GDBBM – Chapter 445

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Chapter 445: Spirit Hunt (1)

Ning Xin was in the same carriage as Yin Yan. The carriage wheels rolled on and Ning Xin stared at the scenery speeding past outside the window as she said: “Are you certain that Jun Xie is here?”

Yin Yan replied: “I’m sure. I had people watch Fan Jin closely. Although Jun Xie arrived a little later, he got on the last carriage with Fan Jin.”

“Oh?” Ning Xin turned, her beautiful features tinged with intrigue. “He really turned up. Seems like you did very well, having successfully incited him to come.”

Yin Yan smiled but did not reply, his heart raging in anger.

He did not forget the words those disciples had brought back and related to him from Jun Xie that day!

Jun Xie had called him a dog!

The fists hidden within his sleeves were tightly clenched and Yin Yan’s eyes flashed viciously.

He’ll allow Jun Xie to be smug a few more days, and when they are in the Battle Spirits Forest, Jun Xie will find out that he will never walk out of that forest alive!

“Although Jun Xie will be a hindrance, but Fan Jin’s skills are still not to be slighted. We should get some people to test them out a little.” Ning Xin warned. After a short pause, she continued: “That trash Li Zi Mu is here as well. He was rather proud of himself previously, let them take the first shot at them. He might be a piece of trash, but his ring spirit isn’t too shabby. A grade five ring spirit….. Sigh, it’s such a waste on useless trash like him.”

“Right! I will speak to him about it. Senior Ning had not seen him for quite a while now and the kid is feeling rather anxious.” Yin Yan gloated secretly but hid it well as he said those words. He had not seen eye to eye with that idiotic piece of trash all this time and after having stayed in the Spirit Healer faculty for such so long, he was still unable to even grasp the basic fundamentals of Spirit Healing. He was just absolutely useless.

Useless trash like this had long been abandoned by Ning Xin.

Ning Xin laughed coldly and said: “Useless and dumb as he is, and he wants me to see him?”

“Do not forget, along the way in our journey towards the Battle Spirits Forest, ask them not to forget to take care of Jun Xie. It will be even better if they could force Fan Jin to step forward to defend him and have Fan Jin’s reputation fall even further.” Ning Xin ordered maliciously.

“Yes, Senior Ning!”


The Zephyr Academy’s convoy had travelled throughout the day and finally stopped as dusk approached. They had come halfway on their journey to the Battle Spirits Forest and it was expected that they would need another day at least before they would reach their destination.

All the disciples came out of their carriages. Having been jolted around within the carriages for the whole day, all of them were feeling sore and were aching all over.

The bonfire had been lit and the tired disciples sat around it, holding a hot meal in their hands and sipped at hot drinks, in small groups of three and five.

After the last horse carriage pulled to a stop, two figures stepped out of the carriage and the other disciples nearby looked up at them, and all the gazes were trained onto the smaller figure between them.

“Ptui! How can such a person still ashamedly remain in the Zephyr Academy? I had not seen him for a long time and thought that he had left for good!” One of the disciples cursed in a loud whisper.

“What is he doing here? Doesn’t he know the Spirit Hunt is filled with dangers?”

“Danger? You should be telling that to others! Not that guy, didn’t you see who was with him? That was Fan Jin! Ranked fourth in the last Spirit Battle Tournament! Leading that useless little guy around within the Battle Spirits Forest for a few days would be child’s play to him. Moreover, when you kill the Spirit Beasts, they drop spirit stones. With Fan Jin leading the charge at the front, that little one will just need to stay back and pick those stones up without moving a finger, why would he not come?”

“What does Senior Fan see in that puny kid anyway, the kid is obviously so shameless but Senior Fan is still so protective of him.”

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