GDBBM – Chapter 444

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Chapter 444: “It’s Time (3)”

Jun Xie was determined to partake in the Spirit Hunt and Fan Zhuo was unable to convince him otherwise even when he dragged Fan Jin together with him to persuade Jun Xie.

Fortunately, Fan Jin will be with Jun Xie during the Spirit Hunt and Fan Zhuo had complete confidence in his brother’s skills and that set his mind at ease a little.

Ah Jing was driven out from the bamboo grove that very night by Fan Zhuo. Ah Jing sobbed and wailed noisily and incessantly, which made Fan Jin so frustrated that he knocked Ah Jing out with a single strike and threw him into the Headmaster’s study, dumping the problem into Fan Qi’s lap.

The day of the Spirit Hunt was closing in fast and the hunt would go on for seven days. Jun Wu Xie prepared all the things that Fan Zhuo would need for his recuperation and during the time she would be away, she would leave the little black cat behind in the bamboo grove.

When the Fan brothers heard that, they immediately refused.

From what they could see, Little Black was Jun Xie’s Ring Spirit and although the little cat might be of a low grade, it would nevertheless still be a form of protection for the small sized Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie had intended to leave the little black cat behind to identify the culprit behind Fan Zhuo’s drugging. However, with herself away from the bamboo grove, Fan Zhuo would not be able put on a convincing act of a relapse anyway, Jun Wu Xie finally gave up on the idea.

A few days before the day of the Spirit Hunt, Jun Wu Xie shut herself in completely. The Snow Lotus’ recovery was coming along rather nicely, and she needed the last few days to intensify the Snow Lotus’ healing before it could revert back to his former glory.

The improved Spirit Healing technique nourished the Snow Lotus’ spirit a little by little gradually till it finally regained its exquisite and elegant form.

“What is the actual purpose of taking part in the Spirit Hunt?” The little black cat was lying on the table, brushing at the Snow Lotus’ petals with its slowing swishing tail.

It did not believe for a moment that its mistress would succumb to the taunts of a few brats in the academy.

Jun Wu Xie’s palm was covered over the top of the Snow Lotus and slivers of her spirit power were coming out from her palm and enveloping the pristine white lotus flower in its entirety.

“I’ve been mired in the orange level for a long time.” Jun Wu Xie said softly.

The little black cat’s eyes lit up.

“Haha! You’ve already selected your unlucky target?”

In order for Jun Wu Xie to achieve a breakthrough, she needed to devour the ring spirit of others. She had been stuck in the orange level for some time now but she had not found any suitable ring spirits. When Jun Wu Xie spoke those words, the little black cat understood immediately what its mistress was driving at.

“No.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

The little black cat blinked in thought. Based on what it knew of its mistress, it guessed: “You are just waiting to see who would come up to you on their own, and ask to be devoured?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly. “Someone wants me to take part in the Spirit Hunt, and that would naturally mean they have made plans for me there. No matter who it is, I should be grateful to them.”

She would be grateful to anyone who would deliver a ring spirit for her to achieve the breakthrough, and was extending her thanks in advance.

“Moreover, Hua Yao and the others will be taking part as well and it’s high time we meet up with them.” In the Cloudy Peaks the last time, the Two Headed Bone Snake and the Yin Yang Bear had sustained severe injuries and since Jun Wu Xie had learnt the Spirit Healing Technique, she had naturally thought of them.

“Would the little blooming idiot be fully recovered in the next few days?” The little black cat asked, staring the newly revived Snow Lotus.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes, as they suddenly steeled in determination.

The time passed day by day and the day of the Spirit Hunt for the Zephyr Academy finally arrived once again.

Early that morning, everyone within the Zephyr Academy readied themselves for the trip as they made their way towards the Battle Spirits Forest, to undergo the trial that was conducted two times a year.

Over in the forest, some of them might start to become aware of the initial approach towards a breakthrough, while some others might suddenly lose their lives forever to the unknown Spirit Beasts that roam the forests.

Hundreds of horse carriages rumbled in an orderly convoy, rolling out through the gates of the Zephyr Academy.

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