Cat K | Chapter 24

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Chapter 24


The hand stroking my back withdrew, but then a fingertip was used to scratch my head. After playing with my ears, he even scratched my neck. I opened my eyes as I yawned drowsily.

When I opened my eyes, golden eyes smiled back. Gazing at them while blinking my vacant eyes, I yawned again widely.

I lifted my head and found that I was on top of the study’s desk. I didn’t know how I got here. I rested back on the soft cushion again and enjoyed Sugar Prince’s touch.

As I lay still, I remembered little by little.

After chatting all night with Sugar Prince in the library, we parted ways. I remained in the library for some time until I returned late. I was so tired that I wanted to go back quickly and just sleep, but I had to wait for Sugar Prince to fall asleep.

In any case, even when I got back to the bedchambers, I waited to check when I turned back to a cat, and it happened when the sun began to rise. As I discovered that I could only turn back into a human at night, I sprawled on Sugar Prince’s chest and fainted.

After that, my memory was full of holes.

Once it was morning, I remember being brushed as I dozed, and I also faintly recalled eating some pieces of meat that were held in front of my mouth. After that, when I opened my eyes briefly, I was curled up in Sugar Prince’s shirt. It was likely that before we came to the study. He had carried me around in his stomach the entire time


I stretched my mouth in a yawn and looked at Sugar Prince.

When I ran into Sugar Prince last night outside, my insides quite literally clenched. But thankfully I hadn’t been exposed. The Sugar Prince who had found me gone when he woke from his sleep had been alarmed and went looking for me. I had known from the start that this guy liked me, but I was a bit touched that he liked me enough to come looking for me in that cold night.

Anywho, it was a real godsend he had gone looking.

I had gotten lost walking in the pitch black night in my human form, and if Sugar Prince hadn’t come, I might have wandered around the palace all night. Because I met Sugar Prince, I was able to find the library and drink warm tea. In addition, the nice guy even promised to help me find the book I was looking for; it couldn’t get any better than that.

But the best thing was that I had told him my name.

However, I was disappointed because I had told him my name in my human form, so I wouldn’t be called that right now. But hearing my name come from that guy’s mouth felt unbelievably gratifying, and so I considered also calling that guy’s real name occasionally instead of Sugar Prince. Something must be given in order to receive.


Right. Lix.

As I called in Lix’s direction, the guy smiled beautifully with his golden eyes again. Heh

Anywho, I wonder when that book will be found.

I wasn’t even sure that kind of book existed. Would there even be a precedent for somebody returning to the world they came from after arriving here? Even if I came to this world merely by chance, there was nothing saying that there would be no other instances, and… if there were, Sugar Prince would find it for me. I’m saying so because my Sugar Prince is smart.

Sugar Prince suddenly scratched the place where my rear end and tail met with a finger. As my body flinched, I cried, Nyaa—

Heyy. Stop it. It feels weird.

As if he understood what I said, Sugar Prince stopped scratching and laughed silently. As revenge, I stretched out my front paw and poked claw-holes into the document in front of Sugar Prince.

I think my Sugar Prince is sort of a genius. 

With one hand, he turned and signed the pages of the document, and with his other hand, he stroked my back. I observed the pages that flapped as they were turned and, at the precise moment, shifted my position.

I sprawled to my right side and lifted my right flank up to Sugar Prince’s hand, sprawled to my left side, and held my left flank up. And if my neck got bored, I even lay on my stomach and stretched my neck up to his hand. The way I had to be stroked was different according to each body part, but Sugar Prince, without even looking at me, knew like a ghost and pet me that way. I purred as I admired my own foresight at picking this guy.


Ah. I’m bored.

Now that I had woken up from my nap, I was bored. It was nice to enjoy Sugar Prince’s touch, but it was a general rule that, as a cat, I must play happily. From my position lying on my side, I looked around the desk.

Paper. Paper. Paper. Paper. Paper. Paper… Ink!

An inkwell, something that had never been left out since the ink incident a little while ago, was right there in front of me. I slowly looked at Sugar Prince, only turning my eyeballs. He was absorbed in his work. This was a chance the heavens had given me! I narrowed my eyes and stretched my paw out towards the inkwell.


… Wut.

The moment my paw was about to reach the inkwell, it floated up into the air. Turning my gaze, Sugar Prince had put the inkwell far away and was smiling with his eyes.

“Are you bored?”

I swatted at Sugar Prince’s hand that was scratching my neck with my tail and huffed. He didn’t plan to give the inkwell back even if I did say I was bored. Hmph, I don’t care at all.

I stood, stretched, and leaped down from the desk.

Sugar Prince looked at me as if to ask where I was going, but I turned my body away sharply and walked towards the door. Since you took the inkwell away from me, I’ll take away your right to stroke my soft fur. Hmph.


A bit of a filler chapter, but that’s alright! I wonder where K is going… XD How do you guys like the name “Lix”? I hate translating all these stupid pet names that K makes up, first Sugar Prince, then Imon & Mon, and now Lix! They might sound cool in Korean, but K can just stop…pls…

BTW what do you guys think of another Korean BL project by me? Would you prefer (possibly) slower updates on Cat K or wait until Cat K is finished to start the new book? I promise it’s another cute story hehe <3


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