Wicked Girl 8

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Chapter 8

I woke up at 6am. For the sake of my health I won’t miss the radio taiso.

Since that moment yesterday I haven’t talked to Yuuya-kun so I was wondering if we were going to eat breakfast together but then my mom told me,

“Yuuya-kun has morning training.”

Afu. I didn’t get to see him.

“Yuuya is probably thinking about a lot of things right now so please let him be.”


That’s right. His mind must be in disorder from hearing that I lost my memories. It would be nice if we could get a little closer.

Alright, I’m going to try my best today!

“Please get ready as soon as you eat breakfast since we’re going to school together.”

“What, you’re coming to school too?”

“Of course I am. I have to explain about what happened to you, Aika-chan.”

That’s right! Having my mom explain things would make it seem more credible. Also, I don’t know if I can explain it correctly so I’ll let my mom handle this for me.

For my second day of school, I’m commuting by car rather than by train. Too bad, I couldn’t ride the train. I wanted to memorize the path without a map and even more importantly the smell coming from the bakery near the station smelled fantastic. I could get full just from smelling it.

We arrived at school and headed straight towards the staff room. Apparently mom had contacted the school in advance so my homeroom teacher came out of the staff room and led us to the council room.

“Well then, what is your business here?”

“Thank you for always taking care of my daughter. The truth is, I have something I need to talk about. Take a look at this.”

She took out the medical certificate from her bag. For some reason my heart was racing. I’m sure that I don’t have a good impression on my teachers so what should I do if they get angry like Yuuya-kun did?

As soon as my teacher saw the medical certificate, his forehead wrinkle became one deep line. Hehh…

“Could this be…. some kind of mistake? Isn’t this just another one of her tricks?”

Aika-chaan. What were you doing all the time!?

“Sorry for troubling you, teacher but this medical certificate is real. Yesterday, we went to the hospital together and she received it from the doctor. My daughter has, “All life history amnesia,” so in other words, she has forgotten all of her memories.”

“Well, but…..”

He glanced at me and I saw the look of doubt in his eyes. Yeah, he’s not going to believe it.

“Was there anything strange about your daughter yesterday?”

“Yeah, she was acting much different than usual. I didn’t believe it at first,”

“But that’s what actually happened. I know I’m giving you a lot of trouble, but please take care of my daughter.”

Seeing my mother bow, I also lowered my head deeply. It’s possible that Aika-chan may have done something bad to this teacher but I don’t want to suspect her that much.

“I understand. I’ll do whatever I can on my side.”

After that my mother returned home and I silently headed towards the classroom with my teacher.

To be honest it felt very awkward….. Anything is fine just talk about something cheerful! Frantically thinking of something to say I asked,

“Did I do anything to you that made you dislike me?”


Why, out of all things, did I bring that up!?

When my teacher stopped to look back at me, his eyes were not displeased or full of rage but rather looked cold as ice.

I’ve never been looked at with eyes like that before. Even Yuuya-kun didn’t show me that kind of look.

I’m scared, I don’t know what my teacher is thinking.

I took and step back and gulped as my teacher slowly approached me.

“Do you not remember, or are you acting like you forgot. Either way it doesn’t matter to me. Nevertheless, it won’t change the fact that you destroyed my future.”


He walked past me as I froze up and continued to walk down the corridor towards the classroom.

Aika-chan destroyed my teachers future? That is a crime I must carry…. Aika-chan, what on earth did you do!?

I arrived at my seat after walking unsteadily and Tanaka-kun talked to me out of concern. Ahh, Tanaka-kun’s kindness pierces my chest.

“Are you okay? Your complexion doesn’t look so good.”

When I was forming a reply, my teacher began to announce to the class.

“I have one last thing to say. This morning, I heard from Shinozuka’s mother that Shinozuka has amnesia. I’m sure it’s shocking to you all since it’s so sudden but please help her out.”

What…. Somehow his expression seems much different than it was earlier.

My head was in another place in my bewilderment and the teacher left as homeroom ended. Then I felt the gazes from people around me. People were whispering amongst each other as they looked at me. I had already expected this to happen so I didn’t mind their gazes.

The thing that bothers me the most is how my teacher was acting. I was shocked at how different my teacher acted towards me when we were alone compared to how he treated the class. Although he was so cold earlier, in front of the class he acts worried about me. Which side of him is the real one?

“You’ll be all right. Right now everyone’s puzzled but you’ll be able to get along with them.”


He must have misunderstood that I was troubled because I wanted to get along with everyone. He’s trying to cheer me up. How nice of him.

Thats right! Couldn’t I ask Tanaka-kun more about what happened with my teacher? Although he may not know everything in detail, I want to know things like how he usually acted towards Aika-chan.

