Cat K | Chapter 20

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Chapter 20


It was already morning.

I blinked heavily and lazily yawned . After stretching my body, I saw Sugar Prince’s face. Looking at his golden eyes that shined even more beautifully in the morning sunlight, I greeted him with my eyes.

Ah. I don’t want to get up. It’d be nice to lie around a little more. Just 10 more minutes. 

I bided my time, resting my head on his chest, and Sugar Prince continued to watch me blankly. The way he was staring made me wonder if he wasn’t trying to engage in a staring contest with him. Did I have something on my face? 

Whatever, I think I had some sort of dream last night… What was it again? I think it was a really good dream. Hm

Ah. Right. I think I dreamed that I turned back into a human.

Yes. Yes. That’s right. In my dream, I was super excited to be human again and bounced around. I was so glad to finally be able to use my hands again that I picked up everything I could see. I was so moved when I picked up the candlestick.

Yes. I turned human…





I, I really did turn back into a human, didn’t I?!

I bolted upright at the thought that crossed my mind.

In front of me, Sugar Prince was looking at me with an unusual, piercing gaze. He had been looking at me like this because I had suddenly turned into a human. No way, he wasn’t thinking of calling the guards outside and throwing me in the dungeon, right?

I glanced at Sugar Prince uneasily. The surprised Sugar Prince, who was still watching me, didn’t show any change. He just continued looking at me intently. Hesitantly stepping back, I opened my mouth.

Hey, I’m not a suspicious person, just to let you know.

…huh. That’s weird. Somebody made a meowing noise.

I looked around the room, but I couldn’t see any other cats or humans. It seemed like what I heard was just my imagination. I explained to Sugar Prince again.

Hey. You know. I’m your cat, you see?

…I kept hearing the sound of a cat meowing. I scoured the room with my eyes and turned back to Sugar Prince, saying,

Hey. Check if there’s a cat here. 

At my words, Sugar Prince laughed, pft. I was about to throw a fit when I froze and slowly lowered my head. As soon as I did, I saw two black, fuzzy paws. Heol. What was the meaning of this?

I lifted my head again and saw Sugar Prince’s gleaming pupils With vacant eyes, I mumbled,

Nyanyanyaang— Nyanyang—?  

Did I turn back into a cat? Heol.

It was said.

Where does it say that something can be given and then dirtily and cheaply taken away?

Whenever anyone asked this in an argument, I would always answer like this:

It’s right here. Whatchu gonna do?

Yes. That was right here.

If a curse was broken, it should stay broken. What nonsense was this that a broken curse comes back? I was so stunned and at a loss that I didn’t even have any strength to throw a fit.

Fuck. Fine. Play with me however you want. Play with me. Play with me to your heart’s content and just put me back the way I was. Cursed witch hag.

I huffed a sigh and glanced beside me.

Sugar Prince was absorbed in his work. The feather pen that glided over the paper moved more cheerfully than usual.

The entire day, Sugar Prince either stared at me intently or wore a strangely pleased expression, smiling with his eyes. Ah, he’s looking at me again. His golden eyes relaxed gently, and he tapped my head with his finger before scratching the scruff of my neck and stroking my back. His expression was still strangely pleased. On my side, it felt like I was about to explode, but he was floating in happiness by himself. If he was left alone like this, I feel like he would start dancing.

Of course. What would you know.

I let out a sigh and rested my chin on my paws.

Why in the world had I turned into a cat?

No, from the start, why had I turned back into a human?

I had initially doubted that it was a real and thought that it was just a dream. But seeing the candlestick positioned in the same messy position after I put it down when I finished playing with it, it seemed that was not the case. I had definitely turned back into a human. But how?

I went through everything that occured last night, one by one, but nothing particularly strange had happened. The only things out of the ordinary yesterday were when I whined to Sugar Prince to make me clothes and…

…when I headbutted Sugar Prince’s lips?

The speculation that came across my mind stirred my brain to mush.

No way, it couldn’t be that. If, by chance, it was that, it’d be a literal “wtf.”

Dropped into a world I had never heard of, even eating the potion of that witch-hag and turning into a cat was already something unbelievable. But a curse being broken with a headbutt to the lips? Was this some sort of fairy tale? Then was I the princess sleeping in the forest? Or the frog prince? Was I a new luxury-cat-prince?! Are you kidding me?!

Fuming by myself, I turned my gaze, and snuck a glance. Sugar Prince’s eyes glided into a smile when they met mine. I quickly tapped my tail to tell him to just do his work.

Yes. First, I should just think positively and wait and see.

