Cat K | Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


Hey. That’s Wave-dre!

I spotted Wave-dre’s back as he was walking hurriedly.

Behind Wave-dre, several humans were carrying bulky loads and tailing him. It seemed like he was going somewhere to make somebody’s clothes again. If Wave-dre had come to the palace to make clothes, it would be for a noble, but who could it be? In order to relieve my boredom, I decided to follow Wave-dre.

Not knowing I was following behind them, the humans walked intently.

Where in the world were they going? They were walking a whole lot. I looked at my surroundings, and it was somewhere I had never been before. I had explored the palace diligently, but, as expected, the palace was quite large. This was proven by the fact that I hadn’t been to this place yet.

After following for a long time, the humans stopped in front of a building. Seeing them go inside led by a servant, I pondered for a moment. Since they were a member of the Imperial family, I wasn’t sure if I could go in uninvited.

Why, wasn’t there something like that? Princes fighting amongst themselves for power? If I went inside and I happened to run into a prince who was after Sugar Prince, it would be big trouble. That bad guy might even kidnap me, who Sugar Prince treasures, and blackmail him. Then the soft-hearted Sugar Prince will give up his title of Crown Prince in order to save me.


I paced in front of the building and thought hard for a bit.

Just as I decided to turn back, I was very curious and utterly bored.

Ah. I’m bored. I’m bored. I’m bored.

……After thinking for a while, I realized I didn’t have to think so negatively.

Yes. If, as I suspected, there really was a prince like that, I would hide and secretly spy on him. After listening in detail and uncovering the scary plot he was planning, I could go to Sugar Prince and tell him everything. Yes. Yes. It was an amazing idea. Why hadn’t I thought of this before?

As I nodded my head inwardly, I walked towards the entrance Wave-dre had gone into.

After infiltrating the interior of the building, I moved stealthily. When I spotted a human, I hid in a nook and seized the opportunity to move when nobody was around. Normally, I wouldn’t travel secretly, but, no matter what, this was enemy territory. Moving hidden in enemy territory would never be a fault.

Anywho, moving like this made me feel just like I was a spy. No, this was not merely a feeling. Right now, I really was a spy infiltrating enemy territory. Since my fur was all-black, even my outfit was fitting. Unfortunately, I didn’t have sunglasses, but we can disregard that for now.

My weapons were the sharp claws hidden inside my cushy paws. These fearful tools were normally carefully concealed, but at any crucial moment, shnick, they will slide out and make rags out of my foe’s face. That wasn’t all. If I buried my claws into the wall, I could even scale walls. In other words, they were my all-powerful secret weapon. Certainly 007 James Bond had never even laid hands on a weapon like this.

Hm. Looking a this, I was a bit cool. I feel like I can just go ahead and become codename 00K. Black Cat 00K going around the palace like his own backyard, resolving each and every treacherous plan and betrayal. And his favorite beverage, organic goat milk.

A glass of goat milk… shaken, without getting wet. Nyaong. 

Ah, it really is so cool?!

As I pressed myself flat against the wall, I snickered to myself. After laughing for a long time, I started moving again, but from the very end of the hallway, I heard a familiar voice. I stealthily walked towards the door the voice was leaking out from.

The door was slightly ajar.

Checking that there were no humans passing by in the corridor, I pushed my head through where the door was cracked open. I looked about the room, huh? It was that zergling-child Rosemary.

Shit. Far from a conspiracy, I had come to a terrifying zergling-child’s lair.

I turned away immediately to leave and froze.



The beast was looking straight at me. I broke into a grin as I met the beast’s eyes. As I did so, the beast, the orc-cat laid its ears flat against its head and began to tremble. As I pretended to take a step towards it, the beast was scared out of its wits and hid underneath the bed. With an inflated ego, I pushed my chest out.

“It compliments you very well.”

I whirled my paw in the air, threatening the beast under the bed, when I heard Uncle Wave-dre’s voice. Looking up, I saw him compliment Rosemary nonstop while adjusting the ornate fabric draped over her shoulders. But it appeared that Rosemary didn’t like it one bit. The way she was pouting her lips expressed exactly that.

“It’s too simple. It needs to have a lot of lace for it to be eye-catching.”

Rosemary whined. I tutted at her mentally.

The little brat should just wear what she’s given instead of complaining. A shorty acting like she’s a lady and whining for lace… Stop it. Stop. Ask for more lace like that and you’ll end up buried in lace up to your neck.

“Then how about this, Imperial Princess-nim. If it is this, no one in the ballroom will be able to keep their eyes off Your Highness.”

Uncle Wave-dre, whom I personally recognized as superiorly skilled, gently persuaded Rosemary. To me, it didn’t look much different from the last piece, but under the force of Uncle Wave-dre’s smooth talk, Rosemary’s expression completely brightened.

“Then I’ll go with this one.”

Rosemary immediately lifted her nose into the air and spoke haughtily. I wanted to tell her she was a mere grade schooler, but I suppressed that urge because nothing good would come out of getting involved with a zergling-child.

