinds of kisses. I have also experienced many kisses.

Just by meeting my grandma and grandpa’s eyes I would receive a kiss. On my forehead and cheeks, I felt like my face was coated in spit and would be worn to nothing. My mom was no different, but it lessened once I entered middle school.

I’ve also experienced one from a girl. I experienced it suddenly during kindergarten, but as revenge, I completely pulled down that girl’s skirt. I got scolded that I had done too extreme an action for just a kiss, but I didn’t apologize to the bitter end. Even touching my body without permission was loathsome, but a kiss was an abomination.

At any rate, I had experienced these many types of kisses, but…

Why did Sugar Prince do that? Why did he press his lips to my head?

He didn’t do it like, chu. He pressed his lips right to my head and held it there for a long time. And two times, at that!

Why did he do that? Why in the world did he?

Why in the world was it that when that guy’s lips were pressed to my head, from the top of my head to the tip of my tail, my body tingled and my fur stood on end? Why did my claws unconsciously sheathe and unsheathe repeatedly? For what reason did my breath freeze? Why was I thinking only about that all day and scratching my head?

Why! Why! Why! Why?!

“Oi. Are you alright?”

I looked at Simon with tired eyes. Having thought too hard, I was dizzy and nauseous. I think I had a fever too.

Imon-ah. Does Sugar Prince kiss you and stuff too?

I looked at Simon’s broad forehead and imagined it. The sight of Sugar Prince pressing his lips to Simon’s forehead. But I couldn’t imagine it at all. No, before that, it gave me goosebumps.

I shook my head and changed my thoughts a bit.

Yes. Change it to Simon kissing Sugar Prince’s forehead…

Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! NO!

This isn’t it either. Again. Let’s think about this again.

That’s right. If Simon were to press his lips to my head, what would it feel like?

Will my head itch and body tingle from the top of my head to the tip of my tail, my fur standing on end and my entire body feel restless not knowing what to do, like when Sugar Prince did it? As I thought, trying it directly was the fastest way to find out.

I steeled my resolve and stared at Simon’s lips.

I lowered my head slightly and wiggled my hindquarters, calculating the target point, shortest path of travel, arrival velocity, and expected impact. Then I closed my eyes tightly and launched my body without hesitation.



Opening my eyes slowly, I saw Simon clutching at his mouth. I rubbed my head with my paw. Hitting his teeth had hurt a bit. The heck. There was no itching or restlessness or tingling.

“What are you doing all of a sudden!”

Simon suddenly roared while huffing. Bearing with the soreness of my head, I turned my head sharply toward the window. As I thought, that feeling didn’t appear from Simon’s lips. That was surely only because it was Sugar Prince.

Simon, who had grumbled for some time, slowly lifted his face in his squatting state. I slapped Simon, who had been huffing, in the face with my tail. But the guy didn’t know to hold back. A persistent man had no charm, but he didn’t know this.

Hem, ahem. That, that, by any chance… did you bring it?”

Simon, who had been beating around the bush for a long time, whispered, dropping his voice. I gave a sidelong squint with narrowed eyes. His large face flushed red. Looking closely, his pupils were slightly dilated. I internally clicked my tongue at him and stood. Now that our manly brotherhood had been built up, it was awkward to refuse doing the guy favors. When times got tough, you had to help each other out and survive.

I jumped down lightly from the windowsill and went to the display cabinet. I put my paw into the small gap underneath the cabinet and waved around when my target  caught on my claw. I pulled it out with one jerk.


Simon ran quickly, bent his knees, and sat reverentially in front of me. I placed the item that I had taken out in front of him and sat, turning my nose up into the air.

“This is really Elena’s handkerchief?”

Simon picked up the white lace fabric with trembling hands. I nodded my head in affirmation.

Holding the handkerchief, Simon wasn’t even able to grab it with force and placed it atop his hand, continuously admiring it. He would probably continue being like that, as if handling a brand new item, for a while. But I knew. Not long after, the use of that handkerchief would gradually change. In the early phase, at the end of much torment, he would put his nose to the handkerchief and inhale, sniffing its scent. Then he would place it against his cheek and rub it all over. Of course, there were several stages afterwards, but there wasn’t any need to go into detail on that.

At any rate, this guy was quite innocent in some aspects.

I decided to help out since he had a maid he liked, but the favor he asked of me after several days of agonizing and whimpering was merely this handkerchief. And here I would have gladly brought him Elena’s undergarments. If he was so happy with just a handkerchief, it would be better to run and confess to her right now. Along with his manly appearance, if he was the son of a duke, he should be crazy rich too. If Simon confessed, Elena would probably O.K. it immediately.

“Thank you.”

Simon gave me a warm gaze. I scratched my shriveling paws on the carpet. Seeing how he liked it this much, I might really steal Elena’s undergarments for him tomorrow.

He turned his body and stealthily poked his nose into the handkerchief. Then he inhaled the scent slowly and trembled his bulky shoulders. He must lo~ve it.

I shook my head at Simon who had fallen into a state of ecstasy and leapt back up onto the windowsill. The windowsill heated by the sunlight was toasty warm. Lying down on it, I automatically purred at the warmth against my stomach.

What was my Sugar Prince doing now?

Would he be spacing out at the bedside of the ailing Emperor? Or maybe getting lectured? I didn’t know what kind of illness the Emperor had, but I didn’t want it to transfer to Sugar Prince.

……By any chance would he be kissing the Emperor’s forehead and stuff? He even did it two times to me, 4 seconds at a time. He wouldn’t be doing it to the Emperor three times for more than 5 seconds at a time, right?

I wasn’t able to win over the suddenly rising irritation and scratched at the windowsill with my claws. Sugar Prince, you jerk, just try it. I won’t let you off. You’re dead if you do!


Yay!!! There’s officially over 1,000 readers on NU for Cat K! Thank you guys so much for reading this and leaving lovely comments! Ehehe I’ve actually been translating by hand (e.g. printing out the raw chapters and writing the TL on them) which is actually more convenient because I don’t have to open up my computer every time…but then I don’t have a dictionary on hand…

On another note, how do you like our new look? Let us know if it’s loading slowly or if you have any other aesthetic-related comments as well!

Unfortunately, I can’t draw, so I will be figuring out how to make my Cat K art actually presentable, and our editor gege has been having computer troubles, so his stuff will come later! Feel free to send any fanarts of Cat K! (upload to imgur or other hosting site and comment it?)

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