Wicked Girl 2

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Chapter 2

When I regain consciousness I’ll be in a different realm… Wait, what?

I was forcefully awakened and froze when I saw my surroundings.

Around me was furniture I’d never seen before. Wait, this isn’t a hospital. This is a girl’s room. There were tons of accessories and cute stuffed animals lined up. Ah, I’ve always wanted to have a room like this.

Wait a second.


I glanced at my hand. It looked very skinny and pale. My nails are smooth and looked like they were cared for nicely. There wasn’t a single mark on my nails.


I found the tall mirror in the room and glanced at my face and body.

“No.. No way….”

As I peered into the mirror I saw long, black hair and a face with a good complexion looking back at me. Rather than being skin and bones my body was very womanly with all the right curves.

I touched my face over and over and spinned in circles. This body is mine starting today.

“I did it!!”

This doesn’t feel real! I got such a cute face and I’m a healthy girl? This really isn’t a dream?

When I pinched my cheek it hurt a lot. Yes, I’m not dreaming. Now I’m not too skinny or pale. I used to hate looking at my face as it progressively got worse so I don’t even remember the last time I looked in the mirror. It doesn’t matter what happens, I’m healthy now!

“Thank you Angel-san!”

I kept jumping with joy. I couldn’t help but acting like a little kid. Since I was truly happy, there’s nothing wrong with a few jumps… jumping?

“Wait, I can jump now! Awesome!!”

I never thought I would ever jump. To be able to jump that many times without any pain, this is too amazing!

To think that the person who became breathless after sitting up would eventually jump, it’s making me tear up.

“You’re being loud Aika! Why are you so noisy, it’s morning.”

“Oh, sorry.”

I instinctively apologized since that’s what Japanese people naturally do. Anyways, who is this person? This mysterious old lady just suddenly entered my room after hearing me. Wait, I got it!

“You must be my mother.”

“What are you talking about. Go eat breakfast since you’re up now. I can’t clean the table until you eat.”

The mysterious old lady angrily stormed out of my room.

What a shock, to think that she was my sister. Just because our ages are far apart doesn’t mean I could say something so rude. I’m such an idiot. I’ll apologize later. What? Did she say breakfast?

“I can eat food now!”

While I was on the verge of death I couldn’t eat food and had to use a drip. Rather than a hospital food, I can eat home cooking. Food I could only see on the internet. Of course I’ll eat it!

I looked around as I left my room and walked down the stairs. Since it was a habit, I leaned against the wall as I descended slowly.

Right in front of the staircase after I descended was the entranceway. There were many shoes lined up. What is her family like anyways? Now that I think of it, I don’t know anything about her. All I know is that she likes rabbits.

…Oh no, I have a bad feeling about this. It’s bad that I don’t even know who’s in her family. Come back Angel-san!

The distress I was feeling was instantly blown away by the smell of breakfast. As a military commander once said, “No army can fight on an empty stomach,” so I decided to go ahead and eat for now.

Not only can I jump but I can also skip, so I nimbly opened the gate. I’d always wanted to be like this. I puffed up my chest and took a step outside when,

“How embarrassing for you to wear your pajamas outside. Although it may be golden week you’re being too carefree. Here, eat your meal.”

My sister appeared from the kitchen with a tray. The delicious smell of the miso soup made my stomach yearn with desire. It’s a good thing to be hungry. On the dining table were traditional Japanese breakfast dishes such as egg and grilled salmon. Ah, I love Japanese-style meals.



Feeling thankful for my sister who prepared and made my food, I moved my chopsticks towards the tamagoyaki. The moment I put the food in my mouth, the sweet flavor spread throughout and gave me a feeling of joy.

Sweet, it’s a sweet tamagoyaki. It’s so delicious. When was the last time I ate something sweet?
Next lets drink the miso soup. It was traditional with wakame and tofu. It’s good, it’s so good! It warmed up my body and my heart. This is truly the taste of home style cooking!

“…What are you crying for?”

Before I knew it tears were streaming down my face.

“The food was so good….. Thank you Onee-san.”

“What! Why are you saying something so creepy. You always called me an old hag, you’re being so weird right now. What are you planning?”

“Oh no, it’s truly delicious. Thank you for allowing me to eat such a great meal you’ve made.”

When I looked at the clock it was past ten.

The time for breakfast had ended a while ago but the miso soup was still very warm. So she must’ve reheated it for me. What a kind person. This is what you call a mother’s flavor isn’t it.

“Thank you for the meal.”


