GDBBM – Chapter 443-446

Chapter 446

Officially ended all my christmas parties.. phew…

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas, Happy Holidays…

It was nice catching up with family and friends during this festive season… time to recharge energy levels and get back on track.. thanks for waiting patiently~

Chapter 443 brought to you by Kathy Grimes

Chapter 444 brought to you by Kathy Grimes

Chapter 445 Regular Happy Dose

Chapter 446 brought to you by Robert Kamaka

We’re gonna dedicate the rest of the week to our awesome supporter Robert Kamaka~

*hands over present & opens it*

*poof! A puff of smoke* A nice tune comes out and the smoke in the air reads ” Thank you Kathy Grimes & Robert Kamaka for bringing us these happy doses~”

*clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*

Happy Boxing day everyone!!!

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