Wicked Girl Prologue

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It was a quiet night. In a certain university hospital, the life of a girl was fading away.
The girl knew as it became harder to breathe through her lungs that it was the end.

Since she was born her heart was weak and her doctor said that she wouldn’t make it past ten. Luckily, her family was very wealthy so she was constantly hospitalized and which allowed her to live past her 17th birthday.

But she knew that her heart would stop working eventually. As her consciousness faded the girl thanked her parents, her doctor, and her nurse for everything. Thank you, thank you.

She was glad to be born despite spending her entire life hospitalised. Her body had been though a lot of surgery and towards the end she wasn’t even able to lift herself up. Despite this, the girl had only one thought,

“I.. I want to keep living.”

Without her wish being fulfilled, her consciousness fell into a deep void.

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  1. GonZ says:

    Meatbun came to play~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

  2. liz says:

    would like to pass this story to an application called wattpad, but I would like to ask for permission since it is not mine.

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