I was sure that if I headbutted Sugar Prince’s lips, I would at least stay human for some time. Although I would have to secretly try it out tonight just to make sure. Even if I turned back into a human, I still hadn’t found a way to go back to where I was before, anyways. Until I found a way, it was best to stay here. Since ‘here’ was a palace, whatever I needed would be easiest to find here.

I decided to do this and rose from my spot.

As I leapt down from the desk, Sugar Prince looked at me. I meowed at Sugar Prince, Nyaang, and walked towards the study door.

Let’s see…

First, I would have to do something about clothes, since I couldn’t just go around naked like I did last night. I’d also need to move the jewels to a place where they would be easier to take and run, just in case. And since it would be hard to cash-in the jewels, should I gather some money too? Ah, I would also need to prep a bag that could hold all my stuff. And I’d be in trouble if I forgot shoes.

As I thought of this and that while walking, I found my heart had become lighter. Thinking of where and how to secretly acquire items made me feel like I had become the thief Lupin. Hm, that was a bit cool. Yes. That was it.

Items going missing from the palace one by one. No evidence or witnesses to be found. In the place of the missing item, only a few strands of black fur flutter in the breeze. The burglar that appears like the wind and disappears like smoke, Phantom K. 

Its drooping tail gradually lifted higher and higher. The cat that had stopped for a moment began walking again. It wasn’t the slow and melancholy step from just a bit before. On the contrary, it was a light and cheerful step. Simon resumed following the cat that shook off its depression and was now walking happily.

Compared to how it was drooping ever since this morning, its mood seemed to be much better. The tinkling sound of bells could almost be heard from the dainty feet that pranced with each step.

Right now, Simon was in the middle of following the cat. This time, he had received an order from the Crown Prince: Watch and guard it. He had been commanded to act as both surveillance and a guard. He wondered if one small cat really needed to be guarded and watched, but he decided to fulfill his order without any unnecessary remarks.

It looked as if the cat that most called「Butterfly」was going to cause mischief today. After finding a place not many people went to, it looked around suspiciously. What kind of trouble could it be making now? The cat was one that couldn’t be smart but was clever, so there was no doubt that if it was going to cause a commotion, it would be huge.

After wandering a while, the place it arrived at was none other than the laundry lines. What could it be interested in here? Simon hid himself among the slew of clothes that were hung up to dry and observed the cat.

The cat lowered its body and looked around the spread clothing before staring at one particular spot. It walked underneath that spot and wiggled while judging the distance, then jumped. The clothes that were spread out, along with the cat, cascaded down to the ground. Simon burst out laughing at the cat wriggling while buried underneath the clothes, Pfft.

The cat that had just pushed its head out from underneath the clothes didn’t tire and pulled down several more articles of clothing. Simon realized that the clothing the cat had pulled down made up exactly one outfit. As he had thought, it really wasn’t just a simple cat. Otherwise, how could it match a set of human clothing?

With some effort, the small animal gathered the clothing in one place. With its small mouth, it bit and dragged one item, laying it out flat. It then put another item on top of that one and repeated the action. Such actions were easy for a human, but for an animal with such a small body, it was hard labor. Especially since it had picked out the fancy clothes that the nobles wore. Those articles of clothing were not light at all, so the labor was even more tiresome.

At around this point Simon had begun watching the cat more for his own curiosity than to fulfill his orders. It was quite ideal, being able to satisfy his curiosity and simultaneously carry out his orders.

The cat that had overlapped all of the clothes bit the bottom-most layer in its mouth and began walking with much effort. After taking just a few steps, it stopped. It was only natural. The bundle’s size and weight was far beyond what such a small creature could pull. Simon suppressed the urge to run out right this moment and lift the bundle for the cat

The creature that was resting momentarily now started dragging back a wooden basket from nearby. Biting the clothes, it placed them inside one by one. After having put the clothes in the basket, it decided this time to push the basket from behind with its head.

If it got tired pushing from behind, it would go in front and pull the basket with its mouth. And if it got tired of that, it would go back to push with its head. It was doing quite well, but after only a little while, it wouldn’t be able to help but stop. It was because the palace was too large for the cat to move the basket in that fashion.

As Simon predicted, after not going very far, the cat plopped down inside the basket. Seeing its black head bobbing, it appeared to be very out of breath.

Simon tutted. If he left it alone, the cat would definitely work itself sick. His orders were to watch and guard it. If the creature got ill from this, he would be going against his orders. And even without his orders, it didn’t sit well in his mind to leave such a small guy alone like that. He didn’t know what in the world it was going to do with the clothes, but it seemed like it was going to the Crown Prince’s palace. If so, then he could just move the cat and its bundle wherever it wanted



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