Wicked Girl 4

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Chapter 4

It’s a good thing the world is so convenient now. When I searched the name Hijiri Rin School on my smartphone it showed me where and how to get there.

Let’s see, from here it’ll take ten minutes if I use the train. The train? Do I need to use the train to commute to school every day? Instead of just seeing it I get to ride in it, this is the first time in my life!

As I smiled while glancing at the map, I noticed other people who were wearing the same uniform. Could they be my classmates? Are we in the same classes? I couldn’t stop from feeling restless.

While I was waiting for the train I got thirsty so I bought an energy drink from the vending machine. I didn’t want to waste Aika’s money but my throat was dry. Maybe I’ll ask for a water canteen tomorrow.

When I heard the announcement that the train would arrive soon, I got prepared and saw the train coming. This is an actual train! I almost unintentionally waved at the train but I endured that urge.

Inside the train were so many businessmen and students that it almost looked congested. I aimed for a spot that I saw someone was leaving from. I sat down and surveyed my surroundings, the particular smell of the train raised my excitement. If there wasn’t anyone else in the train I was sure that I would’ve jumped around.

Once the train started moving I was gazing at the passing scenery when I noticed a girl who looked ill standing up. Could it be motion sickness? I set my bag down on my seat and decided to call out to her.

“Um, you look like you’re not feeling well, are you okay? You can seat here if you’d like.”

“Uh, but..”

When I approached her I saw that her face was looking so pale that I thought she might collapse any second. I guided the reserved lady to the seat and decided to give her the sports drink I bought earlier. The truth is, it was my first time having that drink so I bought two since I thought it tasted so good. That actually helped out.

“Take this if you’d like.”

“Thank you very much.”

She thanked me to the point that I felt embarrassed. It would have been awkward if I kept standing there so I moved near the doors. I’m healthy now so I’m fine with standing here. It’s wonderful to be healthy.

Suddenly, I had the feeling that someone was looking at me from the next train over and when I glanced back I saw that he was a male student, probably from the same school. Wow, he’s very good looking. Yuuya is also handsome but this guy is a different kind of ikemen. (Ikemen= good looking guy)

With his silky black hair and glasses he gave off a smart image. When my eyes met with the student with good facial features, he kept staring with no change in expression. Why?

He kept looking at me despite our eyes meeting, it’s a little strange to be stared at like this. For now I should smile. He could possibly be Aika’s acquaintance so I’ll try smiling sweetly.

What’ll happen now? He looked away instantly. Why!? Could I have been the only one who thought that our eyes met and he was looking at something else… this is so embarrassing!! Of course he would look away. To him it must seem like while he was looking at something, suddenly this strange girl in his field of vision started to smile at him.

I turned toward the door and gazed at the scenery so the same thing wouldn’t happen again. I shouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly… I want to go burrow in a hole.

When I arrived at my stop I trudged out, feeling downhearted. Since I didn’t know which exit to take I waited for the girls with the same uniform to go first and exited the station.

As I walked while using the map on my smartphone, the number of students increased around me. At the same time, I felt many gazes on me. I felt the gazes of two guys who kept on sneaking glances at me. It felt like the girls were whispering together while looking at me. It could be that I’m just being overly self-conscious. I had just recently had that misunderstanding so in order to not make that mistake again I quickly headed towards school.

“Was there always a girl like that at our school?”
“Pretty-. Did you see? Her face was very small, and her legs were super long.”
“Oh no, I might have fallen for her.”

I’ve finally arrived at the place I’d been dreaming of!
Hijiri Rin Academy. An orange gate and a white school building. Ah, this is the school I get to go to from today. I’m so moved that I’m tearing up.

Many students were standing before the front gate. Sometimes students would get someone and talk to them and then go greet another student. Could this possibly be a greeting activity or something? Then I should go give them an energetic greeting.

“Good Morning!”

“Good morning.”

The one who turned around was yet another ikemen. S-So bright! My chances of running into an ikemen are high recently!

He had swept back hair and narrow eyes, and gives off an air of intimidation that suggests that he’s part of a shady occupation. He’s very cool looking but seems hard to approach, or to put it bluntly, scary. Going past me as I froze, a girl greeted him as he was passing through.

“Good morning, Katsuragi-kun. Good job with the clothing inspection. It looks like a lot of work from the morning.”

“Good morning. I am in the disciplinary committee after all.”

Wow. This is what a handsome guy and pretty girl looks like. The girl had slightly dyed light brown hair and the guy had such graceful features that he seemed hard to approach. They look like a well-suited couple.

The guy’s name was Katsuragi and he’s in the disciplinary committee. His work sounds difficult, they have to check every student so early in the morning. Sorry I thought you looked scary.

“You, I’ve never seen you before, are you a transfer student?”

I was unable to respond right away because of how sudden he called me. I couldn’t stop myself from freezing since I was being looked at so directly. In that moment, I learned that the words too handsome were a dangerous weapon.

“… Why are you hiding your face with your bag?”

“I fully understand that I’m being rude. Katsuragi, you’re too cool that I can’t properly look you in the eye! I’m sorry!”

I know that I can just avert my eyes if I can’t look at him but it’s so rude to talk to people without looking them in the eyes. So I decided to just say how I felt and use my bag as a wall to talk.

“You’re a pretty strange girl aren’t you. Haha, that’s the first time someone’s said that to me.”

