GDBBM – Chapter 443

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Chapter 443: “It’s Time (2)”

Jun Wu Xie stood up and proceeded to step out of the room. Fan Zhuo hurried to get up and followed after Jun Xie.

In the yard, the disciples who were shouting endlessly were further encouraged when they saw Jun Xie come out, and their curses and taunts grew in intensity.

“Go back to your doghouses and let the pack know that I will turn up on the day of the Spirit Hunt. Since you dogs want me to go so badly, I shall grant your wishes. Just don’t regret it later.” Jun Wu Xie said as she gave the disciples a chilling gaze. The frosty voice penetrated like a cold blade, piercing through the ruckus the disciples were making.

The disciples were shocked and suddenly terrified by Jun Wu Xie’s words and they were just about to step up to rebut when they were met with the frosty eyes of Jun Wu Xie’s. They saw the frigid chill in those eyes and the razor sharp gaze. The chill penetrated their hearts and the disciples all cringed involuntarily, feeling all their courage seep into the ground. One of them barely managed a soft almost inaudible mumble in his attempt to say something and they all ran away with their tails between their legs.

After those troublemakers had left, Fan Zhuo asked immediately: “Little Xie, you are intending to go for the Spirit Hunt? What did your words earlier mean?”

The Spirit Hunt, was a grand event the Zephyr Academy organized every half yearly. On the day of the Spirit Hunt, all of the Zephyr Academy’s disciples would assemble and be sent to the Battle Spirits Forest to hunt the Spirit Beasts. Hunting Spirit Beasts will gain you spirit stones and train the disciples in their actual combat experience. But the Battle Spirits Forest extended across vast expanses and even when the thousands of disciples entered the forest all at once, they would be just like a grain of sand in the sea. All kinds of Spirit Beasts, from low to high grades, reside within the forest and if one was not careful, and they angered a ferocious Spirit Beast, they could easily become food for the Spirit Beast. In all the previous Spirit Hunt meets, there were always disciples who lost their lives to the Battle Spirits Forest.

Besides the disciples in the main division of the Zephyr Academy, even the branch division disciples were included in the Spirit Hunt. And the highest losses in the previous meets, had always come from the branch division.

On the day of the Spirit Hunt, those seniors who were mentoring the new disciples, were required to lead their wards throughout the whole event and this was one of the main reason why so many seniors dreaded to mentor the freshmen.

The Battle Spirits Forest was filled with danger and one could not be sure if they would get through it safely themselves and being dragged down by a weak and inexperienced freshman wasn’t an entirely attractive proposition.

Jun Xie might have attained an orange spirit, but his ring spirit was…..

Fan Zhuo could not help himself but turned his gaze solemnly onto the little black cat on Jun Xie’s shoulders.

Little black was really cute, but when it came to battle…..

“I’ve stayed here rather long, it is time I go back to the academy.” Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed. So many people “yearned” for her to return, and she thought she should grant them their wish.

Fan Zhuo’s face was one of panic and he hurriedly said: “Little Xie, you do not have to care about what all the others say. My brother and I know for sure you are not the kind of person they say you are. You do not have to change a single thing about yourself and you can just stay here as long as you want. Having you here has been really nice and you saved my life, making you my saviour. I know all this is the doing of Ah Jing and I will make him go back to the academy tomorrow. You….. don’t go.” Fan Zhuo’s tone was almost pleading and his pale face was looking more tired than usual due to the anxiety.

However, Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

“My return, is not due to anyone’s influence, and just my decision alone.”

Ah Jing was at best only a pawn. Jun Wu Xie could not be bothered to retaliate against a mindless idiot. She had heard every word those disciples who had come to the bamboo grove shouting and cursing in the past two days. Every of those curses and scoldings had all been taunting her to get out of the bamboo grove.

And if she were to return to the academy at this time, she would have to partake in the Spirit Hunt.

Was that not what those people were after?


With her return, those people had better not regret it. Even if they do…..

It’s too late!

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