And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body

Alternative Name: Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada o Te ni Ireru (そして少女は悪女の体を手に入れる)
Author: Kurokawa Tenri
Artist: –
Category: Japanese Web Novel, Shoujo, Romance
Status: Ongoing
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Kahoim
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I was born with an incredibly frail body. When the curtain was about to close on my life at the age of 17, a breathtakingly cute angel with a gentle smile appeared before me and gave me the body of another person.
Apparently, this girl seems to have gone to ended their own life.

I got this body because her death was unscheduled, but I don’t intend to follow her path.
Anyways, this is a really healthy body!
Not like the weak body I had at all!

Thank you very much! I’ll make sure live life to the fullest in this body no matter what obstacles come my way!
What!? This girl was hated? My family shuns me? That doesn’t matter.
I’ll overcome anything now that I have this healthy body! I don’t care that she didn’t have friends. I didn’t have any either!

All right, I’ll try my best in this new life!

Translation discontinued due to unfavorable reply from author.
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39 thoughts on “And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body”

  1. thank you verymuch for translating, read the first three releases and im getting high expectation already, hope to see more of your releases sooner!

  2. Good idea for story but it’s a pity that heroine is an idiot in heat. Anyway, it’s a shoujo so that type is not unusual.

  3. This story so far is wonderfully optimistic and cute! It makes me happy just to see how positive the main character is. Worth the read! ^^

  4. heyoo~ all the “previous chapter” links are broken. It’s because its directing you to “wicked-girl-chapter-4/” when it should just be “wicked-girl-4/” for example.

  5. Just found this after catching up to the end of the re: monster wiki and looking around for any interesting looking novels. found novelupdates and lots of various links and somehow ended up here.

    This one is pretty interesting, IMO.

    Thanks for making it possible in English.


  7. So the average release of the chapters of this series is 4-9 days.. A pity i really like the story .. Ohh well thanks for translating. I cant wait for more.

    1. if you can read the moon runes, it’s not that the author doesn’t want their work translated, but they feel it’s incredibly rude to translate their story without permission. As a comparison I’m coming up with here, sensei is inviting their close friends to a private art gallery viewing, and the well intentioned translator, who only wants to share sensei’ art with the world, is taking long distance pictures from the bushes across the street. If you’re creepy and secretive about your good intentions, they’ll be frowned upon.

    2. That’s so sad~ It would of been nice if the author let it be translated. We usually buy the novels we read before like Overlord and No Game No Life. It’s sucks how there is no official way for forgers to have an access to Asian web novels.

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