Ahh, that was so good. It makes me so happy to know that I’ll be eating this breakfast every day. Is it okay for me to be this happy? I feel like something bad is going to happen.

“You won’t get anything by showering me with compliments. You, who doesn’t help at all cannot be helped.”

Providing help. I’ve always wanted to do that since I was a child. That is the path that every child takes as they grow up.

Hehe, let’s try that path out shall we. Although you can’t call me a child anymore. But now I want to try it out, helping someone.

“Is there anything you need help with?”


She knitted her eyebrows and stared at me as if I said something dreadful. Did I say anything odd?

“Do you want some money? Or is there anything you want me to buy?”

“No, there’s nothing that I want. If anything, I want to do manual labor.”

I used to always be on the receiving side of assistance so now I want to be useful to someone. Those who work will be rewarded. She gave me such a good breakfast so now I want to return the favor, in fact I would love to help.

“….If you insist, please go sweep and clean the entranceway.”

“With pleasure!”

“Don’t go outside wearing that, it’s indecent!”

I got scolded after happily leaving the living room. It’s true that cleaning in your pajamas isn’t good. Let’s change at once.”

When I opened the doors on my dresser, inside I saw many bright and frilly western-style clothes. So cute! Can I wear any of these? I never thought I would be able to wear such cute clothes, it seems like this girl was pretty fashionable. Nice! Oh but this skirt seems way too short… if I bent over you could easily see my underwear. Woah, these underwear are pretty showy!

I found a pink jersey hidden in the corner of the drawer. Okay, let’s begin cleaning. Long hair will just get in the way so let me just tie it. Inside the cute white dresser were a ton of glittering accessories which were hard to choose from. Fashion is supposed to be one of a woman’s joys isn’t it.

The dustpan and broom were at the entranceway. Ha ha I know how to use these. You collect trash with the broom and sweep it into the dustpan, right. What is this? It’s actually pretty difficult.

No matter how hard I tried to sweep all the trash into the dustpan there was always a little trash left over. When I shifted a little and repeated the process I ended up hitting my bottom on the front door.

I was asked to clean the entranceway but should I also clean outside? When I think about going outside my heart speeds up out of excitement. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the outside. Feeling excited, I opened the door.

“Woah, it’s so bright!!”

My eyes burn after looking at the sun! I didn’t know that the power of nature was that incredible. Never was I able to see the sun in its full radiance. Kuu, revenge!

Next time, instead of immediately sticking my face out I’ll slowly open the front door.

Then I felt elements such as the wind and sun embrace my face and give off a faint aura. At my feet, small flower pots were lined up and cute little flowers were blooming. The light of the sun is so warming. Right now it feels like I can photosynthesize! It’s so wonderful to be alive!

“Yes, I better clean now.”

When reached my hand out to feel the sun’s rays my eyes caught on the broom and the dustpan. Oh shoot, I was in the middle of helping out. I forgot because of how moved I was.

I sweeped around the front door and the flowerpots which made my back hurt. Near my feet I saw the shadow of something that wasn’t my own. At the same moment, I felt a presence behind me.


When I turned around I saw a very tan man a head taller than me standing. He also had a very displeased looking expression. Who is he?


“Um, hey.”

Who could he be? It became kind of hard to talk in this kind of atmosphere and my voice wouldn’t come out. He knitted his eyebrows and glared at me before heading straight inside my house silently.
Could he possibly be a sibling? Since I was an only child it makes me happy to learn that I had two siblings. I want to get along with my siblings and do something like playing card games together. I always wanted to have siblings I was close to like in those family dramas.

When I finished cleaning and returned inside, I saw him again wearing his white t-shirt.

He had a good build, short black hair, and was very tan. He seems like the type who does sports. When our eyes met again he furrowed his brows and slowly clicked his tongue as he left the living room. Have I done something wrong?

…..No way, he must’ve wanted to do the cleaning! That’s why he’s so irritated at me who took away his job. What a terrible thing I’ve done! I need to apologize for this.

When I was about to open the door into the living room, I heard people talking inside.

“Onee-san was doing stuff outside, did anything happen?

“The thing is, your sister asked to help out. It felt so creepy.”

“Uwa, how weird. She’s definitely planning something.”

“Looks like it. If that’s the case, there’s no way you wouldn’t bring it up.”

Oh, I guess he must be my younger brother then. I always wanted a little brother so I’ll give him lots of attention. That means I must be the middle child then. It seems like things will be more fun since now I have both an elder sister and a younger brother.

“Mother I’m hungry. Give me food.”


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