Thinking that I should get out of the zergling-child’s lair as soon as possible, I turned stealthily and froze in place again.

“Is Elder Brother Calix’s ball attire finished?”

Hm? My Lix?

When Sugar Prince’s name came up, I watched carefully, and I saw Rosemary’s eyes sparkling. Heol. It seems that zergling-child had her eyes on my Lix.

“It has almost been completed.”

“…Is that so?”

Rosemary spoke distantly and momentarily mumbled. Then she asked again.

“Make mine so that it goes well with Elder Brother’s.”

“Of course, Princess.”

Uncle Wave-dre expertly gave into Rosemary’s demand. Scratching the door with sharp claws, I glared at Rosemary. How dare that zergling-child covet my Lix? I can’t forgive her. I’ll get my revenge sometime. Twerp.

Actually, if it was up to me, after tearing and ripping Rosemary’s dress to shreds, I would have beaten up that brat’s orc-cat a little. But, as long as my life didn’t depend on it, I wouldn’t get involved with a zergling-child, and I quietly left my spot. Since I learned that the twerp had her eyes on my Lix, I had at least come up with something. Taking comfort in the fact that I had completed my first mission as 00K safely, I tailed Wave-dre’s party.

Where would they go now?

Wave-dre’s party was, yet again, walking hurriedly.

Since they had met Rosemary, they might be going to the next Imperial family member. And there was a good chance that in enemy territory, an opportunist with a conspiracy or treason would be waiting this time. I carefully followed behind them.

But after walking for a long time, Wave-dre stopped in a quiet place and looked around. I hid myself behind a statue and kept watch on his figure.

Wave-dre whispered something to the humans following behind him and headed off in another direction. As soon as Wave-dre left, the humans hurried on a different way.

What in the world was it?

Looking back and forth between the humans now split between two paths, I began following Wave-dre.

In contrast to just a while ago, Wave-dre chose narrow and remote paths to walk. It seemed he was also careful not to stand out. His usual good-natured smiling face became unreadable, and his steady pace was as sneaky as a thief’s. I sensed a dangerous scent from Wave-dre’s suspicious transformation.

Wave-dre seemed to know the palace’s paths well. Even though he had been walking for a long time, he had not crossed paths with another human once. It was unusual how he was able to only find and go to places no other human would pass.

I really thought 00K was a very apt name. If it wasn’t, how would I find the enemy immediately? Of course, it was a given that a spy cooler than Phantom K suited my skill. Hmph.

After walking for a long time, Wave-dre stopped behind a large building.

I looked up at the large building and cocked my head. I thought it was the largest building I had seen up until now. If it was a building this big, it should be used by a super high-up person, but what person could be higher than my Sugar Prince?

In the short span I had been thinking about this, a person looked about at their surroundings and approached Wave-dre. Watching with bated breath, I saw Wave-dre take something out of his breast pocket and hand it to the other person. I stared holes into the object that was passed from one hand into the other’s. What the heck was it? What could it be that they were exchanging it so secretly? I made an extra effort, but I couldn’t make out what the object was. That was because Wave-dre had transferred it over so cautiously. I clicked my tongue at the object that disappeared within the human’s breast.

Having finished his business, Wave-dre walked back way he came. Instead of chasing after Wave-dre, I followed the human who had gone inside the building. But as soon as the human went inside the building, they closed the door with a thud. I looked up at the side door used by servants. Normally the guards would open the doors for me without even being asked, but they didn’t even have those here… Looking at the appearance of the door, it wasn’t even a variety that I could open.

Hm. What to do?

I momentarily paced in front of the door.

Even if I were to go all the way around to the front door and enter the building, it would probably be hard to find that human in such a large building. And it wouldn’t make sense for 00K, who dug out top secret information, to just use the front door like no big deal.

Hm…. Hm. Hm. Hm….

I was pacing in circles, thinking hard when, huh. This is

Faintly detecting a familiar smell, I lifted my nose into the air and sniffed. It was a smell that caused my face to reflexively contort and unsettled me.

What was this smell again?

I thought as I sniffed the air. It was definitely a scent I had smelled before. But where…

Ah! This was the smell that was coming from Sugar Prince’s hands. The smell he always had on him when he came from the Emperor’s sickbed. That strangely unsettling scent.

…But why did the place that human went by have that scent.

I narrowed my eyes at the many thoughts going through my head.

It seems like there is some huge conspiracy here after all?


*facepalm* yet more stupid nicknames from K!!! Lol it seems that all of you don’t want me to be slower on Cat K bc of the new novel. I get it XD I have some favorite series that I wish would pick up speed. Hehe but personally, I’m so tempted to start the new series but am holding back. I promise that if I do decide to start it, I will stockpile enough of Cat K and the new novel so that I can keep Cat K’s weekly updates. Keep an eye out for a project page on the new novel, though! It doesn’t mean I’m going to start it, just that I want to hype u guys up for it 🙂

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