When I moved my bag slightly to take a peek, I saw that the corners of Katsuragi-san’s mouth were raised in a smile. Woah, what a dangerous weapon!

“What’s your name? If you’re a transfer student I’ll lead you to the staff room.”

“No thank you! I’m not a transfer student so I’ll be alright. Good job out there. Please keep at it.”
I used my bag as a shield so I wouldn’t see his and escaped the area. My body may be healthy but my heart has no endurance. I didn’t know if the reason why my heart was pounding so fast was because I ran or if it was because I saw Katsuragi-san’s face. My face is gradually getting hotter.

I looked for my class year at the shoe racks. When I found my own there weren’t many students nearby. Oh no, I’m going to be late. In a rush I grabbed my slippers and froze out of shock again. It was because my, Shinozuka Aika’s, shoe rack was painted out black. To put it more accurately, slanderous words were written on it.

『Gross, Annoying, Ugly, Die』

It had nasty things written on it like the words that often appear in novels and manga. Unforgivable.

Despite Aika-chan being this cute! There’s no way I’m dying, since I’m going to live in the place of Aika!

Written inside the indoor slippers included, 『Don’t go near Ichinose senpai.』which really bothered me. If they don’t want me to go near him I won’t but who exactly is Ichinose?

I don’t have an extra pair of slippers, and these stand out so much that there’s no mistaking what it is. But the inside isn’t dirty or wet so this is fine, although it’s completely black.

I have no clue where my classroom is. I felt lucky when I found a map near the entrance, and when I went to the second floor I found the staff room.

I don’t know if the bell is ringing soon but I felt that the students were now rushing faster and saw a teacher exit from the staff room. Shoot, I need to hurry!

“The girl there, wait.”

After hearing him I stopped and turned around. It must be because I was about to run. You’re not allowed to run in the halls at high school, I messed up.

“Sorry that I ran. I didn’t think I’d make it in time.”

“It’s not about that. It’s about those slippers. Are you being bullied?”

It’s so straightforward that I don’t know what to say. I should probably say that I am but the one being bullied was Aika and isn’t the me now. I didn’t know what kind of bullying she got so for now I’ll act like I don’t know.

“No, you’re wrong.”

“Saying that while wearing those slippers won’t persuade me.”

He’s right. I couldn’t think of a good excuse so I looked away.

“What’s your name and which class are you in?”


“What’s your name and which class are you in?”

“… I’m a second year, Shinozuka Aika from Class A.”


I answered honestly but he responded with a look of shock. This is the so called stink eye.

The teacher was young with a light perm and hair dyed light brown. It’s a little disappointing to see that he has stubble on his face but it’s actually not that bad. He could possibly be in the ikemen category. I’m so full already.

“Are you really Shinozuka?”

“Yes. Don’t I look like Shinozuka Aika no matter how you look at me?”

But on the inside I’m not. Since I look like Aika-chan, I spun around to make sure he knew.

“I can only see you as another person. You always had your face painted thick with makeup. Did you sleep in late and not have enough time to put on makeup?”

What could this be. The moment I told him my name, the air got tense and his words got more malicious. This feels like deja vu. Oh, it must be that! It’s like how Yuuya-kun acted. Now that I think of it wasn’t she hated by her teachers too? Aika-chan, you lived in quite heavy circumstances…. Poor Aika-chan, it must have been difficult.

“I woke up early but I failed at my makeup. Is it necessary for me to wear makeup?”

“Not really. I didn’t really care what your face looked like but it’s pointless to try to challenge me with no makeup. Your character is too rotten. Hurry up and get to class, you’re an eyesore.”

Challenging at him without makeup is pointless because my character is rotten, is he saying that I’m cute? Oh no, that’s making me feel shy.

“Don’t get happy, it’s creepy.”

“S-Sorry. I’m happy that you complimented me.”

“What? Where in that sentence did I compliment you? Are you an idiot?”

“If I challenge you with no makeup my personality is rotten so I’m no good. But then that means all I need to do is make my personality lovely right? What do you think I need to change about myself Sensei?”


Wha…. to suddenly be told to change everything is difficult.

“Specifically, what should I fix about myself?”

“The mindset that you are the cutest in the world.”

It’s true that Aika-chan is cute but there are people like that pretty girl at the school gate that are even more cute out there. I nearly became a narcissist. Thanks Sensei.

“Thanks for the warning. Is there anything else?”

“That rotten personality you have in which you believe every guy in the world will fall for you.”

Really, I don’t think I do that. How many people do you think are out there. I bet there were guys who liked Aika-chan but now that I’m her, their feelings might change. I feel bad.

“I don’t think all the guys in the world will fall for me so I think I’m all right.”


“Is there anything else? I’ll try my best to change.”

“Did you hit your head? Or did you eat something weird?”

“My mom’s breakfast was very good.”


“I feel like I’m being looked at with a shocked expression. Did I respond in a strange way? Ah, it’s the bell! What time is it now? Homeroom is going to start.

“Excuse me!”

I ran to my classroom while bowing my head. A rule violation? Please overlook this!

“Is that really Shinozuka?”

Second year Class A. My nervousness was at a peak, standing in front of the classroom. From today this is my class. Ah, there are classmates in the same grade here. There are girls the same age as me here. Angel-san told me that Aika-chan had no friends so I would like to make some new friends.

I energetically opened the door.

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