GDBBM – Chapter 446

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Chapter 446: “Spirit Hunt (2)”

“Who knows?” The youths were seen to be saying it in contempt, but deep in their hearts, many of them were actually envious and jealous of Jun Xie, to have the highly admired Fan Jin hovering around him so protectively.

When they got off the carriage, all the stares from the other disciples were directed at them from many different directions, and not a single one among them was friendly. Jun Wu Xie was unperturbed and followed Fan Jin to sit down beside a fire.

Several disciples were seated by the fire and when they saw Jun Xie, they pursed up their mouths, their faces showing obvious disdain.

Fan Jin suppressed the anger rising up within his chest, or he would have given those disciples a good thrashing.  

“It’s been a long day, eat something.” Fan Jin handed a packet of dried preserved meat to Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Xie bit at it silently as endless mutterings and insults reached her ears.


[These people are really being obnoxious!”]

Jun Wu Xie did not say a word but continued to finish up the food and had a short drink before standing up and returning to the carriage to rest.

When they saw that Jun Wu Xie had left, those jealous and angry voices grew louder.

Fan Jin’s face was turning dangerously dark. The vicious curses and malicious insinuations were even too much for him to hear as a bystander and he did not know how Jun Xie could be so unaffected. Fan Jin did not want to stay around longer than needed and ate quickly before he returned to the carriage as well.

He had wanted to comfort Jun Xie a little but he came back to find Jun Xie fast asleep leaning against the carriage wall. Fan Jin sighed softly and took out his coat to cover Jun Xie’s tiny frame. Fan Jin sat directly across Jun Xie and held his head in his hand as he looked at the tiny figure sleeping before him.

To be frank, Jun Xie’s features were not thought to be outstanding, but without knowing why, Fan Jin was beginning to find that face more and more attractive. That high nose, those red lips, and the long curly lashes on those closed eyes.

As he stared longer at that face, Fan Jin found that the air in the carriage was getting hot and stifling. He gulped down some water and got out of the carriage, to let the chill night air cool down his heated body.

The little black cat was lying beside Jun Wu Xie and it opened its eyes a slit to peek at the flustered Fan Jin who had just hurried out of the carriage.

If that insanely overpowered demon were to know that someone here had developed some other intentions towards its mistress, wouldn’t he make mincemeat out of Fan Jin?

After resting for a night, the Zephyr Academy’s convoy continued on their journey. After two whole days of seemingly endless trundling and rattling, they finally arrived at the edge of the Battle Spirits Forest at midnight on the second day.

The vast expanses of the Battle Spirits Forest stretched endlessly, farther than the eye could see, and the forest bordered several different countries. The lure of the Spirit Beasts here attracted the eye of many and many people from different powers came here to hunt them, to gain more spirit stones.

High quality spirit stones were able to increase the powers of ring spirits and were in high demand. While ordinary Spirit Beasts only yielded tiny grains of spirit stones when they are killed and were too tiny to be set onto their rings linked to their ring spirits, people seeked to hunt the higher grade Spirit Beasts to gain spirit stones that they could set in their rings.

Although it was midnight, the outskirts of the Battle Spirits Forest were lit almost bright as day.

Big and small tents were erected all around the outskirts of the forest and many groups of hunters from many different powers were readying themselves for the hunt early the next morning within the Battle Spirits Forest.

When the Zephyr Academy’s convoy arrived at the edges of the Battle Spirits Forest, they inadvertently attracted the attention of the groups of hunters. The silvery white banners flying over the carriages were known to every single one of those hunters. The Zephyr Academy, one of the top three academies, well known to be a place that produced elite fighters and they had what everyone paid the most attention to, the Zephyr Academy’s one and only Spirit Healer faculty!

All the different factions among the hunters were also eyeing for a chance to win over the hearts of any disciple from the Spirit Healer faculty!

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