“Um, I have something to ask you Tanaka-kun.”

“For me? What is it?”

“I was wondering, did I not get along with our teacher?”

“Sure, by our teacher you mean Satou-sensei?”

“Yeah, our homeroom teacher.”

If I remember correctly I believe that was his name…..It’s so difficult since there’s so many names I have to memorize.

“It looked to me that he was acting the same as usual? Also I’ve never really seen the two of you together before.”

As usual. There’s no way that’s true. It’s quite possible that he acted that way so that other people wouldn’t know. If he acted coldly in front of the class, it could influence everyone negatively.

“Ah, but…”


I wonder if he’s remembered something. He started speaking as if it was something a little hard to say.

“Just one time, I saw sensei glaring at Shinozuka-san. It felt as if I were looking at a parents enemy, it seemed very frightening. It could just be my imagination though.”


That’s not just your imagination.

As I thought, Aika-chan must have done something to sensei. I wonder what she did? It—really—bothers—me—.

I wonder if when he said I destroyed his future he means I ruined his future as a teacher? Like a salary cut? Or maybe he became unable to obtain a promotion!

If that’s the case, I wonder what I should do. Of course, I can’t think of anything I could do.

“Don’t feel bad. If you act as you do now Shinozuka I’m sure you’ll be able to get along. It’s very easy to talk to you now.”

Me right now. He’s looking at me. I have Aika-chan’s body but inside I am myself. He’s not looking at me as Aika-chan but he sees me for who I am inside.

“Thank you Tanaka-kun! I’ll try my best!”

“O-okay, oh, yeah. I want to become your strength so tell me anything.”

“I’m really thankful! You’re so nice Tanaka-kun.”

“No, thats not true. …I have an ulterior motive.”

I plunged forward and approached Tanaka-kun and conveyed my thanks with words. It made me so happy to know that he sees me for who I am inside. What he said at the end didn’t reach my ears.

“Shit, I’m jealous of Tanaka-kun.”

“Does losing your memories change you that much? I can only see her as a totally different person—.”

“….Isn’t it all a lie? It just seems too convenient.”

“True—. It’s obvious that she lied in order to attract guys.”

Everyone in the class looked at me from a distance and didn’t try to talk to me. Yeah, that’s how life is. I won’t give up!

For the sixth class activity we had to talk about the events during the athletic festival. I wonder what kind of events there will be. My heart won’t stop racing.

I opened the guidebook I had received yesterday and opened it to the event page. Wondering what events I could participate in, I took a peek at it.

【Second Year Contest Events】

  1. 50M Run
  2. Borrowing Contest
  3. Obstacle Race
  4. Eat me
  5. Cavalry Battle
  6. Tug of War
  7. Together with you
  8. Different Class Years Relay

Uwa—, this feels like an athletic festival! But I have no idea what two of these are. What kind of contests are those?

Most people seemed to think the same thing so the classroom got noisy. Our class representative wrote the events on the board and called out for our attention.

“Be quiet. Our contest includes these six events. Each person has to participate in at least two events. 『Eat me』 is girls only and the 『Cavalry Battle』 is boys only. If you have any questions please raise your hand.”

“O-K-. What is『Eat me』and the『Cavalry Battle』?

Wow how great. To be allowed to enter two events! Hooray, this has brought out my motivation. I was always bedridden so I’ve never exercised before so I need to practice.

“ 『Eat me』 is a bread eating race. 『You get a partner』 and have a three legged race. It’s decided that each group needs to be one guy and one girl.”

“What—, a bread eating race? I don’t want to, it seems lame.”

“Me too.”

B-Bread eating!?

It’s great that we have it, for an athletic festival event it’s a standard and furthermore bread eating is an event most people need to experience. I haven’t seen it much in manga and novels so to have this event at our school is fantastic—!

I want to do it, I definitely want to participate!

“So for now lets choose the pairs for『Together with you』. In here are lottery tickets so your partner is the person with the same number.”

People were pulling out one ticket at a time from the box the committee chairman prepared. I wonder who I’ll be paired up with. When I looked at my number I saw it had【16】 written on it.

“Person with number 3—”

“What—, to be paired with you. This is the worst.”

“Thats my line, stupid. Don’t hold me back.”

Everyone’s finding their partner. What should I do, I wonder if I should I call out too.

“What number are you Shinozuka-san?”


“Really!? That’s the same one as me. Take care of me.”

When I looked at his ticket it certainly said【16】 on it. Yay, I’m paired with Tanaka-kun. I’m relieved that I’m with a friend.

“Please take care of me, Tanaka-kun!”

When I grasped his hand I smiled and said lets try our best for some reason he turned away. It looks like his ears are red. Does he have a cold?

