Cat K | Chapter 16

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Chapter 16



I glanced briefly at Simon, who was squatting next to me, and let out a sigh. Looking out the window, the sky was very blue. White clouds were floating lazily, and the wind blew gently. It was perfect weather.


Simon called me again. I looked at the guy with an annoyed glance. As soon as our eyes met, he scratched his head. The sight of such a big guy squatting next to the window was quite cute. It seemed that Simon was not at all embarrassed of sitting squatting next to a cat and talking to it. Scratching his head a few times, he whipped his head around to look at our surroundings. Only after checking once more that nobody was nearby did he whisper in a low voice.

“Did something happen?”

At Simon’s question, I tapped the windowsill twice with my tail.

As we had rapidly gotten closer, Simon began to understand my thoughts rather well. The Simon who had understood my answer put on a grave expression.

“Were you scolded by His Highness because you made a mess with the ink yesterday?”

No way. Sugar Prince wouldn’t scold me for that kind of thing.

“Then were the maids who were worn out from cleaning secretly mean to you?”

No. Didn’t you know that because I felt sorry, I was acting as cute as I could all morning, and they forgave me and were all mushy? Although all the inkwells on the desks were taken away.

“Then what in the world happened?”

I stared blankly at the querying Simon with an expression that said I didn’t know at all. As I was staring at him rigidly, ahem ahem, he fake coughed and wore an embarrassed expression. Compared to his large frame, Simon was quite awkward.

I thoroughly inspected Simon’s rough face. It was a masculine looking face. His eyebrows were strong and eyes bright. His nose was also remarkably large and tall. And below his nose, his lips…

That’s right! Lips. That guy’s lips.

Lips. Lips. Lips!

I furiously scratched my head with my front paw. At the sight of me scratching like I had gone insane, Simon said, ‘Oi. What are you doing?’ but I didn’t listen. It was because without scratching, I utterly wouldn’t be able to endure it.

After scratching for a long time, I calmed down a little. I absentmindedly sat again and let out a big sigh. At my unusual behavior, Simon sent over a concerned gaze. I asked to Simon,


Imon-ah. Have you ever been kissed on your forehead?