“Next, we’re going to call out different events so if you want to participate please raise your hand.”

For the 50M run, as expected those with confidence in their speed rose their hands. There were many people from Track and from the athletic department. I want to join the athletic department too in order to enjoy my adolescence.

Rather than being based on your speed, the borrowing contest is based on how fast you can get something from someone. All right, I’ll raise my hand for this one.

Then finally came the turn for the bread eating contest. The one who raised their hand vigorously was me.

“Umm…. Shinozuka-san, are you really participating in the bread eating contest?”

“Yes! I want to enter the bread eating contest.”

“….Okay, so Shinozuka-san will participate in the bread eating contest. From here on we’ll decide by rock paper scissors.”

Everyone else seemed unwilling to join. On top of sounding fun, this contest also lets you eat bread so I don’t see why.

“You seem so excited. Did you really want to participate in the bread eating contest that bad?”

“Yes! I’m looking forward to it very much. I will put all my energy into biting the bread.”

“Okay, good luck then.”

The events I’m participating in are the borrowing contest and the bread eating contest. And since not many people raised their hands for it now I’m participating in tug of war. That makes a total of 4 events. Lets do this!

By the way, Tanaka-kun is participating in the 50M run, the cavalry battle, tug of war, and the all year relay for a total of 5 events. It turns out that he’s in the soccer club so he likes running. Next time I’d like to go see him play.

Class activities ended so while everyone dispersed to return home, my teacher called out to me.

“After school it seems that the student council will be having a meeting discussing the athletic festival. Make sure to go to the student council room.”

“Ah, okay! Thank you for telling me.”

Since that time earlier I wasn’t able to contact my teacher and school ended but now’s my chance. I thought even if it’s a little bit to try to progress…. is what I thought but sensei quickly finished his business and exited the classroom. You’re very swift-footed sensei!

While I confirmed where the student council room was I felt everyone’s eyes on me as I was walking through the corridor. Yeah, I’m guessing that the news of my amnesia has spread? They should just talk to me instead of whispering in secret.

I’ve reached the student council room but as thought about it I started to hesitate.

Inside this room must be Ichinose-senpai, whose name was written on my slippers. I wonder what kind of person he is. I don’t know if I should meet him.

No, women are about courage!

“Excuse me.”

When knocked on the door and entered inside was….

“Hey, the rumored girl with amnesia. How does it feel to be the center of attention?”

“Even if you have or your memories or not, all you do is become a hinderance to our work so it would be great if you went home.”

“Shinozuka. Did you get here without getting lost?”

Afu. B-Bright! There’s only ikemen here.

The first person to speak to me was a person whose hair went to their shoulders and brought out a bright atmosphere from behind them.

The next person who talked was was working on their laptop and seemed short and sweet.

To be honest this person is cuter than Aika-chan! So cute that you can almost see flowers behind him.

The last person was my friend Mikoshiba-kun. He stood up from his seat and introduced the other two to me.

“This guy is out treasurer Sasaki.”

“Nice to meet you. How does it feel to lose your memories?”

“Sasaki! And this guy is our secretary Chiba.”


The treasurer Sasaki-san greeted me but the secretary Chiba-san didn’t even look at me and continued to use his computer. He seems like a diligent person. I should follow his example.

“I know I might be a bit of a bother but please take care of me.”


What? The treasurer and secretary are here but where is the president? Since Mikoshiba-kun is the vice president Ichinose-senpai must be the president but he’s not here.

When I looked around restlessly and still couldn’t find him, I tilted my head and Mikoshiba-kun asked,

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, the president isn’t here, right?”

“Ahh, that is…..”

What could this be. He looks like he’s having trouble saying something.

“The president didn’t want to see you so he didn’t come.”


Instead of Mikoshiba-kun answering Sakaki replied instead. If the president didn’t want to go to the student council room just because he didn’t want to see me does that mean we don’t get along? On my slippers it even said not to approach him so that works out but that doesn’t help the student council.

This is a huge problem!

“I’m fine without seeing the president but are you guys alright without having him? Does that become a hindrance in doing your student council work?”


What, it’s silent.

I feel everyone’s gazes on me, did I say something strange?

“Ahahaha, it must be true that you lost your memories. To think that you wouldn’t want to see your lover.”

“Of course our work has a hindrance. Without you Senpai we get more work done so it’s all right if you go home.”

Since he calls me senpai that means that Chiba-san is a first year. I’ll call him Chiba-kun. Wait, what? I feel like he said something inexcusable…

“Umm…. What do you mean?”

“Nn—? Like I said, if you forgot about your lover Kazuki you two must have split up so he could go out with someone he really likes. You got it?”

I’m very sorry. I still don’t really understand.

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